I found my son looking up inappropriate things on youtube: Advice?

Don’t shake him for it! Approach it with curiosity and knowing that it’s normal ( although young and you prob weren’t ready ) just talk to your kids people!!! Ask him why he’s curious now and your expectations

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2 books that really might be good to check out from Amazon! My 5-year-old loves the Jr version.

Not really a normal age, ask him where he heard to look that up and why he is doing it and explain to him that it isnt ok for a little boy to look at stuff like that


Of course this is normal talk talk talk to him!

Only you know your child if you’re concerned it’s for a reason.

I’m so proud of so many of you mommas. Progressive and ready to arm your kids with knowledge <3

Take his electronics

It is totally normal for kids to be curious! Definitely try not to get upset or horrified.

The best thing is ask him what prompted the curiosity and if he figured out what he was curious about. Talk about the many many different things online and how some of them are not real or part make believe like in some movies.

And most important leave it with “I am here if you have ANY questions or just want to talk or ask about what you’ve seen.”

Don’t close that door and make them afraid to talk to you or ask questions. And it is HARD not to freak out at some of the stuff they find or get curious about. But if you keep level head (and voice) then they will talk to you about it and ask questions and give you opportunity to make it a teachable moment. Also don’t be all fear and doom when talking about sex stuff, be absolutely 1000% honest both positives and negatives.


Join the facebook group “That parent group” they have a wealth of info and advice on this kind of thing. They are kind and not judgemental too!

Be honest and true don’t use Nick names for parts call them what they are a penis or a vagina. None of this stupid car and garage talk.

My oldest is 9 and we’ve never had an issue with him looking up inappropriate things but we also don’t let him go on YouTube and all of them never use an electronic device unless we are sitting there with them. It’s a scary world we live in so until they are older and more mature this is how it will stay.

I had a coworker whose daughter lost her virginity at 11. ELEVEN. Kids start super early now days.
The only reason she found out was because her daughter posted a whole YouTube video telling all the dirty details. When she asked why she did it she said "I just wanted all my friends to know, because they’re doing it to. "


Some of y’all are asking the wrong questions. Like why so young? Saying it’s not normal and it’s not okay? Like whoooaaa!! Why is he looking? Because he’s curious and it’s NORMAL. You will give your kids a bad stigma surrounding sex if you aren’t open and fourthcoming. They will get their information somewhere and i’d much rather it be good and safe info coming from mom and not sexualized info coming from other kids. They will have sex. Kids learn younger and younger every generation and they NEED information to make good decisions about sex. Please dont be the parent to let your kids figure it out alone or make them feel bad about their natural urges because it will turn out badly! I know some people might thing it’s awkward and so will the kids but it must be talked about.


So I noticed this with my 8 year old son. Is he playing Minecraft or Roblox? I’m wondering if it’s some flaw on these 2 games.

Have an open conversation with him about how those subjects are “adult subjects” and he doesn’t need to be looking at it. And open it up to allow him to ask any questions that he may have. Take the curiosity away in an age appropriate matter.

Talk to your child about it and see why… perhaps just curious is all. Its quite normal. I’d get some chil friendly books about our bodies and explain things to them and see if they have any questions

He was probably watching YouTube and either saw an add or see it in the “things to watch next”. Kids will type toys and there it is something sexual. Try the kids YouTube app. Or you also can go into YouTube and select parental control. If he’s on a device you can also make it where he can’t look up anything that isn’t age appropriate. Also, don’t let him have the devices alone. No headphones Either.

My kids use YouTubekids. you can control what the kids watch on there.

You can also get kid safe tablets that dont allow any adult content and you have to put in passwords so they cant download anything without consent. You input age and it filters. You also can set up your own controls as well. We dont allow the kids to use any other devices at home so we know what they are getting into.

I have 2 boys and my oldest was extremely curious at a very young age. I was so put off by it I talked to his dr and she said it was normal and that even toddlers can be caught “masturbating”. The thought of that was also disturbing… some kids are more self aware and as a parent we gotta teach them what is appropriate. My best action taken was not making it a big deal and putting parental controls on everything.

Time for the talk. Hes getting curious and its completely natural. It’s not dirty or wrong…its curiosity. Anyone who shames a child for it is wrong. Anyone who would make him feel that he is dirty or bad is wrong. He just wants to see…and know things. He is hearing stuff and now it’s time to chat. I’ve talked to my boys on many occasions about tons of touchy subjects. It’s not weird…its normal.

