I had to go back to work after having my baby and I feel awful: Advice?

Awww Honey , :disappointed_relieved:. Do what you feel is best for YOU. God Bless You :heart:

I went back to work 4 days after my daughter was born and 6 weeks after my son was born. It never got any easier. My advice. If you can be home until your baby starts school even if you struggle a bit but are able to pay the Bills. Do it. It is worth the sacrifice. You only get to raise them one time. Good luck :purple_heart:

Maybe try to find a daycare job near you where she can attend with you.

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I totally get it. I have two kids, my life’s dream was to be an at home mom. That didn’t happen. Flash forward 28 years, in retrospect, it was for the best as my working helped us thru some horribly difficult times. Having said that, I wish I had been strategic about my career choices meaning, I should have gone to work for a school or government where I got the same holidays they did. Instead of a business degree, I should have gotten a teaching degree, etc. Do what’s best for your family but make it work for you!

I completely understand I was there 15 years ago and it really hurts. I was the one that supported us so I had no choice but to work. First thing is finding a job close to home. Some jobs even offer day care on premises. The next thing is to really look at your finances and figure out if you could go down to part time. It’s not perfect but it’s a start. Hang in there … you can do this

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I feel you but why not work from home there are alot of app who pay for your service make search on the web so you dont miss out on your little ones life hope this helps good luck and bless your little one

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You could try doing day are out of your house. You’d be with your baby and when older they could all play together.

What I did was let my daughter’s father know if I had a child, I was raising that child up until the age of 5 and no one else, so he had to figure things out P E R I O D!!! That time with a parent is crucial. I breastfed up until she turned 3. I had her go to a co-op pre-school for 2 years in Palo Alto, Ca (the best experience I could EVER give her…I had to be involved everyday and it was amazing for both of us). What I suggest is seeing a doctor. Have them find out if you have postpartum depression. If you do, (which it sounds like to me)…apply for Social Security benefits. It may take a few tries to get accepted. That income can help towards your finances. You can also take on another child to care for and charge accordingly. There are things and hobbies you can do/sale to supplement your income until your child gets a little older. That time I spent with my daughter was priceless. I NEVER had to hire a sitter. If she was anywhere without me, she was with family.

I haven’t had a full-time job in 19 years, but have been surviving. You have to learn to budget your money and be frugal. Only buy what you need, not what you want. I am now a Nanny since I love the kids so much and my ex husband never blessed me with more. My daughter will now be 18 years old and I will be finally going back to school next year and getting back into the 9-5. I’m excited and couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing for her. We are very close. Her father passed away 2 years ago, but I am so thankful he made things work out the way they did. Many prayers and blessings to you. I hope you can find work closer or even work from home. Being a Nanny, it’s sad to see the rich, have others raise their children. Most of the times I know the mother can care for her child but she just won’t. I don’t get it…

It doesn’t get easier but if u have a partner count your blessings i raised mine withour their dad. I worked 24 7 while he made life as hard as he could i did the best I could. Now they are grown and i am the bad guy. I am the one that was there for them. But believe me. Noone sees that and wouldnt care if they did. My kid left in my car and has hated me scence. Nobody gave me a car when i was a kid. And if they had i wouldn’t hate them i would say thank u. Words my kid never said

People dont think about all this beforehand…


Bottom line parents have to work to pay for all the things thay need when u do to much for them u get what i got. A empty bank account and a kid with no respect. All i could do was not fast enough or good enough for her

I work 30 miles away but my kids go to daycare near home where dad works.

What do you feel awful about? The statement is too vague.


First, you need to find a support system. Even if you need to get counseling. That time away will help the quality of time with your family. Keep looking into closer jobs. I’m sure you are doing your best. Talk to your Dr also. Many families need 2 working parents now & it’s hard. Are you able to cut back on any bills or reduce 2 cars to 1? That may also help.

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So with everything being said would you rather be homeless with a newborn baby that you can take care of all day let’s get down to the reality of this situation or be with lights gas and food just to stay home the cost of living made both parents have to work and still struggle

Six weeks is eneogh for kids.


It’s ok to struggle financially if you can still provide the things you NEED. So maybe cut back on anything extra and stay home. Your mental health and happiness is more important than money.

Ideas for working at home would be helpful, all these rude, judgemental comments are unnecessary.


I need to know what changed between the decision being made to be a stay at mom to suddenly having to go back to work before 12 weeks. That’s the missing information

I went back when my daughter was 5 weeks old. It was horrible. It did get easier though, I am a teacher so I get breaks. Can you get a job with a school district?

Can you work from home I went to study when they turned Two it’s hard at first I’d be missing my baby too she’s so young can you sew take in ironing for some money while at home good luck​:+1::purple_heart::rose:

I don’t understand all these rude, condescending comments. Is it really that hard to show empathy for a mom that misses being with her baby & not being able to be the one raising the baby because of finances? It’s rough. The U.S. is the richest, most industrialized country in the world that does not have paid maternity leave. Ppl’s lives would greatly improve if we had National Health Insurance & paid maternity leave like other rich, industrialized countries enjoy


Why don’t u contact the hospital where u had the baby. They help u.

Look into watching children from home. Depending on your state you can watch up to four kids (yours included) without having to get registered. But it would allow you to be home with your baby and still have a little bit of an income.

There are plenty of things you can do. Find a way to work for yourself. Doing in home daycare is an option. I didn’t want to leave mine either. So… I went into business for myself. I’m a housekeeper. I hate cleaning. HAHAHAHA! But the pay is great. I do it on my time. I even bring the pac-n-play, set it up, and let the baby play while I get it done. OR wait till my spouse is home and leave the baby with home for a couple hours. There is ALWAYS a way. :grin: You’ll think of something. Best of luck to you. :heart:

I know how you feel. I stayed off Work for a year with each of mine. The pressure on women to do everything now is ridiculous and unfair. Find a compromise. You can’t rewind time

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what are your financial struggles, can you cut down on your expenses? gas money, are you eating out a lot, change to home cooked meals, have a list, write down all your expenses, and on the oposite side your income. Who takes care of the baby while you are gone, is the cost of the daycare not adding to your expenses ? is the husband no longer supportive ?

What a wonderful example you are as a woman for your daughter. Tell anyone who watches her outside of her father that they should not inform you of her “firsts.” They should let you experience that. Your hormones while breastfeeding are contributing to all your emotional moments. Please discuss all this with your doctor also. They will be able to help you too. Know you are beautiful and doing the right thing by example for your child.

I feel for you , I had to go back to work, not as early as you though.Is it possible to find a part time job, near to where you live, even if it pays less its better than nothing.I hope you can find a solution. Good luck x