I Found Out My Husband Gets Coffee Daily From Topless Women: Advice?

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"Am I in the wrong here? I went to clean out my husbands car and detail it for his birthday…while i was cleaning it out i found a trash bag full of coffee cups in it…the name on the cups was “lady bug espresso”…so it gave me another idea, for his birthday as a gift i would go get him a gift card to this place since he seems to love it so much…so i go there after cleaning out his car for his birthday and am waiting in line…get up to order and its literally a TOPLESS girl in a thing…no bikini top…just stickers over her nipples…and i was like wtf? what kind of coffee place allows stuff like this!!! so i call my husband and blow up and i was like how could you possibly come to this place literally every day multiple times a day to get coffee knowing you have a wife at home who is taking care of your kids?! he told me i was over reacting but some of the cups literally had a heart on them…meaning he prob knows these girls and jokes with them all the time…I am heartbroken over this! Am i overreacting like he thinks i am?"

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"I understand that your upset with him, and that is completely legit. However, that dosen’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the Coffee shop. You may not approve of it, or your husband’s choice to vist this one, but no one made him go to that coffee shop."

"Personally, wouldn’t care but my husband also wouldn’t hide it if he was actually just getting coffee. Also, just remember that this is on your husband, not the innocent girls who are just working to pay their bills."

"He’s a idiot just like the dudes that hang at strip clubs…they aren’t interested in him, just looking for the dollars!"

"I mean he’s hiding it for a reason and that would make me upset. But personally, it’s a coffee business. He’s not the only 1 who goes there. And if it’s just for coffee..."

"I would be mad he tried to keep it secret. Not that he’s getting coffee from girls trying to make a living who aren’t afraid to be topless. But I’ve breastfed 3 kids so boobs don’t bother me lol. I’d say it’s probably likely these girls aren’t interested in your man, they probably get hit on all day and it’s probably annoying."

"Well, since I know those are just baristas, I’d only be mad at my husband if I found out he was being creepy or disrespectful to them. None of those girls want your husband, just his tips."

"I would be upset too just because he’s hiding it behind you’re back and he could of just talked to you about it first. Honesty, if my husband would talk to me first I would go with him but him just going behind youre back about it would make me upset!!"

"There’s a saying that says: “It doesn’t matter where he gets his appetite as long as he comes home to eat” if you know what I mean."

"If it helps at all, these girls don’t give a shit about him and are usually only flirty so they get good tips"

"I wouldn’t be disgusted or heartbroken just mad he didn’t tell me. More or less if he says you’re overreacting why didn’t he mention it before?"

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