I feel like my husband isn't attracted to me being 7-months-pregnant: Thoughts?

The two of you need to sit down and talk about this issue at length. Intimacy is a necessary part of healthy relationships, but it doesn’t always need to be sexual in nature as it takes many forms.

Voice your concerns and listen to his. Tell him how the lack of makes you feel (sounds like he is hearing you, but perhaps not listening). Perhaps frame it as an interest to make things more fun from an intimate perspective, it’s possible he feels attacked or at fault. He may not even know why he’s become distant. It’s really difficult for men to put words into play that involve emotions. Maybe just encouraging him a bit, do something spontaneous without any expectation for something in return.

Perhaps, as has been mentioned, he’s stressed about the bundle of joy. Maybe he’s struggling with his own feelings of inadequacy and insecurities regarding providing for a new family member. I can tell you I was scared to death when my first child was born. I felt woefully unprepared.

I only had that issue with my oldest daughters dad.
My other 3 with my now husband I never had that issue.
So I’m not sure what you could do

You are probably having pregnancy hormones and some men just have issues when their woman is pregnant. I’m sure it will change when you have the baby.

I think it is a common thing couples go through duroing pregnancy. Don’t get too upset, it is uncomortable for both of you. Try to talk to him and explain how you feel and ask how he feels, too.

Some man are like that, and some man love pregnant women, it’s something I don’t know how to explain. But it’s happens sometimes

Honestly once you get so big it’s not the hes not attracted it that he can feel the baby or doesn’t want to hurt the baby some men get weirded out.

Ok so perspective from the other side. In my case, I was just terrified of hurting the baby.

just keep explaining it to him. Prayers. 7 months is a long tome. But as long as there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have a deep down talk with him and tell him how all the myths men think will happen are all lies and he still feels the same, then it might just be his libido which you have to respect.

I have always found pregnant women sexy. Maybe that makes me a weirdo but whatever. Holler at ya boy lol

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Have home take 500-600 mg of fenugreek it will help him you can take it if you choose to nurse in higher doses for milk production when baby gets here

Men are weird they hold onto feelings instead of sharing. Talk ot out it is more about him than it is about you i can bet on it.

Tell him how you feel! He needs to be willing to figure it out, could just need some vitamins, what like magnesium? I think

My husband said it was like snuggling with a furnace

Maybe he’s scared & feels being intimate could hurt the baby.

I’d imagine he’s just insecure or maybe there are other things at play. Be patient with him.

Dads totally get scared about hurting baby or inducing labor or literally anything in-between… Lol… With our 4th he made himself sleep on the couch he was so scared… :laughing: we didn’t have sex for 8 months! From the time baby started kicking till about 3 months after baby… After baby was my fault tho… My vag was still healing way after the 6 week mark… Lol… This is one of the toughest things mentally to overcome during pregnancy honestly… Much love hun!!

Have you ever read the 5 Love Languages Book by Gary Chapman? I wish i had it before getting married. I always buy it for every wedding gift. Some people need touch way more than others. It is a love language. My husband needs it but I am a person that doesn’t really want to be touched besides my sexual urges being quenched. Touching gets on my nerves. I’m a words person. Any way, when I was pregnant my hormones were all over the place and my sex drive was on full blast. Don’t worry. It’ll kick back in for him. Everyone responds to life events differently. Just make sure you communicate how you are feeling and your needs. Don’t ever expect him to just know. You’ll always set yourself up for getting you feelings hurt and building a case against him. Ask him for a back or foot massage.

So is this your personal insecurities or is this something he has said to you

What you worried about.he is the one who got you this way. If he dont like the look he should of put a knot in it.

When I was pregnant with my son I felt like this too. And for some reason my libido had sped up! And my husband is just kind of in his own man world. I remember complaining to him too, even now, 6yrs later there are times that he just seems oblivious to me needing the affection. Men change, and they don’t all take hints very easily.

Usually when he’s having an affair.

He may feel afraid of hurting or bothering the baby.


