I feel so broken, help

I’m struggling - I feel so far away from everyone and everything. I’m a stay at home mom, I do nothing but cook, clean and take care of a toddler. I can’t drive so getting out of the house is out of the question. I don’t have income because I have no job.

My significant other’s emotions are pretty nonexistent. He doesn’t get sad, happy, mad, anything. I try to talk to him because I’m depressed, bad. I’m medicated and have an appointment tomorrow to change medication. But I feel distant from him - he doesn’t touch me unless I ask, we don’t have sex unless I start it. He’s not the cheating type, he’s just not interested in sex or anything like that unless I start it. He’s 100% fine without it.
I have no idea what to do. I am simply struggling. I have no friends and I feel so broken.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I feel so broken, help

U only get one life ild move on…start saving etc or get yourself into a job

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Yeah my husband isn’t the cheating type either… Until he cheated!! He is also emotionally absent and has no desire for sex. All you can do is talk to him, and take care of yourself mentally/emotionally. Work on getting your medication right and remember to love yourself no matter what you are getting from someone else.

I’m in a very similar situation. Please reach out to me. I’ll be your friend. :heart::heart:


Sounds like he’s depressed as well


I would order ashwaganda from Amazon. I did & it has changed my entire WORLD in a matter of a month. My relationship was failing,my mental health was taking the largest toll on me and making it so difficult to go through each day. And now. I feel so free, like myself, and my relationship couldn’t be better.
Keep in mind, depression anxiety and mood swings have been happening to me for a little over 2 years now.
I could tell a difference in myself as soon as I started taking ashwaganda in about a week.
Look it up, check out Amazon and look at the reviews. They should even have it in your Walmart.
My boobs and butt have gotten bigger as well and my sex life could not be better! We went from having sex maybe once a month to 3-4 times a week.

I go thru the exact same thing with always having to start our interactions and it has really messed with my self esteem and has completely broken my spirit in multiple ways … Please reach out to me if you wanna talk … I’m here for you


Change the situation…start working,even if from home. Give yourself something to look forward to. He could be depressed and stressed having to support everyone. Its just a bump in the road that takes works and communication to get over.


Awwwww love I feel your pain believe me I understand my inbox is always open for a chat you can have a friend in me :relaxed: stay strong and remember your not alone xxxx


If you have a stroller, put your baby in that and go for a walk. You can walk to the local park or whatever. That’s a great way to get to know people. Find a work from home job


Sound like ur in a rut. Find a class in ur area to attend that has a creche? And maybe a baby and toddler group? X


Grow up, learn to drive, get a job and be a little independent.


Telephone. Call your mom, sister, sil, friends from school. Visit your dr. or Telehealth. Chat up somebody at the Laundromat. Arrange to call your working friends on lunch or in evening. Swap babysitting. sew, knit, paint, for fun or money. Do something

Learn how to drive. It changes everything.


Start working on getting a driver’s permit/license. Have your mom/sis/brother take you or even your SO to go take the tests. DMVs suck bcuz its a hit or miss if they get to you on any day. But Really Try and get it! I’m 27 and I barely got my permit this yr (didn’t have a car with me to take the driver’s test, I got dropped off at the DMV). There are plenty of Mothers who don’t drive or have a license. It is getting colder out so if you do go out walking make sure to bundle the toddler warmly.
Have music playing at home during the day to help lift your spirits.:heart: Get into reading books or hell even playing video games. If people don’t want to hang out with you then ask for a “girls day” with your mom or siblings.:heart::heart::heart: Start buying yourself some pretty lingerie/bras/underwear it will help you feel more sexy and uplift your spirit.:blush: Now about not being sexual… You should really try and get your bf/hubby to talk about it and open up. I’m a nonsexual person currently but everyone’s love language is different.


He should at least be giving you a lil money to buy this or that. Have you ever told him not having any money depresses you? You should if not. Then you can take a stroller and a walk somewhere and shop. Do you have a park near you? You would benefit from friends and a park is full of other moms. Hang in there. It gets easier to make new friends when your child starts school. As for the sex have you discussed with him you hate asking all the time and want him to ask for it? You have to discuss everything you want and feel with him. If you keep hitting a brick wall with your talks tell him you want to see a couples therapist. Lol men hate therapy so he may start acting like you need him to.

Getting a job could open up a whole new world for you. You could help put towards the monthly bills, food etc which would relieve some pressure on your husband. Get your license and become independent that too will greatly help your situation. Communication is key here if you don’t talk you don’t know what’s going on and in order to work as a couple you need that. That is why I left my husband because he would never talk to me or communicate and I felt as though I was living alone. Just because he doesn’t want sex doesn’t mean he’s gay or he’s cheating. I have through friends of mine heard of this before. Maybe he’s depressed and needs to speak to someone or be on medication, once again you need to know, communicate. The best of luck to you, take good care.

Walk every day do some exercises daily you can find some on the internet see if you can connect with people via playgroup mother and baby groups and see if u could vet a little part time no when your bus and is home xx

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Job when your husband is home that should be

Try to find a little hobby that you can do or try to go to a park to find some friends.

And remember that with your husband it’s not. Some people just don’t care for sex.

Maybe husband has depression or health issues?

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It’s easy to judge someone if you 1. Don’t personally know them. 2. Don’t know what there daily life is really like or why they are in the situation they are in… in the first place. I have been and I am still in a similar situation. If you can’t say positive things or be helpful in any way then you should move along. I truly wish you the best of luck and I hope the new medicine you try tomorrow helps. Just give it time. Try talking with your husband and tell him how you feel and when your ready I encourage you to reach out to your loved ones for help when your ready to change your situation and your life. I really hope your husband listens to what you have to say. If you don’t know anyone in your area I encourage you to reach out to your local employment agency or similar recourses. I wish you and your husband the best of luck!!!

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Girl you should reach out to me! Our situations sound identical!! We could chat and be each other’s support!


Once your meds are working and you feel back to “normal” strap your child in the stroller and go for a walk to the park. Maybe they’ll be other moms/caregivers there and you can chitchat while the kiddos play. As to your spouse he too might need to see a dr.

Are there fun hobbies you may like to try that you yourself would enjoy? Take time when your SO is home to do things for yourself. Pamper yourself, just relax, go for a walk, or a hobby you enjoy.

Try to make small changes towards what makes you happy. Hopefully you will see changes in your partner as well.

PS-Maybe you could start by making a moms group her on FB for moms in your local area? It may be a way for you to meet moms in similar situations and make friends…. Support one another.

I understand how you feel. Depression is awful.

You guys need couple’s counseling. Sounds like you both are struggling with your own issues.