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He’s too young to see naked women. But since you saw this. .talk to him ASAP very calm. And how he should view and treat women as he gets older.

It may be a year or so early but isn’t everything now? It’s totally normal and the thin line is not making him feel ashamed or bad but not making him feel that attraction and affection are so different. Goood luck hun

Parental controls! I have YouTube kids downloaded and limit my child’s time on it. You can disable other apps during that time

Kids get curious… I’m 40 and when I was 12 I was watching 12… 13 year Olds on talk shows cause they where pregnant or wanted a baby… Kids where having sex back then at the ages of 10… it’s not New we just didn’t have Internet and social.media in the mix… Talk to your children answer there questions… It’s normal …

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Well there’s no naked women on YouTube lol just close

I’m curious as to how your six year old son can spell those words in order to look it up. Also a way to keep it from happening is to limit screen time or set up parental settings on the device he is using.

If you don’t want to hear it, good luck.

He is curious, it’s a normal thing. Talk with him and see what makes him curious, explain to him about human body that it’s different in woman and in man.

He’s a boy. They get curious. Don’t make him feel ashamed. Have a talk with him. Sometines it happens sooner then others.

They are curious. Encourage open communication with honest answers without judgement.

It’s hard. Yes, 6 is age appropriate to be curious. I know we were “playing Dr” and curious (no sexual component B4 puberty). But I am 48 yrs old. Even my kids didn’t have internet access like kids today do.
I remember once my parents came home and I had the “Playboy channel” on, watching a comedian (I swear…lol) I was about 11.
I said, ’ I was just flipping thru and…’. Dad said ‘next time keep flipping’. Wasn’t a huge deal. I was baby-sitting my younger siblings at the time…so, times have definitely changed.
All I can tell you is curiousity is normal. The bigger deal you make of it will make a bigger impression that it’s “bad”, and there fore, tempting.
I’d probably fix the controls on his access and tell him it’s not appropriate to be looking upm
Let him sneak arnd and find out like every one else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sorry to make light, but, seriously…

Completely normal. Now you need to have a talk about what is ok and what’s not ok for him to be looking at or watching for his age.


He’s a boy and is curious obviously but I would sit him down and explain men and women have different parts and they look different because boys and girls just aren’t the same but also explain why we shouldn’t be looking stuff up like this because it is inappropriate but redirect his focus on things that are more age appropriate for him :wink:


This is normal. Just talk to him alone and make sure you answer any questions he may have.

I feel like six is too young to be curious about stuff like that. I only have daughters though, so imma sit this one out. I can tell you that if my daughters were looking things up like that, I would definitely put stricter limits on screen time and only allow them on certain apps, no web browsing. Also, open up the dialogue. Let him ask you questions. Find out why he is curious and let him know that in a few years, you will explain it all better. Maybe someone at school mentioned it to him and now he wants to see for himself…


Tell him truth, dont hide it till he’s older, evidently his curiosity has kicked in, good luck mom, I believe in truth, not hiding g it because of others beliefs

I believe it is normal. I would pick up an age appropriate book from the library or book store and ask if he has any questions then go through the book. And then ask again. I would preface it with, he isn’t in trouble, its natural ect beforehand.

Is he around older kids? If not and just him its possible he’s not searching but its popping up I know I had a lot of problems with YouTube I banned it in my house because of it but I do feel he’s too young yet to even understand so just deal with it and forget it and get his attention to something else

Lol not a thing you can do except it you try to stop. It then he will do it secretly, and. If you punish him then he will get wrong ideas ,

This is absolutely not normal for a 6 year old whatsoever!!! He is pre puberty and shouldn’t have any sexual interest. Who has he been around?!? My guess is a cousin or male that has been around him is showing him this stuff thinking it’s funny. Monitor who is around you baby better


Let it go he’s a normal boy Everything will work out

My son is seven, and recently looked up “boobs” from my phone.

He has seven older sisters (dad is remarried with four step sisters).

I let him go off to cry after I confronted him. Later that night, I explained why it is inappropriate behavior for him, while also addressing the normality of the human body.

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My 6 year old son gets grossed out when he sees a butt on t.v. i think somebody is giving your son these ideas or someone might be showing him stuff like that. I would definitely sit down and talk to him. I wish you all the luck boys are so wierd lol.