All of us mommies have had the exact same issue…daddy feels like he will break water and poke baby in the head…reassure him he wont and u stop overthinking I’m sure he is still attracted to u…married 27 yrs with 3 children and now 4 grandkids…enjoy the rest of the pregnancy…stay safe and good luck

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Some men are not too comfortable being sexually intimate with pregnant women they have fear of hurting the baby and many emotions about watching wife give birth plus worry I guess on becoming a dad etc

Enjoy your pregnancy it gets over you will be fine just be great parents xo

My ex got the same way when I lost my hair from cancer. We were together 7 years and in Dec. 2006, I found out I had a brain tumor, he was always there for me, stayed with me every night and day for the 13 days I was in the hospital. Started radiation in Feb. 2007 and after the first 2 treatments, I started loosing my hair…i always wore a hat because I hated my bald head. He seemed like he started loosing interest in me and he kept assuring me that he still loved me. Then I started chemo in April, he still with me, helping me but not very affectionate anymore. July came around, I was still doing chemo and I was standing up in his brothers wedding on July 7th. That day is when I can tell he wasnt interested in me anymore. He acted like he adored me around his family, and I could see right through him. Turns out a week after the wedding, he went out with his sister who was moving to Canada a week later. And he didn’t come home that whole weekend. Ignored my calls, so I packed my things and when he got home Monday morning, I tried talking with him, got nothing…went to my parents an hour away. Never called or answered my calls. Went back a week later to get more of bigger things and he was completely moved out…left my things. Turns out he was seeing someone else since March.

Maybe he’s worried about the baby?

Let him be. This is your time to experience the joy and miracle of giving life. Be you and appreciate every day.

There’s a lot of things that can be occurring, can be the stress of having a child that can be killing his libido.

It can be that he is scared to hurt you or the baby.

It could honestly be that maybe his testosterone levels are low.

If he’s been sleeping a bunch, gaining weight, struggling with depression/anxiety as well as a low libido… it wouldn’t hurt for him to get his testosterone levels checked. It would give you the peace of mind and it would help him feel a hell of a lot better if this is the issue.

Sometimes, people forget with age, hormones can decrease or slow down in production, especially if you’re not taking care of yourself.

My husband couldn’t keep his hands off me…I on the other hand wanted nothing to do with sex. I would just explain things again and let him know how it makes you feel.

Honestly that is some bs, however maybe give yourself some love :wink: in front of him and boom :boom: let the intimacy begin.

Communication is key! Talk to your partner, let them know how you feel.

I am going thru the same thing. I am 27 weeks pregnant and I have only had sex with my partner about 5 times since we found out I was pregnant in February. I have told him that he makes me feel unattractive and I feel he doesnt want me sexually anymore. I asked him if it was due to the pregnancy and he didnt answer but stated that he just hasnt been in the mood for it. I dont know what to do. My hormones are high when it comes to being sexually active but he is not pleasing me. I also dont know what to do. I’m lost and definitely dont feel attractive.

It’s a big change and adjustment, He is probably just scared because he doesn’t want to hurt the baby.
Seeing your belly and knowing you’re only 2 months away from giving birth, sex and intimacy is probably not a first priority anymore, the best thing to do would be to communicate with each other.

As a father of 2 I can personally say later on in my kids mom (ex) pregnancy we didn’t have sex as much as we did earlier on in it because of stress and the thought of hurting her or the baby (me 21 and her 19) because of sex…our second child tho was a different story because we knew it wouldn’t effect her or the baby…talk with him and see whats going on…is it stress or the thought of hurting you and the baby or is it the baby bump…now that I’ve grown older I find baby’s bumps attractive as hell but every man is different

That’s BS!! Some of the best sex ever!!You don’t have to worry about getting her pregnant!!

Some men just aren’t attracted to that big belly​:woman_shrugging:t3: Just snuggle instead​:heart::relaxed:

I go through the same thing. Open and honest communication is key.

Yes I would she’s carting his baby shame on him

He more than likely is being careful not wanting to hurt you

Am happy I stopped having sex it get in the way lol

Go through all his stuff when he least expects it.

Stress can kill a man’s libido. Tell him you will try to understand his concerns but need to hear them to do that.

He is probably just stressed. I wouldn’t push the issue.

