I had my son in 2018 and still haven't gotten a period: Advice?

I had my son in September 2018. I stopped breastfeeding in March 2018. I still have no period, and I’m cramping through the days, and it’s been eight months since I stopped breastfeeding. I’m not pregnant, dr did a blood test and ultrasound for anything abnormal, both were fine. Anyone else has this problem?


I dont see this as a problem. Lol unless you want more kids. :frowning:

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Did your doc check hormone levels?

Doesn’t PCOS cause for irregular periods and or complete stops of periods. I also heard it can go undiagnosed for many years.


Um just to clarify did you mean you stopped breast feeding in 2019?

Any stress, lifestyle change, maybe hormone imbalance?

When I was 18 way before I had kids I didn’t have a period for the whole year. I still don’t know why. I’m 29 now

I didnt get a period from the time I had my son, Jan 2018 until after my miscarriage in April 2019. Everybody is different!

Some family planning can also be the cause

It takes a whole year + for your body to heal from having a baby. Any added stress, changes, or hormone issues will also cause this. Personally i say lucky u. I got my period 8 weeks after giving birth and both my babies were exclusively breast fed till 8m to a year. If your super worried go to your Dr. Get some answers.

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What kind of birth control is she using? When I was getting the depo shot after my daughter it made my periods stop.

How’d you stop breastfeeding before you had your baby :woman_shrugging:t2:


It made periods abnormal

It can take a few months and could be so light you don’t notice it.

Worth going into Dr and getting checked out as from googling it could potentially be a sign of PCOS, or some other hormonal imbalance.

Hope this helps.

Yes my son is a year old today. And ii havent breast fed him in 2 months and still no period for me either

Might want to be on mini pill to jump start it I had same issues after my first born.

I use to get my period only once or twice a year that’s just the way it went .I had 2 daughter’s and they are fine and so am i

Consider yourself lucky LOL

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It could be a 101 different reasons as to why you are not having a period, anything from diet to sleep. Definately speak to the doctor about this. I pray that it is something simple that is an easy fix for you.

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I had my son 7/25/18 and didn’t get my period until 8/22/19. I am also breast feeding

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maybe you should talk to your GYN !!

If you’re BF then it can take up to a year before you get one. It was 8 months for me.

You are healed from that sickness in the name of Jesus Amen

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I had to get a shot to start my period after my second child

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I went 22 months without one all together 9months of pregnancy 11 months of nursing when I had my 4th baby when I got it it was awful and it lasted 14 days and it was sooo heavy but then I straighted out and got pretty normal after that baby’s do some awful things to your body

My daughter in law got married last May… she’s 30…she completely stopped having her period for several months due to stress from the wedding…her job…and a big move…but now she’s regular again so stress can def affect you