Theres parental control on Youtube you can use (: but also have a talk with him.

Have him use kids YouTube. It’s an app, should help with the issue.

Okay he is curious yeah, but at 6 he probably had to hear about that from somewhere. Id try to find out where he heard it and why he is looking.

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Psychologically children are supposed to become curious about their parts at this age… however this usually means touching it more often or asking questions … with boys they will sometimes be found humping things it is quite normal but they are supposed to grow out of it quickly with guidance

My son and 2 friends looked up “girls butts” on the school tablet last year. They were 6. Boys are silly at that age and “naked” or “butts” are funny to them. Unfortunately the school firewall didn’t work and an image of a naked butt was in the search. The school fixed it right away. All of us were notified. We talked about bodies, privacy and that’s not appropriate to look up. Hasn’t happened again(even at home). The body is still “funny” to him and now his 3 year old brother. They love to be naked…butts are talked about a lot :upside_down_face: “get your bare butt off my bed”, “your baby butt crack is showing”, etc 🤷🏼


You should definitely talk to him and ask why he decided to look it up. YouTube is pretty bad about that type stuff popping up in the suggestions. But, it is normal for a 6 year old to be curious so don’t shame him for doing it.

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Sounds like it’s just time for the whole sexual talk. And letting him know its okay to be open with you if he has questions. My parents were very open and honest with me growing up about sex and all the curiosity all kids have about it. There was never an off limits question or response. And it made me feel comfortable talking to them about it, which I believe is why I didnt start having sex till I was 17 and didnt want to do it with just anyone. Which is how I’m going to be with my girls as they get older. Very open and honest.


My daughter is 6 and although I’ve never caught her looking up things like that I’ve caught her watching YouTube videos where people make out and are laying in bed together (not naked) but it still bothered me. She said she has dreams of boys and girls kissing. I feel like as a mom it’s scary but I do feel like kids at that age are curious. I remember when I was 6 and my friend got me hooked on the movie dirty dancing and it made me curious too. I’d just sit down and have a talk with him and definitely block some stuff on the internet. I had to put a kids lock on YouTube for my daughter

There’s a chance it it total normal curiosity about anatomy in general nothing sexual what so ever but there is also a chance it is you wont know unless you talk to him try looking up open phrases to start those conversation without making him feel judged

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At that age it sounds more like something he picked up from someone else, who likely picked it up from a parent or older child. I wouldn’t be too concerned about him, but I would try to ask where he learned about those things from (one of his friends could be experiencing abuse). I learned about sex from kids at school (2nd-3rd grade) long before my parents thought it was a necessary conversation. Try to have an age appropriate conversation with him now before he learns anything else from his peers

YouTube for kids YouTube Kids Parental Guide

No experience with boys specifically I have a daughter myself but I was molested by my aunt when I was 4 and no one knew for a while and another caregiver who was never found because I couldn’t remember her name at the time


Me personally, I wouldn’t look at it as a sexual thing but more of a curiosity. I would be upfront and honest with him.

Get the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures. It will really foster conversation. There’s a Jr version and a regular version. Normally at his age I’d say go with Jr, but if he’s already seeking it out, the regular one might be appropriate.

It’s normal he was prob laughing at it I know my daughter was looking up how babies are made so I sat down and spoke to her and she can come to me with any questions she has kids are very curious creatures

My son is 8 n has done the same I sat him down explaining it’s normal to want to know about those things n asked where he saw about it then went on to explain hes too little to be thinking of things or searching things like that that’s only for more grown people, an explained there is a right age for that n he’s too little in the future if he keeps it up he’s gonna be banned from YouTube or google

Both of my nephew’s did stuff like this at that age i dont have kids yet but i think its pretty normal

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If it were my kid, I would just sit him down and one on one ask him why he was looking at that stuff then offer to answer whatever questions he has and explain to him that its inappropriate at his age. If he wishes to continue to use the internet then he will only have access to age appropriate material. Create his own account and put parental consent on it…
Sure hope it was him and not someone else doing it and letting this poor little lad take the fall…DAD?! Lol

I would ask him why he did it first of all, because he couldn’t have come up with that idea on his own. So get to the bottom of him, restrict his internet time, and explain to him about objectification of women and why he shouldn’t search that again.

