I go to bed alone and wake up alone due to my husbands routine: Advice?

Something is clearly going on here if he is drinking that much every night. Once in awhile isn’t anything to get upset over, however if this is every night…I think it’s time to sit down and talk to him. Tell him you miss going to bed together and having him be there with you. Maybe that will help? If he drinks that much and sleeps until noon I’m assuming he doesn’t work? If he doesn’t have a job maybe he needs to find a hobby or something that will fulfill him? if he’s not working maybe he’s struggling with not being a provider for the house and it’s depressing him.


I wouldn’t put up with it and I’m sorry he’s treating you this way . Time to sit down and tell him how you feel!!


Whenever my husband was going to bed that late every night I would also go to bed alone and wake up alone he stayed up playing video games and then would get up 6am for work he was doing that because he was severely depressed and stressed I’d ask him what’s going on and let him know how you feel


Girl, I’m sorry its like that. I’m a stay at home mom now and i watch my grandbaby too almost every day. It’s a job in itself running a house and taking care of everyone and everything except the money. If he is doing that there might be something up! Definitely have a conversation with him and let him know. If he doesn’t care then that means he just don’t care anymore. Then it’s time to take care of you!! Good luck lady!! I hope all works out.


Sounds just like my dad growing up. My mom made till I was 14 and we were outta there. He would come in my room at 3am and wake me up crying telling me he was gonna change. I’m 43 now and nothing has changed. The scary part was he was a deputy sheriff his entire life as a functioning alcoholic.

He doesn’t work? Even on my days off i stay on schedule mostly. Might get up at 7 my days off instead of 5 like when i get up for work. I could never be with a guy that doesn’t work. I’m not taking care of an able adult.


My husband sleeps on the couch since he was diagnosed with his autoimmune disease. That’s been 5 years now.

You need to find out what’s wrong. Not just assume he’s being a dick.

There is always a reason people turn to alcohol, drugs ect. that’s what you need to find out and HELP him!
Get him into see someone, speak to him yourself and ask him if he’s okay. To me as a student in the mental health field, it sounds as if he is depressed and becoming secluded. This is not good and needs to be addressed ASAP!

There is a lot of people here who have no idea what they are talking about and should not be offering you any sort of advice.

Do not approach this in hostile manner as that could cause an escalation

Tell him how much this is bugging you? Was he like this when you were together before marriage? If so I guess you shouldn’t have married him. People do not change

First of all, I would tell him to get a job, help, or get out!

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I’m in the same boat!

I know this feeling!

I feel ya it’s like 2 ships in the night

It will not change trust me

You need to do what’s right for you and your kids

If he dont work how does he afford beer?? And if u pay why are you still buying it?

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I call it being married and still single. Both you and your husband are living two separate and different lives. You have the obligations and responsibilities of a wife and mother. Your husband is living the life of a bachelor with a live in nanny and housekeeper.
There are some serious issues going on in your marriage and counseling would be a great start to try and resolve those issues. Your husband is detached from the family life and it’s important that you know and understand why. I wish you the best.

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Get rid of the loser. Do u want ur kids to grow up thinking this is ok.

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