Believe it or not some men think their dicks are big enough to poke baby. He may Just be abit freaked out…

You will be taking EVERYTHING so literal because of your hormones as well … We all did when we were pregnant and I dunno about you but I felt hideous which in turn makes it worse as well. All I can say is just talk to each other XXX

It sounds silly but he might be afraid to. Some people are so freaked out to have sex during pregnancy for many different reasons. Some men are just to prideful to admit they don’t know something for sure. Like I had an ex that was all “I don’t want to hurt the baby” etc. Or some other reason. Men do experience post partum depression. If he is a first time father, he could just be freaking out about he will be the right father. He’s probably freaking out over COVID 19 restrictions.


Wake him with some oral pleasure. No talking. He’ll get the hint.

Look in the mirror fatty !

I felt like that mine wouldn’t touch me turns out he was touching other women

Here’s what happened to me… and this is coming from a 33 (then 27) year old man. At 15 weeks we found out we were having a girl. I refused to have sex with the mother of my child because for me… don’t ask why, idk… it just felt wrong. I am in the medical field and I know that I can’t do any harm to the child or come anywhere near close to the babies head… I just couldn’t do it. My wife was smoking hot when she was pregnant, I just felt like I was doing something wrong with my little girl in there. We didn’t have sex until my daughter was maybe 4 months old. I loved my wife the entire time… thought she was still incredibly sexy even while pregnant. So I guess you could say my libido was low as well. If he is reassuring you, believe him. He could be going through the same thing I did.

I’d suggest couples counseling. I never had an issue getting my ex to have sex during pregnancy and he was in his 40s.

All of these comments and also

some men get weirded out about being able to see the baby move during intercourse. And 7 months is about when it starts being more outwardly visible.

You have to ask yourself, would you be attracted to him with a huge stomach? Pregnancy doesn’t last forever. I get that you’re up in your feels but it’s a tiny little moment in your life.


Idk how I’m even on this page but… I went through this phase with my wife when she was pregnant. Idk how many kids u have if its your first or 1 of many or even your financial situation…finance will keep a man feeling incompetent and we won’t tell you especially now since this whole covid bs. It could be that he’s thinking more about how he’s going to provide a better life for you and the baby and its stressing him out. Or some men just feel like its weird to have sex or do things that can lead to sex with a pregnant woman. But I’m willing to bet that unless he makes a substantial amount of money its finance that is stressing him out. As a man a real man would never talk about that to his significant other unless you ask him he might still deny it but its worth a try.

Lots of men have issues having sex with a big baby bump there. But for mom… It’s not the same. I was the horniest I’d ever been when I was pregnant. I guess it’s all the extra blood flow. Have a talk with him. Ask him if the baby bump is bothering him. If it is realize it has nothing to do with his attraction toward you. It’s a guy thing.


So I had this problem with both of mine and honestly some guys just feel awkward? I guess is the word for it. Like they sont wanna hurt the baby and god forbid they put to much pressure somewhere and it hurts you or the baby :woman_shrugging: men are weird


Not sure how old he is but if he’s your age there should be nothing wrong with his libido. That being said some men are scared of having a ex while pregnant especially the later it gets in the pregnancy. They don’t want to be responsible for something happening to the baby. I know you’ve sat down and spoken with him already but it sounds like he’s holding something back. Maybe seek out a therapist if he’s willing to go. May be a safer environment for him to say whatever he has to say.

