I have a late period but negative pregnancy test: Advice?

My fiance’ and I had unprotected sex over 2 weeks ago. I had a doctor’s appointment last Thursday at the Clinic to talk to her about a different kind of birth control because I haven’t been taking the pill regularly. I told her there was a chance I could be pregnant since I had unprotected the week before. They did a blood test (10 days since unprotected) and it ended up coming back negative. I was supposed to get my period on Saturday and it is now currently late. I took an at home pregnancy test Saturday afternoon and that came back negative as well. I feel different. I’ve been nauseous consistently in the morning and a little more tired than usual. Has anyone else had a negative blood test and a negative at home and found out later they were pregnant? I plan on making an appointment if my period becomes a week late.

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Yes, i got a blood test done at the hospital since i was late on my period came back negative took a home test came back negative. Waited a week took another at home test it was positive . Ended up being 4 weeks pregnant at that time. No idea why the blood test came back negative my doctor was just as confused as me

Retest when you are about 5-7 days late. Sometimes if its too early it wont come up positive. Happened to me once. I was 4 days late. Took a pregnancy test it came back negative. Got my period like 2 days later

Wait til a week after missed period to test again.

It happens sometimes if your hormone level isn’t very high. Had a girl I knew that had 5 kids and with all had 2 or 3 blood tests before it would show

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Stressing about it can also cause a missed or late cycle. It may really be negative.


I didn’t get a positive until I was 9 weeks. Every single test was negative until then.

You probably ovulated late I wouldn’t worry


Agree with all of these^ but also if you weren’t taking the pill regularly that can mess up your cycle as well


It took me two weeks roughly to show up on a test & the lines were still faint

Everything came back negative because its still to early to tell wait another 2-4 weeks and take another


I’ve had a negative test come up positive.

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Take the test with your first trip to the bathroom in the morning. It will have the highest level of hormones to detect a pregnancy