I had sex during fertile days and still not pregnant. Any ideas why?

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So here is how I got pregnant. PCOS here and my husband has issues. I lost like 20 pounds. Excersise and low carb. I was feeling great. We decided we were going to stop trying for babies. We had some fun in the back of our Cadillac ( I think the angle really helped get the sperm get in there)


Literally anything can effect your chances. How much you’ve ate or drank, your partners intake, even the temperature of the room. Even IVF fails when it shouldn’t in theory. Just keep trying! I got pregnant while I wasn’t on my “fertile” days after 4 years and 3 miscarriages and my son was born March 3rd 2020. Don’t give up hope!


Could be a number of things ur age ur health etc putting urself under too much stress trying is one of the worst things to do easier said than done I know but just have fun … I personally would go see the doc and see if u and ur partner can get fertility tested . Good luck

Talk to your doctor. You could ovulate differently or you could have issues that can prevent pregnancy. Make an appointment asap. Best of luck.


I stopped trying. Took me two years to get my now 12yr old took me about a year ish to get my 10yr old… my 2yr old (after having my birth control removed after having it for 5yrs. Was not trying but it took my boyfriend and I like 6 months.) I also hadthe shot from the time I was 16-18 (met my now ex at 18. Had our first at 21) but with oldest I gave up trying and boom pregnant a month after our wedding.

Because it’s not always so simple. We had no fertility issues whatsoever, we were in our 20s so still young, and it took us over 8 years to get pregnant. Ended up having my first child at 36 and the Dr called me a ‘geriatric matriarch’. Like they say, you spend your 20s worrying that you’re going to get pregnant and your 30s worrying that you won’t.


Odds of getting pregnant are surprisingly low in perfect situations. It could take several months of timed intercourse. If you’ve been trying for a year or more, then I’d suggest talking to a doctor.


Oh honey. Sometimes it takes people months. You just gotta keep trying.

If you feel there is fertility issues see a fertility specialist and not the OB. The OB has messed with my sister so bad she had to go though a lot of unnecessary stress.

From my experience it doesn’t happen the first fertile window. Maybe if you’re lucky, but for most that’s not realistic. It’s been a year ttc as of next month for me. :confused: I am currently in my tww.

I takes a year on average for a fertile couple to get pregnant!

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Ask your physician! This isn’t a question for Facebook, you could have underlying health issues that you don’t know about. And Facebook is gonna give you a million and one, often incorrect, diagnoses. Never trust “doctor Google” or “doctor facebook”. I’m really not trying to be negative but this really isn’t a good place for accurate medical advice.


I did the ovulation tracker to not get pregnant. I had a little surprise with my second child. I think we all ovulate a different times.


obviously the sperm didn’t reach the egg

Because you cant just say oh today I had sex I’m going to be pregnant the more you want it the more It wont happen x

I highly recommend using ovulation strips, tracking basal body temperature and cervical mucus to figure out if you’re really in your fertile window. There are some excellent free apps (kindra, fertility friend to name a couple) that use all of YOUR combined fertility signs (not “averages” like a period tracker) to help pin point ovulation, along with your fertile window. Sperm can live up to 5 days, so the days leading up to ovulation are the best days to dtd.

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Lower his caffeine consumption, no phones in the pocket and get a his and hers reproductive system vitamins (can be found at Walmart) eat less greasy foods. Me and my husband did that for 2 weeks, got my implant taken out and was pregnant 4 days after I got the implant taken out.

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Did you take an ovulation test? Then download the app premom to read the strips. I got pregnant twice. Dont use cheap tests.

Make an appointment with your doctor you and him to check fertility and sperm count

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It just takes time. Start taking prenatal vitamins and chart your cycle to find your fertile days and be patient

Start taking prenatal vitamins now and start using preseed lube only. Most lubes and saliva hinder sperm. You can find preseed at Walgreens or on Amazon. Good luck.

