I forgot to file one of my w2's: Advice?

Not mom related. What if you file jointly and forget to add in your W2s? I just submitted our tax return and never added my w2s. Without mine added, we got significantly more so now I’m worried.


Agree you can amend the return


Agree. Send an amendment. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later. Then you’ll know the difference in the event you’re still paid the wrong amount and wind up owing. So you can hang on to that to pay it back.

An amendment, it may cost a little more, but that’s really the only option I’m aware of.

Amend it, you’ll have to pay back, if, you…“forgot” to add your w2’s, how do you know you got more, back than you should, taxes were taken out of yours too…:thinking:

Wait until your refund comes back and then file a 1040X amended tax return and include your w2