I feel like the only parent in my home: Advice?

What do you do when you feel you bear the weight of almost all of the child care in your home and your partner basically faults you for it - saying all you are is a parent and nothing more …


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I feel like the only parent in my home: Advice?

What Id do is smile and take the very next Saturday off and what I mean by that is get up early in the morning kiss him say have a good day with the children and I would leave for the day and I would come home later in the evening after dinner and ask him if he still feels that way but I’m a bit of a sarcastic wench that way lbvs

If I have to do it alone, I’d rather be alone. :v:


I left mines and it feels so good, if I’m gonna parent alone I can be alone

Tell that partner to get out


If you’re already doing it on your own then why do you need him?


Boot him. He is the bad parent

Kick him out and do it alone. Then on his time with the kids go take some you time to be and feel more like a person again instead of “just a parent”

  1. Your husband is an ass.

  2. I hope he’s making a bunch of money.

  3. You are doing too much.

Is there a way you can leave him to care for the kid for a couple of days while you get a vacation (even if it’s only sleeping at a friend’s house? That should shut him up right quick.

I became a literal single parent :v:

You introduce the Choreful app and get him to join for the kids to see what role models you are and then make the kids join in and become an even better parent. :two_hearts:

Find another adult partner