We tried for 10 years. Drs couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get pregnant, it just didn’t happen, even with meds and shots… I’m classified as infertile but there’s no diagnosis for why. Sometimes its just not meant to be I suppose. We have a 20 month old son that is almost fully adopted now and he is the light of our lives. Maybe you’re just meant to be a mom in a different way and there’s nothing wrong with that.


There is an app called period tracker. It tracks your period and ovulation. It helps me get pregnant each time. Just staying pregnant is the hard part for me.

We tried for 5 years and the whole 5 years we stressed over it and than one time we decided to stop stressing and tried again and I was late and told myself every night I was going to dream that we was pregnant than a week after I realized I was late and that weekend we went fishing and did pregnant testbwhi had was positive and now our daughter is 3 monthes. It was the stressing most likely that caused the reason for it to take 5 years.

Just do it everyday from the day your period stops. Day 1 is the day you start. Give or take, day 14 is ovulation day. Obviously no one functions like a textbook, but it’s a generalized concept.

It’s normal to have to try to get pregnant for up to a year.

It took my husband and I trying 9 months. Don’t worry!

The eggs could be less than perfect, or not present. The mucous could be not ideal for the sperm. You could be making antibodies to the sperm. The sperm could be too slow or too weak to get there. Your endometrium could be less than ideal. The fertilized egg could fail to attach, or dissolve. The fertilized egg could divide improperly, and stop growing.
So, so many things can happen! Go see a reputable ethical fertility doc!

Isn’t a perfect guaranteed science. There are many factors that effect whether or not you become pregnant

Stop trying… stop wanting it so bad… I know it sounds bad but it’s true if you stop trying and wanting then it will most likely happen.

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I ovulate up to two weeks later than your supposed to.

We tryed n tryed n no baby for 3 years then I stopped trying n boom 5 months pregnant haha !! Stop trying n just have fun !!

There could be a million reasons why.

Go buy an ovulation kit and check if you are actually ovulating during those days

Because it’s not 100% guaranteed even if you time it exactly correctly. It can take up to 6 months, on average for any healthy woman to successfully get pregnant when actively trying.

You just have to wait until the odds land on you and you get pregnant.


Just have fun and one day you may fall pregnant… some could take years and others prettt fast… no one will be able to answer your questions… its not as simple as you think sometimes

It could be alot of things. I tried for 1 year with my ex. He had super sperm and u had the eggs of a 21 year old. I tried everything and it just wouldn’t happen. We went to fertility clinic and got pregnant with twins on the 1st try! :grin:

Tried for a year. Once I gave up all hope i ended up pregnant.

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Even women who have no fertility issues can take up to 6 months if not a year or so to get pregnant


U got the right string baby but the wrong YoYo.:+1::sunglasses:

Stop trying. Like literally stop trying. That’s usually when you come out pregnant. Happened with me and several of my friends. Once we stopped trying and we’re just having fun that’s when we got pregnant by our SO.

Chances of getting pregnant peak at the age of 25 and then exponentially drop year by year. Go to a fertility specialist and they will figure out and or get you pregnant. Don’t waste time as that’s of the essence.

Could literally be anything. Talk to your OB.

Have the dad get his sperm count tested

Try searching chasteberry vitamins and see of that would help for you :upside_down_face:

even with perfect timing and no fertility issues, you’ve only got about a 20% chance. keep going :+1:

It’s just a matter of timing

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Even with perfectly timed sex, it’s still only about a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Use OPKs, make sure you’re actually ovulating when you think you’re ovulating, and just keep at it.

Because you want to get pregnant, it’s SUPER duper hard but just forget about trying and it’ll happen in maybe 6 months.

It may not be you… could be sperm count

Tell him to take the condom off

Did he pull out on the curtains?

Sometimes it ain’t you lol

Maybe ask a Doctor :thinking:

Stop thinking about it and it’ll happen :rofl:

Did you get the jab!, Duh!

Gotta stop trying. Once you’ve mentally overcome the want for a baby and start planning without. It will happen.

Sperm did not meet egg

Somebody is shooting blanks. :smirk:

I find it’s easiest to not try.