I’ve had this feeling with all my partners even before I was pregnant, it first started with the father of my 3 eldest, when I was pregnant with our youngest, he started going to work 2 hrs early, even though where he worked was a 30minute bus ride and it would take him 4 hours to get home from work, I was really ill with our youngest as I was bringing up blood after vomiting after eating, I found I was having twins but I lost one at 8 weeks gestation, when our youngest was 5 months old, I found out he was cheating on me, I called him out on it and he started to get physical with me, I left, so with my all my relationships after him, I’ve had low self esteem, really insecure, but they made it worse by staring at every woman that walked past, especially if they were wearing really short dresses, skirts, shorts or really short tops, I asked them if u prefer the curvier woman why do u always stare at every skinny woman that walks past u, I find it really disrespectful, it made me think they were looking for someone better and they were getting bored with me, they knew how I felt about it, but would still do it, I was with one guy and we were watching a film and a group of ladies were dressed in short jean shorts and crop tops, he turned around and said why can’t I get a girl like that, I got upset and said why u making comments like that for when u said prefer curvy women, i also asked how would u like it if a gorgeous man with a six pack came on screen and I made a comment saying why can’t I get a guy like that or if I said the guy was hot, he turned round and said that it wouldn’t bother him, so when a guy came on the screen showing off his six pack, I said wow what a hot body he has, my then partner ripped into me and I asked him I thought u said it wouldn’t bother u if I made a comment about another guy, but obviously it does as u wouldn’t have reacted the way u did, he said practice what u preach, so I said so it’s ok for u to pass a comment another woman it’s ok, but when I do it back about another guy it’s not ok, he said the same thing again, practice what u preach, then I asked him u didn’t like what I said did u, he replied that he didn’t, so I said well don’t do it to me

Sometimes the husbands truly believe that their penis will stab the baby in the head or the baby will feel their penis. So they dont want to do it at all. I swear it sound dumb but I’ve hear it alot of times from people

Just give him a blow job

Be gratefyl he us like that. My stupif X had to be fought off the last mo th of the 2 times I lived with h8m qhen out daughters were born. His reason was,“You are already pregnant so I can’t get you pregnant, so why not!” But I couldn’t convince the big DUMB ASS it may hurt the baby. I left when I knew I was pregnant with the 3rd. No fighting for him to leave me alone. That wasn’t the 9 ky reason but it was the catalist. He was a 2 yt old in an adult body. He aldo d3cided that the doctor moleated his oregnant patients and 8 interrogated me after every appointment. Noth8ng anyone told him made him not believe his crazy ideas. I got tired of his crazy ideas his spending out last dollar or junk and his mommy insiztung thet he handle the m9 ey because she decided I soent his incone on my family, so last month he handled the mo ey. He had gas i. The car and ate out 3 to 4 times daily but the babies and I had nothing after the money I had ran out. My mom came almost daily with McDinzkds and a few dollars so I could get lunch and something for the kids dinner but ne er had anything hut milk and cereal in the house, that he ate all 9ne morning fuxed 3 huge bowls of cereal and 3 huge glasses of milk and decided that if cereal with milk couldn’t be saved for later, ate all 3 bowls of cereal and drank all 3 glasses of milk be cause he decided milk couldn’t be saved either. My mom came rhat day with food and next day he took me to my parents so he could treat me to a movie and eat out instead of paying overdue rent and movey to other family in the duplex for put half of the heating oil, Lso overdue. When he went to eat and to twomovies, I moved out with help of my zister.

Great opportunity to get some counceling together.

Joey Schekira What I’m afraid of

wait until your in your 40s and you havent had sex in 5 years, that shit hurts

Lots of good advice.

What a f***ing jackass!

I would thinking cheating. What guy wants to go months?

You need to sit with him and tell him how you are feeling. My girls are 10 days short of being a year apart in age. One born in 83 and the other in 84, so I understand how you feel. I felt like an elephant’ being pregnant for so long.
Fast forward-~-
2020 and we are still married. And yes, happily.
Good luck.


We need to remember that men also experience low and highs in libido. Just because he is a man does not mean he is 100% go go go all day every day. Every person is different. Bringing in a new family member is stressful and can definitely affect him. If he says that’s not it, believe him❣

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What if he’s afraid of hurting you or the baby and doesn’t want to tell you that he’s scared ? Or knows that it’s an irrational fear but can’t get over it. . . Also, if he’s working and stuff he might truly be tired and have an issue with his libido.
Maybe try to do other things together to connect? Play a board game, dance in your kitchen etc.


Just get a vibrater and use that. Cuz you won’t be able to have sex after birth. Might as well have 1 less stress. There are tons of reasons why guys don’t want to. You could stress about it or just take care of it yourself. Then after you are taken care of you can shut down the lights and give him a rub/suck whatever you prefer and satisfy him without the extra worries.

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