I get sick after giving birth: Has anyone else been through this?

So I am due for my third C section and was wondering if anyone experienced anything like this? The first one I got very sick the following week, I was due to have my son, and a week after I had him, I got sick as well. With my second son, I also got sick after I had him a day or two later!!! I’m wondering if it is my nerves, I have no health problems just when I have babies my body goes into shock or something… I was going to talk to my doctor about something to calm me before the surgery but not sure what is actually going on with body??? He said I just have a low immune system, but I only get sick when it’s time to have the baby!!!


wht kind of sickness u feel?

Sick as in cold, flu, throwing up… guess I’m confused. But if it’s sick from just common cold stuff I’d say it’s cuz low immune system from being pregnant/giving birth and being exposed to the germs and bacteria in a hospital.

I threw up the entire c section process. I was afraid to hold my son until I took a shower because I was covered in throw up

Maybe the anesthesia?


If it in nausea and vomiting, tell your anesthesiologist. It could be the meds. They can alter them to make you feel less sick after. I had major surgery and was sick for weeks after. Happened again after another procedure. The 3rd time i told the anesthesiologist, and he adjusted the meds and no issues!

What do you mean sick??? Diarrhea, a cold and fever are you vomiting. If this is your 3rd baby it shouldn’t have this much affect on you.

Speak with doc and anesthesiologist about it. They have all kinds of remedies to give you during and after the csection. During mine I would get wicked nausea so I spoke up and they injected something a min later I wasn’t nauseous but i was dizzy. Back and forth but never threw up. Blood pressure can play a huge role in how you feel during and after.

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I got sick two weeks before I went into labor, literally an hour after delivery my cold cleared up.

Must be from the anesthetic, makes your feel nauseated and you feel sluggish/drowsy after a c section. Think you just don’t like the coming out of so much out into you. Ask for gravel if you feel sick I always do and they give it by IV


The anesthesia made me sick for a few days following my cesarean, and was then accompanied by a migraine for about a week.

Like what kind of sick? I remember the week before I had my daughter I was throwing up everyday at least twice a day😭 so terrible! Being 39 weeks pregnant hunched over a toilet is terrible

Could be anesthesia, could be hospital cleanliness is lacking, or a change in food! My daughter is allergic to so many foods and spices, so if she eats different from normal, then she is sick for a week! I suspect your issue is the fact that hospitals are massive germ/bacteria pools!

Like a cold? I got that with both of my kids

Me. I got sick with both my children (natural birth first, C-section second). My midwife told me this was normal: labour drops your immune system (among many other systems it momentarily f*cks up). So if you are giving birth in a public hospital in the middle of winter (like me!) expect to catch a few bugs.

Not sure. Havent had a c section but with my last two labors I got very sick a week before labor. Talk with your doctor. Maybe it’s the anesthesia?

Honestly your probably getting sick from staying in a hospital there tons of germs around in hospitals and after you give birth your immune system drops I would try taking emergancy C and bringing lots of handsanitizer

You can take a ton of vitamin c and elder berry to build up your immune system. I think you’re having a bad reaction from anesthesia.

I had 7 an never have… good luck

That’s probably how your body handles the shock of a csection as well as the meds in your system.

I always get sick from the pain meds after my c sections. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It could be the anesthesia, but also remember, your immune system may be low due to your body recovering from delivering your child. Maybe speak to a nutritionist for advice on things you could do to build up your immune system prior to giving birth. Elderberry is a great addition for the immune system, but I would consult someone first before implementing it.

Could be the anaesthesia. I’m slightly allergic to morphine, so I ended up looking like Rudolph because my nose was so red and itchy. Slight nausea for a few days after. Something to look into.

After my first child I couldnt keep food down for a few weeks. Was told it is something that happens sometimes. Like you said…body feels like it just goes into shock.

I get sick after wards every time to and will feel this way off and on for weeks after

I got nasty sick immediately after having my daughter by csection…took about a week to keep stuff down…I think it was because of the anesthesia and epidural…it was brutal

Sounds to me like it could be a reaction to anesthesia/epidural meds. Don’t allow doc to brush you off. You know your own body better. If he doesn’t listen, get a second opinion.