Could be a number of things. Baby dust to you.

Because it’s not in God plan for you to be pregnant yet.

Well it’s all when god thinks it’s time really .

Because Your ovulation timing may not be “textbook.” Because getting pregnant is really a matter of chance. It’s literally hit or miss. Because you might have reproductive health issues that prevent it. Because HE might have reproductive health issues that prevent it. Because your and his chemistries (literally) don’t work well together. Because, you just didn’t this time. This person sounds young, like they don’t really have the vaguest clue how any of this works. Giving advice to them might not be a great idea.


No but I know it sounds gross but I’m pregnant and I wanted this baby really bad (it’s my third and last).
After we had sex I laid down and went to sleep. I knew I was ovulating so I didn’t take a bath or shower for 2 day. It worked.

There are toxins in our skin care, our detergents, soaps, lotions and foods that all cause infertility. Fertility issues are truly caused by the huge lack of testing and lack of banning of harmful chemicals in the us. Sad really. I would definitely talk to a doctor. Not many get pregnant first cycle either. Lot of timing and health concerns to look at

Why the fuck are people laughing at this??? Talk to your doctor about see a fertility specialist…

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Download an app that tracks all ur menstrual and the days you have sex they work great good luck mama

It’s just not the right time…

Ummmm… Because you don’t always get pregnant even when you’re fertile? But if you are attempting to get pregnant… Don’t give up, it’ll happen. Much luck and love to you. :heart::heart:

Same! My OB told me to get a sperm count ASAP

The people laughing… smh

Did you tried pills for pregnancy? I tried with my husband 6 months to have a baby and I had pills for conception for 3 months and it worked

This helped me.

just gotta keep trying

Pray about it and have faith :pray::blue_heart:

You could have not actually ovulated and stress of trying can prevent it! It’s an exact science! Seriously. With my second, I actually happend to have an ultrasound and they found I was producing follicles and told me to go shag the husband that night!!! And bam two week late pos pregnancy test. We tried for almost 1 year and a half

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Your trying too hard. We tried almost daily for 9 straight months. Once I gave up trying is when I got preg

There could be countless reasons why, how long have y’all been trying ? I have PCOS took us 8 yrs and four different doctors telling me that due to my pcos I was infertile and had no hope of getting pregnant. On the fifth doctor he actually found out WHY I wasn’t. I now have an almost three year old. Some times you don’t get pregnant the first try and that’s okay

When TTC having sex for the week prior and after fertile days (including the fertile days) was what worked best (we basically had sex every other day for close to 3 weeks just to be sure.

When we were aiming for the exact projected fertile days it wasn’t happening, So we scrapped that and just went with above and were successful the first time, No fertility issues, And I know it isn’t this simple got everyone.

If you want to get pregnant just have fun with having sex. Don’t plan it out. Don’t take temps! Don’t track fertile days. When you start doing that it tends to put more stress on you guys and less likely to have it be fun and possibly get you pregnant. Stress can really hinder you getting pregnant. Just have fun! It will happen when it’s suppose to.

I was 42 when i had my first. I had several miscarriages and didnt know why. Did a genetic test and my mates werent compatible as i needed to mate with a person who had a specific genetic.

I did too, the test said I wasn’t pregnant. I had an unusually long period and then took a test again a few months later. Turns out I was 24 weeks

I swear by Pre Seed. It’s an over the counter lubricant sold at CVS and Walgreens. CVS for sure. It helped me the first month trying to conceive.

Getting pregnant is kinda like going to a casino and expecting to hit it big. But if you go to have some fun win or loose or draw you will have fun.

Have sex on days leading up to fertile day so the sperm is waiting

Have sex 3-5 days BEFORE your predicted fertility window …and also DURING your window of opportunity…
Download flo…you’ll get pregnant in no time :slight_smile: goodluck

Could be lots of stuff including stress

Stop thinking, stop tracking, stop testing…

Stand on your head and do a head stand :rofl:

You forgot to take the condom off.