Tons of resources that should be helpful. It has a list of age appropriate behaviors which can help you guide him and be more prepared. This is 100% normal at this age. The key will be how to handle it. I hope it helps! I use this in the child care learning center where I work with 4 and 5 year olds that are curious. Best of luck Mama!

Talking him is good and all but let’s face how many times you talk kids them why they should not do something then they turn around do it again … Even punishing a child … If they want do something they will … You need put parental blockers on ur computer … And if it youtube I am shocked cause to see adult stuff they make u verify ur an adult cnt remember wht they ask but ur son knows the answers … I am also shocked they suggesting adult stuff for whtever a 6yr old is watching … So parental blocks is good idea or even lock computer unless ur able to keep eye on him … I wouldnt do a password because our grandson at 6 constantly stole my wifes phone … She always has password but he always managed know it … I put a lock through the plug

Oh u can also go on YouTube and find out wht he watching and block those ppl/sites tht keep sending him stuff

My 5 1/2 year old likes to hump things occasionally :woman_shrugging:t2: I just tell him it’s inappropriate. Same with looking at a girls boobs or touching his privates (or his brothers). Personally I think you have to teach them whats appropriate and what isn’t before you can sexualize it. Kids have a natural curiosity before they get sexually curious about things. If my kid is touching his junk, scratching for example, i tell him it’s not appropriate if we’re in public, and that’s something he can do in the privacy of the bathroom or in his bedroom. It’s kind of like picking your nose. Nobody wants to see that, but everyone does it at some point

Talk to him about sex, soon. About real love and fake on internet. Porn is fake. At 6 he doesnt need details, just age appropriate truth. More curiosity than anything else.

Hes curious…and to b honest its normal


I think it’s normal, he’s curious. I would just talk to him about what is appropriate internet usage if he wanted to be able to continue to use it.


We went through this with 9 year olds. We let them know it was normal but they wouldn’t be given permission to do it on their devices. We talked about changing bodies and the need for more privacy.


I think it is a little young. But I would not be concerned. It happens. I would just tell him what you found and ask him if he has any questions. And to tell him when he is older it is more appropriate to look at that stuff


They are def curious at that age. They hear lots in school. I wouldn’t say not to let him on the Internet. That’s almost impossible these days and sets up for failure. Maybe put locks in place so that he can’t look it up. Maybe explain to him that he is too young for that but if he had any questions he can ask. That’s a tough situation. Good luck. :heart:


Time away from the internet would be the best solution. He had to get the idea somewhere to look this up, that’s not something a 6 year old would know. Speak to him open and honestly. He might just have questions.


Get an anatomy book and teach him what all the body part are and what they are used for being curious is normal … just need to make sure they are learning the correct things and not wrong information


Start by blocking sites on his device and make it more kid friendly…


Who’s he’s hanging out with that showed him this stuff. My son’s 11 and he doesn’t really look at that stuff he’s into video games.


If it were me I would ask what it is he is curious about, and then explain what a woman’s body is capable of, not just something to be objectified.


That’s really early somebody is teaching him inappropriate things. Time to baby proof your internet.


There is an app called you tube kids works wonders… I also have a curious 6 yr old


I wont let my kids go on regular youtube only kids you tube

Show him a naked lady then, a diagram in a book, show him the actual names and uses for a womans body. Raise him to respect womens bodies as more then naked ladies


Not a normal age as far as avg. Just tell him its inappropriate at his age and shouldnt happen again.


YouTube is full of a lot of inappropriate videos for a child. They do offer a kids youtube app. But, I’ve still seen and heard “suggestive” inappropriate kids songs ect on it as well… neither of my boys (soon to be 4 and 6) are allowed to watch either youtube anymore unless supervised.


The curiosity is pretty normal. Looking up that specific thing could have come from anything (friends at school, older kids or other videos mentioning it). Definitely update the security stuff and have a conversation about it. I worked at an elementary school and some of the things kids would say would scandalize me…like how do you even know about that stuff


Once they learn to read it’s over…


I have 4 boys!! I would say to an extent it’s normal. His age is what makes it less normal. But each person is different. Just talk to him about it. Be open and honest and DO NOT be judgmental. It may be curiosity it could not be. You won’t know until you talk to him. Worse case scenario is call his ped. And ask them what to say. I did this with my oldest son. It was super helpful. Also no more you tube. My kids ARE NOT allowed to watch it unless an adult is right there with them.


