I feel like my wife doesn't appreciate me: Advice?

So I have been with the same woman 13yrs now we have 3 kids together and I feel like she doesn’t appreciate me. I am the only one that works and most of the time it’s 60hrs a week. But it bugs me that when my birthday or Father’s day comes around she doesn’t do anything for me or have the kids even make me card or anything. I always make sure to get some for her on her birthday and mother’s day and have something from the kids for her. This really does hurt me and I have told her this and nothing changes.

I would reassess your concerns of being unappreciated. Something within miscommunication is happening, and if they cared they would. Maybe she also feels unappreciated with tending to the household and kids all day. Do you take the time to be with just her without the kids? Rekindle. Communicate your needs, and have her communicate hers. Money isn’t everything.

Yes I make sure to make plans for just me and her even if it’s the kiddos go to grandpa and grandma’s and I make her dinner or we watch a movie.

If you are the one working maybe she feels it senseless to spend your money on things for you on your birthday and on other special occassions.

My husband did the same to me for the longest time. Than he admitted he had no idea what to get me so now I pick something out and he pays for it.

Again if she is not working a saleried job, (at home work is still a lot of work and is a job in itself) maybe she feels after bills are paid that it is not her right to use our money to buy something for you.:hugs: Best to have a sit down and talk about it with her