I Found a Necklace in My Boyfriend's Pocket and Now My Best Friend Is Wearing the Same One: Advice?

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"This may be long so bear with me…i found a necklace in my boyfriend of two years pocket a few months ago…our anniversary was near so i really thought he was going to give it to me but he never did…my best friend of 10 years just left my house and when she came over she was wearin the exact same necklace that i have never seen her wear before…when i asked her where she got it…she told me this guy she met on tinder gave it to her on her 3rd date…but i feel like she would have told me after it happened on their date because she literally tells me everything and now i feel some type of way…i never thought they would do anything behind my back before but now i am not so sure and dont know how to apporach this without being crazy…am i already beign crazy for thinking that he gave my best friend a necklace i thought was for me behind my back? what if it is just coincidence and then i am accusing for no reason…do i sit back and assess their behavior when they are together or do i just ask my boyfreind about the necklace? i am really lost here and would be so gutted if they are together behind my back…"

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"I’m so sorry that you are feeling this way. I would ask him, while she is present, about the necklace that you found in his pocket. I would tell him that you didn’t question it because you thought it was your anniversary gift but now wonder where it went. Watch BOTH reactions to this question. I think you already know your answer though"

"Tell him she told you he gave it to her to see if he tells on hisself"

"Trust your gut. It’s waaaayyyy to much of a coincidence to have her wearing the exact necklace."

"All you can do is be open and communicate with one of them. Be upfront and honest."

"Have them both at the same time about it you’ll know they're lying by how they both act make sure there both together so one can’t warn the other to get there story straight"

"I would tell the bf that your friend admitted he gave her the necklace… see how he acts. His reaction will tell you all you need to knwo"

"I’m pretty sure you’ve answered your own question, or you wouldn’t be here right now. The gut knows long before the brain and heart. Trust your gut ."

"Confront instead of letting them get away with it."

"You need to be straight up with him and tell him you know about the necklace"

"Ask straight up and go right off the vibes"

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