I feel like my mind is cloudy since having kids: Has this happened to you?

Any moms out there who’s memory and concentration got completely messed up after having babies? I used to be sharp, and now it’s sometimes hard for me to focus in conversation like I struggle to form sentences sometimes. And I can’t remember anything! I was never diagnosed with ADHD, but that’s what it seems like. I sleep enough, although it’s NEVER uninterrupted. I have a 20-month-old and a two-month-old. I noticed it a little with my first baby, but after this last one, it’s so bad. Please help! I’m breastfeeding, so medication is out. Thanks so much!


Post-traumatic stress disorder depression you better get with somebody and talk to him

It’s called mom brain lol I think it happens to us all and just gets worse with every kid😂 you’re not alone


Get your thyroid checked. Under active and over active thyroid both cause brain fog and concentration issues. It’s common after giving birth.


Could just be a simple vitamin deficiency

I wouldn’t remember my head if it weren’t attached lol

Its because your body gave all your essential fatty acids to the baby. Get a good fats filled diet plan for a few months.

It’s called mom brain. It’s common once u can focus on your health (when they are older) it will get better. Mine are 4-7-11-15. It’s starting for get better but never like it once was. I’m always forgetful, or unfocused. It happens.

Yeah, I’ve become quite the dumbass after having kids. Lmao

Uh yes, you’re not alone

Just exhaustion lol the same thing happened to me. As you start sleeping more it will get better!!

Baby don’t worry you are just overworked and sleep deprived…give it time it will pass :heart::heart:

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Just being exhausted can do that to you. Along with stress from kids. I am 7 months pregnant with two kids already and I work, my mind is just like that. Its hard some days to even form an easy sentance because I’m so exhausted.

It’s normal. It will get better.

I say my kids sucked my brains out so they could be smart.


First you have pregnancy brain, then you have Mom brain. It’s a thing. Sleep is very important to clarity and you just don’t sleep like you did before you have kids. Over time you just adapt to it. Hopefully your 20 month old still naps – get them both on a nap schedule where they both are sleeping in the afternoon and just rest for an hour or so. If the older isn’t napping make it mandatory rest time where they don’t have to sleep, but no toys, just books in their bed. You can set a timer so they know when they can come out of their room.

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Not at all but my mind has been cloudy since I lost my son.

Mom brain! I took a class prior to having my little one and the instructors who are also moms, let us know this is totally normal and suffer from it.

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Mom brain is a real thing

Yes. 3 kids later my brain is MUSH

Yes!!! That’s me. My son is 3 and I’m starting to feel like myself a little.

Mom brain. Welcome aboard

Mom brain! Seriously it’s a thing. Lol I get like this. Lack of sleep is a big factor.

I can’t stay on one task in the house. Or do office work without getting distracted :frowning:

My memory is shot when it comes to remembering clients work unless I write it down :confused:

i can’t focus on anything or remember anything. i can’t even focus on a television show. i read texts and don’t reply. i don’t know what it is but i do think the lack of sleep is the biggest factor. u are literally just exhausted and u just keep going and going and u have no choice


Yes. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old. I literally walked in the house and lost my keys with the littlest locked in the van. He was sleeping as I wanted to get the oldest in first. This was today and the scariest moment of my life, one of them at least.

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You don’t have ADHD, you have babies and now you have so many things to always be thinking about that things get muddled and yes you’re probably sleep deprived. You need uninterrupted sleep and your not getting that. It will get better so don’t worry too much

Took me about 2 years each with my first two to be able to keep a clear focused thought in my head. Going on three years with the last one…

Yes. Your mind is in a constant state of awareness when you have little ones. My anxiety goes way up while caring for my babies under 2. I felt like I was constantly listening for the next time they would start crying so I could attend to them. With this focus on your children I feel like the other crap gets muddled in your brain. You do not have the attention span for other crap. I’ve forgotten birthdays, friends kids names, ect… I don’t have room for it in my brain. Once the kids get older it should get better. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yep, i have a almost 5 month old and i can forget something thats just been said and totally get fustrated not remember things or forgetting stuff

Was talking to the pediatrician the other day and right in the middle of tellin him about something I stopped and couldn’t remember the subject or even the last word I said. I have all types of anxiety to top it off so I’m pretty sure it’s normal lmao

I have five. Two are adults now, one almost 18 and two more teenagers. My mommy brain has never gone away. But it is normal, especially when they are little.

Mom fog is what I call it. I was told it’s normal and it’s gone away with time

I think u need to go to u doctor and u may need meds, but if u dont feel well u cant take care of u babies.

Maybe get someone to babysit for 2-3 hours so you can sleep and not worry? There are meds you can take while breastfeeding talk to your doctor. Coffee or tea maybe for alertness.

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Yep! Only have one kiddo (who is 9mo, nearly 10mo) and my memory is absolutely awful

You have a condition call M.O.M!!!
You focus so much on your family/kids that all other things become less important. You probably spend most of your day speaking to little people so your vocabulary changes (no need for big words). Don’t worry M.O.M isn’t terminal. Take some time for yourself & do an activity you don’t have to share to sharpen your mind. Don’t feel bad, i know all the cartoon characters, kids songs, etc but have no clue about other things.

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Do you think you maybe experiencing postpartum depression? Lack of being able to concentrate is a big sign of depression. But, at the same time, I do think some of this is normal. I was similar. I always joke that motherhood fried my brain! We have a lot to keep up with and constant stuff on our minds.So eventually I think our minds just get tired! But if you do think you may be experiencing some depression, please talk to your doctor!

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Hi there! I don’t personally have children yet, but this is actually a thing! It’s called “mommy brain”, and up to 88% of women have had symptoms of this either during pregnancy or after, leaving you to feel foggy, forgetful, and hyper focused on your child making it difficult to concentrate on other things in your life. The symptoms do go away after some time though!

Congrats on becoming a mom again!

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