Is he around any male figures that could possibly be showing him this or him looking over their phones/computers? That’s a pretty young age, not saying it’s unheard of.


Kids YouTube is a little more better. They can still find inappropriate things but like I said, it might help! If he’s curious talk to him, talk about how we are all the same but in our own special way. You don’t need to get into full on detail. Heres a good way to start

“Are you curious about girls son?”
If he says “yes” ask him “what do you wanna know about them?”

Only answer the questions hes asking, don’t go into anything else unless asked.


When it comes to things like this I feel like children are exposed to things through other kids. I overheard some kids who ranged around 8-10 talking about “sex” and it made me super uncomfortable. I really try and limit what my kids are exposed to on the internet and what types of other children they are around… the internet is very … open… and this generation I find is very… exposed to r rated things on the daily. If not at home, then at school, through family members etc… the best you can do is educated your children before their exposed to it through other resources and early as possible if need be. No hiding certain things from our babies as much as we’d like to… not in this day and age…


Its absolutely normal for children to be curious as to why boys and girls are different. Dont shout at him, dont tell him hes naughty or wrong for looking as this will impact on the way he thinks in the future. Ask him what it is he would like to know and find an age appropriate book for him.


Over sexualization of our children… but that’s a conversation in and of itself!

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Boys are totally different little creatures lol they’re starting earlier & earlier now a days. I totally think the curiosity is normal. I have a conversation at his age level & discuss it but don’t make him feel bad about it. This will show how open he can be with you

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I’m so glad someone brought this up. I caught my nephew (8 yrs) on top of my daughter (3yrs) a few weeks ago. He was on top of her and I did not see much to know what was happening before. No sex happened. But what was strange is that, he said it was my son(8 yrs) who told him to do it. To his own baby sister. When he was asked where he got that from he said, MY phone. I don’t watch porn on my phone. I have yet to say anything to him because I don’t know what or how to approach it. But the image pops up in my head too often and I don’t know what to do.

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Kids are always curious. I’d just sit down with him and tell him he can always come to you with questions. If he’s not comfortable asking/talking to you, ask him if there is a relative that he would be comfortable with. If not, maybe he can ask his pediatrician.

Keep an open dialogue. Talk to him ask him why he was interested and chat about it. Never shame him for being curious.


My son’s both went through the same thing around this age. I found it important not to get angry, it’s completely NORMAL to be curious about bodies. You don’t want him growing up thing sex or being sexual is “dirty” or “wrong”, but it’s important that they learn about those things when it is age appropriate. I explained to my boys that looking up things online was NOT appropriate because it could give them the wrong idea about things that they will learn about in due time. I let them know that our bodies are beautiful and can do many things! My oldest (now 12) is very open with me with his questions and concerns and we talk about things as he is growing and though it might seem uncomfortable, it’s only weird if you make it weird. I’d rather my boys ask me and get the facts than some snot-nosed, porn watching punk tell them something inaccurate.


6 is really young to even know that stuff can be looked up. I would first take a look at who your son has been around that could have showed him it. Put a lock on the internet of course you already know that. Then just ask him why he was looking at naked woman. You want him to know it’s not wrong to have feelings but that he should not look up naked woman anymore.


YouTube has a restricted mode :heart: I’ve only got girls so no advice. Good luck!


Curiosity is normal! Whether you allow internet or not children are curious. I would rather my son look it up on the internet then be playing doctor like we did as kids. My son is 8 we recently seen he looked up sex on google. I tried to talk to him and see if he knew what sex was and educate him but he cried and wouldn’t talk to me mind you I was calm and nice. When dad got home dad took him aside and they talked. He felt comfortable with dad. It went smooth. Turns out my son does know the definition of sex, he knows babies can be created, he knew a lot that we were unaware of. Dad talked to him and explained we are an open family and he should never be afraid to talk to me or him about anything. His answer to why he looked it up is because he wanted to know how it was done. He learned about sex from kids on the bus. If your son won’t talk to you have a male figure in your life try and talk to him. Best of luck


Yea u can block that content easy.

Hey my sister and brother-in-law got my 12 year old nephew’s phone and found out he had been watching videos on porn hub…now he can only access his games no more internet for him :joy:

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