I gave birth a few months ago and have been dizzy since: Advice?

So I’m 35 years old and just had my last baby on the 2nd of this month. Got my tubes removed during the c section. Lately, I’ve had dizzy spells along with the feeling of being hot and cold at the same time. It’s a very scary feeling for me because I’m feeling overwhelmed with it all at once. I think if I was having the symptoms separately, it wouldn’t be as bad, and I could deal with it. I breastfeed my son, but I’ve noticed my milk supply is going down. I’m not currently stressed about anything, and I believe I’m getting an ok amount of sleep. I just don’t know why I’m feeling so off. I’ve had three of these episodes so far and have a doc appt scheduled for this Friday. Has anyone else had these symptoms? Is it cause I’m older now and this is normal?


Call your doctor for sure. Although some one can give advice. They are not a medical professional. Sounds like you may need one.

It’s not normal you should call your dr have your blood checked

Call doctor. Sounds like it could be an infection (low blood pressure which can cause dizzy spells and the hot and cold)


Call your Dr and can be your blood pressure, blood sugar, Anemia, Anxiety(believe me you are stressed whether you know it or not)
, etc. so many things can cause these symptoms. It could be something major or just your body trying to get back to itself. Also how is your diet? You need to intake a certain amount of food and nutrition while breastfeeding.

Drink lots and lots of water
I pass out while pregnant cuz of lack water
Also messes with amount of milk you make
I hate water but your making milk and need twice the water
No soda no tea just water

Definitely go to doctors it could be so many different things only they know but sounds like blood pressure or anxiety and I have both and been dizzy from both

Maybe have thyroid test

Could be your iron. But should get checked just in case :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be anemia, make an appt with theDr

Definitely get checked over as I had my last c section when I was 31 with my tubes removed and I felt like this! Turns out I was anemic, doctors gave me strong iron tablets and folate tablets and after a week I was feeling better, hope you feel better soon xxx

iron could be low after the c section. i would get cold easily after i delivered my babies lasted about 4 months and i was told to take iron because it was low

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When you get dizzy does it feel all like doom and then cold sweats? Watch your sugar levels and someone said blood pressure too, especially if it happens on standing. But definitely go see a dr

No ! Not normal.Lack of vitamins or anemic.See a Doctor first.better

Sounds like low blood sugar or high blood sugar and possibly anemia (iron deficiency.) Good luck at the doctor.