I have a late period but I have a negative pregnancy test: Advice?


I’m 3 days late on my period with cramping but negative preg tests… I’m still breastfeeding my 9 month old but got my period back when I introduced solids at 6 months, had it like clockwork in October, November, and December, on a 28 day cycle… we are ttc again so maybe I’m pulling at any little hope but has anyone gotten negative tests and still ended up pregnant? I’ve been having cramps but no bleeding and that was what happened with my first pregnancy (thought I was getting my period bc of cramps but it never came then it dawned on me to test lol) but I tested over a week after my missed period with my first. I read some forums with women that took over a week after their missed periods to get a positive so I’m hoping that’s what happens to me but worried that my BF may be the cause for the irregular cycle… anyone who got their period back while BF have it go away again a few months after having it back? Usually once I start cramping my period starts right away and I’ve been cramping for 3 or 4 days now with nothing so it’s messing with me… anyone get negative tests but still ended up pregnant? If I don’t get it in a couple days then I’m going to make an appointment and get a blood test to be safe but it’s a little to early to do that now… Just hate being in limbo like this!

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I was ttc and my . Came every 28-29th of the mo on the 24th I got a faint pos test no one else seen but me
The 29th got a bright positive when I whent in got a positive to 2 weeks later had a u\s dated pregnancy at 4 w 6 days so I had got a positive at like 2-3 weeks

I know others who don’t get a positive tell 6-8 weeks

Yup. Currently almost 12 weeks with number 3 after getting negative test after negative test. Wait a week and test again.

I’d test again in a few days

I only have had 1 negative…so after about 3 days or a stabbing pain in my lower back went to the hospital…thought maybe a kidney infection and they asked the possibility of pregnancy told them i just tested but since they had my pee to go ahead…turned up positive at the doctors 3 days after taking a home test tht said no…thats the only experience with a negative… id give it a couple days and try again and try with morning pee…some say it doesnt matter but it will be the most potent for this early if it is pregnancy.

I was a few days late I tested it was negative I waiting like 5 more days and it was a clear positive I’m 9 weeks

My best friend’s mom never got a positive on a urine test. She had to get a blood test to confirm.

You might just be too early and the test isn’t picking up HCG. Wait a few days, then try another one… if you’re concerned though, go have a blood test done at the doctors office.

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