I feel like my daughters school sends her home because they do not want to deal with her...advice?

My daughter is in 2nd grade and she has Autism and ADHD. We recently moved to a new county so we could have our daughter transferred to a different school because we have had issues with her last school constantly sending her home claiming she was sick and she wasn’t and had us pick her up and there was an incident where she wondered out of the classroom and they found her an hour later on the playground and they didn’t even contact us to let us know what happened until school had already been let out. We had contacted the school board and they refused to have her transferred so we moved in order to do it. My daughter has been in the new school going on 5 months and now once again we are being called and told she’s sick and come pick her up and she’s not sick at all. She is on ADHD medication to help keep her calm but she is currently out until she goes to her new doctor on March 7th and now her new teacher keeps saying we can keep her home until she has her medication but that is making her miss school and her therapy. She is in speech, physical and occupational therapy. We are at the point we don’t know what to do. She can’t keep missing school because they don’t want to deal with her and it is messing up her education and her therapy’s. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to keep her in school?


If she does not have an iep request an iee immediately. If she already has one file against the school with your state. They owe her all That service time. If you can afford to do so get an educational advocate!! Read idea and fape know your child’s rights.

Contact the department for human services for the county you are in and ask for the mental health help for your county.
There will be people who can help you manage the schools when it comes to your child with mental health issues. Their are also parent advocates who can help you get through everything and answer any questions you may have.
For example my son has adhd and his school was non compliant with a lot of things with helping him. They kept blowing us off, he’d get the blame for doing things he wasn’t really doing, he was stereotyped at this school because of mental health.
He was in counseling and his therapist is the one who had these people contact me.
She even went to the IEP meeting with me.
I know all about certain laws the schools have to follow and deadlines.
I walk in to his school like a boss/pro with no fear of being walked on or overwhelmed.
I feel for your situation because you shouldn’t have had to move your family because of a school that doesn’t want to follow policies and laws.

Reach out to your pediatrician and talk to them. They have helped me out so much when my daughter was younger. I’m also a friend of a lady who is dealing with this same thing do not let them continuously send her home. But first thing is does she have an IEP or 504 plan?? If not you need to fight and fight hard for one.

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Just curious what her behaviors are at school? In a classroom with 24 kids it’s a bit difficult to continously have to stop your lesson to deal with behaviors. I would suggest getting her a parapro to sit with her all day. Teachers have tough jobs as it is!


Went thru this with my son u gotta put ur foot down with the school

hire a education lawyer who specializes in this.

Request a meeting with the board of special education

Find a school that can better suit her mental needs. There’s schools out there that handle behavioral problems. Smaller class sizes aids with them the entire time.

Special education can also give your kid an IEP or 504 plan to accommodate her more

As far as the therapies go u need to reach out to ur pediatrician about care options for kids. We are in Texas and my 4 year old has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and she has outbursts too….this disorder mimics autism, I still think she might be autistic. My daughter is supposed to start school this fall due to a late birthday. Anyway my daughter has a speech and occupational therapist that comes to our house 2x a week, she’s doing great with them and constantly meeting her goals.

I go through it every year with my 10 year old son He has ADHD/ADD Sensory processing disorder mixed receptive language disorder and he’s also a runner.Im finding that schools are not equipped enough to deal with what the child’s needs are.They do not give me any other alternative but to bring him home because they can’t and refuse to deal with a behavior.Im sorry you are going thru this stay strong mama hugs to you and always always advocate even if it means pissing in their cheerios .

My 3 year old was just diagnosed with Autism. (She also has a very rare genetic condition affecting her brain size and it causes developmental delays.)
This post makes me so worried for what’s to come.
She is in a half day program through a local school district now… but man.

Hopefully you can talk to her doctor about this, maybe there are other local resources, like therapy centers.

Yep went thru this many years with my son , 1 st does she have an individual learning plan in place . (IEP) the school refers to it as. I’m taking it she has been diagnosed from her primary care doctor and given meds. They need to place her in. A 12: one on one classroom or even a - 6 one on one. If the school doesn’t has theses available they need to send her some place that does. To keep casting her aside because they don’t want to deal. Is unfair and illegal your daughter has a right to her education just like everybody else… you need to go to school board and superintendent of school if needed , do threaten to get an attorney .and don’t back down , you need to fight for your child’s rights , there should be a parent advocate for students with disabilities in your school team up with them , don’t back down or they will keep pushing your child aside.

Does she have an IEP?? Either way, that is discrimination, but especially if she has a diagnosis. You should be able to call the Dr and get a refill on medication between Dr appointments, I have to do that occasionally with my son’s prescription.

Wow that disgusting that , as “educators”, that is literally your job to educate and care for these kids. I feel like a lot of issues stem from lack of proper education with the special education teachers! Definitely get a lawyer or at least start with the threat to the school with getting a lawyer if they don’t start doing something about it.

