I feel like my 1 year old doesn't like me: Advice?

Does anyone else feel like their 1 year old went through a phase of not liking you? I work all day and my husband is home with our son…when i get home and try to love on him he just wants his dad…cries when his dad leaves the room but doesnt care when I am not around…is this normal…it honesltly breaks my heart…i feel like i failed as a mom


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I feel like my 1 year old doesn't like me: Advice?

If you were the one home & your “husband” was working then your baby would feel that way about you. It’s simply that your baby has built that bond with its father because the father is the main caregiver. If you want that with you then you’re gonna have to stay home with the baby. As much as it blows you did it to yourself.


Well stay at home parent has its advantages and one is definitely bonding more with the child


Be prepared for those phases through out his life

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It’s normal. Don’t feel bad he will out grow it

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I said for years well I was a working mother that my children would just tolerate me until my husband came home, In the minute he walked in the door it was all about dad,…bye mom, I was lucky enough to quit my job just over 3 years ago to be home with the kids full time and it made a very big Big difference like a complete 180, And things are amazing now,

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It would be the other way around if he worked all day and you stayed home … he’s attached to daddy where my 11 month old is attached to me since I’m the one with her all day … my first was kinda the same way with grandma since she was the one who was with him all day for the first 5 years of his life while I and my husband worked … they get attached to most with who they are with the most


This is so common it def takes part that your not at home most of the days but even after that our kids favour us a different times you didn’t fail your out providing for your family….it’s not always the men that have to do it , but if it bugs you a lot maybe consider vacation time or reducing your hours

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My daughter hated my husband up until about 2 yrs old… now she can’t live without him. It’ll be fine :+1:t2:

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It’s normal for babies and kids to go through phases of liking one parent more than the other, don’t be so hard on yourself Mama! Take time to bond with baby with dad not around, and try to create a small routine or something that’s just you and baby to do every morning or night. Stay consistent with it and your bond will grow! :heart:

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Totally normal. Give it about a year…maybe 18 months (real good and solid toddler age) and you’ll be #1 fun cool parent bc you won’t be the one disciplining all day :rofl::rofl:


Some kids just like one parent more sometimes. I was a SAHM & my youngest son wanted nothing to do with me now he’s a mamas boy & hes 16. Trust me it’s nothing you’ve done & it does hurt


I’ve always been the main caregiver in my house and right around that age my daughter was all about her dad. Now she’s two and she is a mamas girl all the way. I feel kids go through phases who they cling to.

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Yea dude I feel like it’s a wave that comes and goes alot lol I have a 10 year old one minute she loves me the next I’m her arch nemesis.

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My son is 4 and he has always wanted his dad more. It’s hard sometimes.

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That’s definitely normal. To him your husband is the lifeline. My daughter went through that stage towards my husband when I was a stay at home mom and my mom said I went through it as well

You haven’t failed your child at all. You’ve already succeeded with your decision in having children with that man.

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It’s so normal - this is just a phase . He will soon be wanting you all the time - and besides when boys grow up - the bond between son and mother is unshaken!

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It’s just cause he’s with dad all day.

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You’re not failing him as a mom. You’re providing for him as a mom. Your situation is no different than a working dad and a stay at home mom. It’s just reversed for you. He spends all day with dad, so dad is his BFF. It sucks, but he’s just dads boy right now. It’ll change, then maybe change back again.

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Yes it’s normal. My daughter didn’t like her dad for a while because he worked so much. Now she has days where all she wants is dad

Jamie Woolen Hicks this is like Jack and his dad…

Your kid just has a strong bond with his daddy. It’s generally the mom staying home and so that is often reversed.

When my youngest was that age, she preferred my aunt over me. That’s just because Auntie was the one who had her majority of the time. All 4 of mine prefer my dad over any other man in their lives, because that’s who they imprinted on (for reasons); that’s just how kids are. No need to get too upset,the pendulum will swing in your favor soon.

It’s normal for them to favor the start at home parent right now. It will get better and don’t stop trying to love on them.

I’m a single mom and my daughter loves my father more than me (papa) because I do the discipline.

YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER :bangbang: stop :stop_sign: thinking u failed. A lot of us have been in ur shoes :raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2: and it gets so much better with the time.:heart::smiling_face:

Honey you are NOT failing him as a mama of five boys and a daughter he will be a mamas boy not letting you pee by yourself and your constant shadow I promise :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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My kids always wanted me but it’s probably because you are gone all the time.

It’s normal- try and do something fun with him on the weekends. Join in on all activities if you can when your home. Like go blow bubbles in the yard or maybe read a book together.

Maybe Hubby should get a job and mommy stay home. You know, like when you were kids!:thinking:


Lol, no. You’re good. Babies just gravitate towards men or women and most of the time it’s men. I preferred my dad and uncles as a toddler/infant. My son prefers his dad and grandpa’s, my mil gets super jealous and I have to tell her it’s normal and to stop being weird because like, get over yourself (her, not you) but she really does throw a huge fit, lol. Your baby still loves you.

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It’s normal it’s a phase it’s because your baby sees dad all day I remember for a period of time my now 5-year-old almost six wanted nothing to do with his dad when he was a year old his dad would come home from work and try to love on him and he would scream and cry and only want me would only cling to me even with my family with anybody coming around he eventually grew out of it your baby’s still a baby and use to dad all day don’t beat yourself up you’re not a bad mom I know it hurt my husband’s feelings for a while too but as my son got older he got more and more excited when Daddy got home

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Children prefer the caretaker parent at that age. When I worked full time and my son was that age he liked my dad more than me/wanted to spend time with him because he’s who watched him every day. Now that I work part time and am with him more days than I work, he’s obsessed with me and won’t leave me alone. My dad will make him mad when I’m gone and it’s “I want my mommy” :rofl:

My oldest would call me Nae & call his dad Mommy around that age :woman_facepalming:t4: I was appalled :sweat_smile:

Normal…don’t sweat it .

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Welcome to parenthood. Buckle up.


It’s normal love my 2 year 8 month little girl was the same . My wife worked all hours so I looked after her all the time. Best gift I have ever received in my life. (My daughter). Things will change you just have to be round her more. All will be fine so stop worrying and be happy

Make him go to work so u can stay home :house_with_garden:

Most children his age are drawn closer to their primary care giver. It shows that your husband is taking good care of him while you are gone. You should be happy for them both.


That’s actually very normal. Your child is more bonded with the parent who stays home.

You didn’t fail, toddlers are assholes. Keep hustling momma you’re doing it for all the right reasons :black_heart:

This is normal. Just keep trying

Babies just bond more with the parent that they spend more time with, especially if it’s a same gender parent. Don’t give up. It will pass.


It’s normal…
Spend quality time…making funny faces…sing a song,…

It’s absolutely normal !!! Little kids prefer one parent over another , that doesn’t mean that they do not love the other.


VERY NORMAL this will pass.

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My baby (10 months now) used to be such a daddies boy. Never even wanted to come to me
Recently I’ve been home with him more and he’s switched to me. Give it time and spend time with your baby without dad being present.

Babies go to who cares for them and it’s not thag you aren’t, it’s dad does it most of the time so he now thinks dad is who gets him what he needs.

Once he gets older it will get better. Kids usually always choose a parent they favor more. I’m sure you liked one of your parents more too. :slight_smile:

No it’s totally normal. My daughter is currently in this same stage with my boyfriend and I. She’s my number 1 fan, and dad’s not really in the game at all.

Welcome to fatherhood


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It happens… not to me because my kids love me but I’m sure it happens :joy::joy: I’m just playing, babies prefer people. My daughter prefers her dad. It’s annoying sometimes when I want her snuggs but it’s her daddy. Of course she loves her daddy

Normal I wouldn’t worry

Went through this with my daughter. Broke my heart at the time but now she’s 20 and we’re close!

You can always find another job. You child will only have one childhood. Being a working mom given the chance to do it again, I’d be home with my kids, whatever it took.

Babies and toddlers normally have a primary caregiver that they bond extra with. It’s essential for development and its normal, you’re not doing anything wrong. As he gets older you two will become closer.

Very normal…I use to get my feelings hurt but he grew out of it.

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