I have a bump where from my nose piercing....advice?

I need advice! I got my nose peirced in January. I’ve had alot of issues with it since then! Now there is a bump and I need to know if it’s a bump or a keloid. And if it is a keloid what do I do??!! The peircer who did it doesn’t know


I had this same issue, I had to let it heal then repierce it and only wear a hoop in it!!

I had a bump is went away a few months later with cleaning and keeping from touching it and has been fine ever since. Almost 4 years since I’ve had it now

I had a bump when I took mine out…

I wet mine, and then put sea salt on it and let it sit for a few minutes, instead of dipping my nose into salt water lol

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I had a bump for awhile after I took mine out and it eventually went away

I had this happen and my piercer gave me an antibacterial ointment to put on it every night and it cleared within a week! If your piercer doesn’t know then u didn’t go to a good shop which is why it’s probably having so many issues… so sorry to hear! U can always call another shop and see what they recommend too. Doesn’t always have t be where u went!


My 14 year old got here done in Dec. She got it… it’s… " normally " ish. Stop touching it. Clean it more. Do a salt water in a bowl and put your nose in it and blow bubbles. Do this a few times a week.

I got a bump a few weeks after mine was pierced. Ended up having to go to the dermatologist. Was an over growth of scar tissue. He removed it, had to cut the bump off and to burn it. Said I could get it redone after it healed but was likely it would happen again


I had keloids with my ear piercing. I had to see a dermatologist to get steroid shots to reduce the size of it. It’s manageable now, but it isn’t on my face…easier to hide behind ears!

Nothing except one thing worked for me… taking chamomile tea bags in hot water with sea salt sprinkled in it, soaking bag for a few min in the water then putting warm tea bag on my nose multiple times a day. Within 3 days my bumps go away. I’m prone to the bumps with piercings so each new piercing I get I have to do this to.

Buy H2Ocean. It’s a literal life saver. My naval piercing wasn’t healed after 2 years and it was still sensitive (though not infected) even though I was cleaning it with salt water and it healed so quickly after using that a few times a day. My bf was having issues with his ear piercing and I bought him a can, it helped him very quickly as well. Without seeing the piercing I can’t help with whether it’s a keloid or not but I highly highly recommend you start using H2Ocean on it to help it heal.


I made a salt water spray and sprayed the piercing. What I found that worked quicker was crushing a Tylenol and making it a paste. I would apply it on the bump over night.

H2ocean for cleaning and then tea tree oil has worked for me for all my piercings

My daughter had the same issue. I contacted the shop and they told us to clean it twice a day and do NOT touch it. It eventually went away. Good luck!


I had one with my nose piercing for months. I tried everything, turns out I had to get stainless steel. I cleaned it with piercing cleaner popped the stainless steel nose ring in and it went away with in two weeks

This happened to my daughter, she said to clean and use polysporin and it went away, that was he daith though

Crush up aspirin and mix with a tiny amount of water into a paste and put it on twice a day

saline soaks. just use contact solution if you have it on gauze. do it 15 minutes a few times a day.

Could be infected. Use an after care spray until it’s completely healed.

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Had the same problem with mine all the time. Switched to gold piercing and it went away

It’s a keloid. Wipe it with tea tree oil twice a day it’ll go away after a couple months

I had a small one on a cartilage piercing. I crushed an aspirin and added a tiny bit of water to make a paste. Put it on your bump before you go to bed every night and it should be gone in a few days. It definitely worked for me.

They had my daughter clean hers more and clean the piercings more and it went away

Apple cider vinegar. 2 to 3 times daily .

Watch doctor pimple poper

Piercing aftercare from my piercer: if a bump/keloid appears treat it by exfoliating the area with unscented antibacterial soap while showering until it breaks down and/or disappears. If it still exists exfoliate with salt water for a week.

Yeah! Don’t get it pierced

It’s a keloid. And u can get rid of it by using t-tree oil. My daughter had the same problem. Don’t take your stud out and have it repearced as it comes back.

Go see a dermatologist,
it’s probably a keloid.

Don’t poke holes in your nose?


it’s the “the piercer doesn’t know” for me which screams he’s not a professional nor a app piercer! do not go back to the person who pierced it or even the shop. look for a app piercer in ur area and have them look at it and tell u what steps to take. im no professional but you can also join a piercing group who has professionals in it

Go to a dermatologist …done

T tree oil. Found in ethic hair care.

That’s what happens when you do dumb stuff to your body.

It’s probably technically a granuloma. Honestly I’d just leave it alone, the whole piercing site as much as possible and with time it should eventually go away. But if you cause trauma to it then it might return. If you are still needing to clean it then do that but gently.

Tea tree oil, I swear by it for all my piercings if they get irritated.

Unfortunately if it’s a keloid, it will continue to grow until the jewelry is removed. I’ve had to have 4 keloids surgically removed from piercings. My belly button one grew to the size of a grape.

Please. Please. For the love of it. Please find an APP piercer or join Ask A Professional Piercer

Tea tree oil, only thing that kept keloids away for me with all my piercings

Go to a board certified dermatologist!