It may be time to seek services from a BHT (formerly TSS). A trained professional who is in the classroom with her to keep her on track and works directly with her. There are private agencies that hire these people and then they contract to you and your child.

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Why is she out of her meds ? You need to ask the dr for more if you need them . We cannot expect teachers to teach the class with constant interruptions from
One or two students. I’d find out if she needs a higher dose and what you need to do to keep her from running out of her meds from now on . Yes , she needs to be in school . But , so do all the other kids . I am sure the pediatrician can be of some help for you and also may be able to advise the teacher , too . I am so sorry you are going through this . It’s got to me unreal for you all . Prayers

I had to deal with this with my oldest. He’s high functioning autism but before he was on the right medication we had these same issues except it wasn’t that he was sick, they were just not wanting to deal with his outbursts. We later found out that the school just wasn’t trained well to deal with kids with special needs. He ended up having to have an inpatient stay at a mental health facility where we finally got him on the right medications and then he was able to communicate with us what was actually happening at the school. Because of what he told us, we ended up transferring him out of the district all together and got him in a different school and he has absolutely blossomed. It turns out that as soon as he would question something or even show the slightest little bit of upset, the school would immediately take him to an empty office. They weren’t qualified to deal with someone like him and would just pass him off with excuses. I would keep complaining to the school board and see if they can provide some education to the teachers on how to deal with someone with special needs. If you can, try to reach out to another school and see if they have any better programs for special needs. If you ever need to talk about it and compare stories, please feel free to dm me!

I suppose you could call your childs Dr and let them know your child isn’t allowed back at school until the meds are refilled. So that Sould fall under urgent need. How is that not being refilled before the child runs out anyway? That seems odd as important as that is…:thinking:

As someone with adhd school was so hard for me, and when I was really struggling and I’m not getting help, especially when I was being ridiculed, I would fake sick and go to the nurses office and asked to go home or to lay in there until the end of the day. I did so consistently that I almost almost died from appendicitis.

I don’t know where on the spectrum she is with autism, but that’s definitely the reason why she wandered off but at that age if I could have gotten out and gone to the playground instead I definitely would’ve done that.

You need to be tough when they call ask to speak to your daughter if she says she’s ok then just tell them no. My daughter went through this with my grandson just dig your heels in has she got a Echp???

Maybe it’s time to discuss with the school to see if your daughter is eligible for specialized schooling where she can get the education she needs by people who deal with her disabilities every day. If she has a diagnosis of autism the school is responsible for her education. Start looking into schools that specialize in her care. Structured School environment is the key to be able to mainstream your child to a regular school. This worked wonders for my son. He was diagnosed with PDD at two and a half years old and as soon as he turned three was in a specialized School where he stayed for 3 years and then was mainstreamed with an aide who was with him for a few years and eventually he didn’t need that person any longer. Do your research stand firm with the school and let them know if they are not able to provide the education your daughter needs that you want her to go to a school who can help her with her issues. I am thankful that I did my homework did not let the school pull the wool over my eyes. I knew my child’s rights and was able to get him to start a specialized school as soon as possible. He is now an adult who is able to work, drive and function like anyone else. He just needed the extra help to get him on his way to where he is. I honestly understand that every child is different with their abilities, but I’m just letting you know what my experience was


If you are in the states you should get in touch with your local autism society. They have parent advocates that can help you navigate the school system. Also easter seals is another organization that might be able to help. In addition to this I would assume you already have an IEP at school but if you don’t you need to request one formally in writing to get her needs met fully. Autism society can also connect you with support groups with other parents and give you some other insight and support as well from a parent perspective. As a special Ed teacher once told me… “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Don’t be afraid to be THAt parent. Nobody will be able to advocate or fight for your child like you.

I don’t understand. Especially if the child has an IEP you can’t just send a child home cause they are difficult. If it is violent I understand. It’s the schools job to have the resources to help b

Depending what kind of meds she was taking , not taking them can make her sick.

I homeschool my special needs kids. Your child can still get services through the school if you homeschool. They need to bring back special education classes because it’s not fair to either group of kids to a. Constantly have the teacher dealing with one child’s behaviors and b. The special needs child needs one on one help.

I dont go get my kids when the nurse calls unless they are running a fever.

No child left behind! You need an advocate! All of you do!! 15 yrs in a spec ed education center. School must provide proper environment for your child. This is a federal law. Call a lawyer now!! They will place in least restrictive. If that won’t work they HAVE to find a safe placement! Best wishes to you all!

My son is the same way. He takes Concerta. You definitely know if he missed a dose. It makes a huge difference.

Some schools have alternative school to send kids to that requires more supervision.

Does that school not have a class that just do with special education my daughter is in one and there is about 5 to 8 kids but she has development delays