I feel like my husband and I are growing apart: Advice?

I don’t know what to do? My hubby and I have been together for ten years, and I feel like we are slipping away from each other… Advice on what to do to help?


Sit down and have a conversation about how your feeling. Talk about what can be done to bring you guys back together. Also consider counseling. Ultimately, sometimes people do outgrow each other or grow apart and the only solution is to let go of the relationship/marriage and there’s nothing wrong with that either.


Me and my husband are currently going through this and we have to sit down and have a thousand percent honesty say things to each other even if they’re going to hurt they really break down walls we’ve been doing this about a week and a half and it truly has been changing our relationship… AND GET A SITTER TWICE A MONTH!!!


Do things together tell each other you love each other everyday even just cuddle and talk in bed. I have been with my fiance for 10 years and we are still like when we were first together by doing all this

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Weekends away and more date nights at home

My brother and his wife were going through the same thing. They went on a vacation together away from the same daily routine. They still don’t get along the best, but it’s better than it was.

Get out now. If he isn’t already cheating he will be soon enough :woman_shrugging:t2:


Date each other again. Flirt. Have more sex. Switch it up in the bedroom. Cater to each other. Have weekend getaways a few times a year if you can afford it. But first of all have a date and talk and talk about feeling like you’re drifting apart. And use your other dates to get to know each other again.


Find similar interests to share or join him in what he enjoys doing. Be his partner and companion. If he likes to fish, fish. If he likes to work on cars, learn about cars. Connect with him in the things that interest him.

Talk to each other, plan to have time alone together, remember why you got together to begin with. Marriage isn’t black n white and takes work. Bring back the romance and release the anger and stress :heart:

Communicate. Be honest and open. Alone time for intimacy, not just sex. Spend quality time together alone. And date. Push it away for a day and itll feel great, date. You have to put in in order to take.
Everything’s work. Love is work, yes its there but its ever growing.

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I feel like this too sometimes and reading all the advices helps so much. We forget to do these things for eachother when were so busy with family and other things. I need to be off my phone more often also before I lose him. Hes a great man and we are getting married next year :purple_heart::pray::blush: we can do this girl :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

Time to talk to each other to find out what’s missing try and bring back the spark if it’s what u want remembering any relationship/marriage takes two people to make it work. The routines of life can get boring sometimes break the cycle and do something different. I wish you all the best and I hope you find what makes you happy again x

Go on a date night set a day twice a month for it and just go out for dinner and talk about something else than work if you guys are wanting to do something in the future talk about it and set a plan for it. I’ll hope this helps you me and my husband have been together since 2007 and have a two year old but with the virus and we are both working a little more than normal its been hard for us to do much of anything because my mother in law isn’t really able to take our son as much as she use to

Talk to each other. If you have reached the stage where you “don’t have to talk because you already know what he is thinking”, talk anyway because you never know he might surprise you.
Introduce date nights. You don’t have to leave the house, it can be a picnic in the backyard or burger at the truckstop, even if they seem forced at first and you don’t know what to talk about when you alone.
Talk about the little things if you don’t know how to broach the big ones, start with the weather, something on the news, a project you are working on, music and listen to each other.
Put down the electronics and turn off the TV, learn how to comfortable being alone together again.
You have to both put in the work to make the relationship survive and sometimes it might need a little more CPR than TLC, but if you both want it, you will both make the effort.

I’ve only been married for five years, but we have to make a conscious decision to make time and effort for one another in life’s craziness.

Question is: Does he want to rekindle the old flame?

I know that might be heartbreaking to hear but a marriage, a relationship entirely isn’t supposed to be one sided. How does he feel about the distance that’s grown between the two of you?

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Go do things together. After 10 years its natural to lose touch of each other. Ive been with my husband for 10 years and its easy to lose touch. I am busy with our 4 kids, him with work. But even getting 2 minute convos in of “how was your day” helps. And have sex! Like meaningful sex, not just a quickie. Im not saying go make love (thats not everyones style, us included) but put the effort into it! Youd be suprised how close you can feel after being so intimate!

Me and my husband did date nights where we would go to dinner and just go dance on the dirt road in front of the headlights on my car after it got dark

My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for almost 2, and we decided to take a break so both of us could gather ourselves, and be apart long enough to not step on anyones toes, and it helped. We moved apart and everything, we moved back in together in mid may, and a lot changed, now we bicker sometimes, and have the occasional fight that ends with us just breathing and stopping the fight…and he pays more attention to me. Before we fought everyday, rarely got along, and it was unhealthy. It does work. We’re both better for it. We were growing apart, and the only way to stop growing apart is just being apart.

Sometimes relationships get so comfortable they become uncomfortable.

Hubby wanted to get back to riding motorcycles. I made a conscious decision to learn to ride. Then I grew to love it. We traveled all over and met many wonderful people. Sometimes you need to follow an interest of theirs.

Date nights for sure…

Date nights!!! At least once a week, dedicated day and time. It does miracles!