I Found A Package Addressed To My Husband With Used Women's Underwear: Advice?


"I found another woman's underwear on my front porch… I am not even kidding. I came home from work early, and there was a package on my front porch address to my husband from a "Lillith Sage", But her return address was our address too… I opened it because I was wondering what my husband ordered, and it was literally worn underwear…he told me that he didn't order them or know where they came from…But I am having a hard time believing this…is this a thing? Do women mail underwear now, or is someone pranking my husband that he claims they are… I am so confused."

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"Check his accounts, sounds like he's purchasing underwear that other women have worn. Lol put them in the garbage see if he grabs them out."

"You should of wrapped them back up and said “babe a package came for you” and walked away and saw how it played out."

"He either bought used underwear, or she is someone he was/is cheating with. Maybe he has a fetish for it that you were unaware of? There's actually a huge market for selling women's used underwear, you can make a living selling used undies. I'd be checking the whole house, his vehicle, everywhere to see if I find more that aren't mine."

I have no idea what to say but Lillith sage sounds like a stage name or maybe a product name. Anyone else think that when they read that?
I’d definitely be looking at bank statements/credit cards and anything I’m not sure about I’d be looking it up."

"YES, its very much a Thing! Wanna get to the TRUTH check your bank and credit card statements!"

"It's totally a thing that people buy. If this person sent their dirty undies to your husband he probably did order them because that's how those girls make money. He's probably got a little kink he's scared to share with you in fear of it causing tension in the relationship."

"Selling used undies is a big thing these days. He probably paid for them. Check for a money trail."

"Yes woman and men both send panties and boxers. Its an online dating thing. He's cheating."

"Women have been mailing used panties to buyers for quite some time now. He's not telling the truth or someone's setting him up. Doubt anyone's setting him up though."

"Yes people do but used underwear. Yes he could have ordered them. Yes it could be a prank. Trust your gut."

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