I have a late period but tests are negative, thoughts?

I am currently 12 days late. My periods are always regular the only other time that I missed a period was when I was pregnant with my daughter. I took an at home test on Monday and that came back negative. I had a blood test done on Tuesday and got the results back today and it came back negative. I have never had problems with my thyroid or stress causing me to be late. Is it possible I could still be pregnant? I’ve had symptoms nausea, cramping for a day or 2, fatigue and I have gained 5lbs. in the past 2 weeks which is so unusual for me. I have a follow up next week with my doctor again to explore other causes.

Thank you!

Blood work don’t usually lie

We had blood work done cause I felt I was pregnant and the pregnancy tests kept saying negative. The blood test said negative and then a week later a PT said positive. Just give it some time

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I would go to a Dr. It could be something else

I thought I was just sick and so I went to the doctor and he was all you must be pregnant. Two pee tests and one blood test later all said no. Fast forward to 6 days later I bought a home pregnancy test and it said positive. Went back to the drug store and bought more and they all said positive. I’m now 32 weeks lol. Maybe it was too early for the tests to determine the pregnancy, that’s what my doctor said. Maybe give it a few more days then take another home test if you don’t get your period by then. Could be stress though too, I’ve heard of people completely missing a month or two because they were just overly stressed and things like that.

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How old is your daughter?? If you’ve given birth recently, or the last two years, your body still may not be on track. For example, I gave birth in October, had a normal period in November, no period at all in December, and I had 2 periods in January… Like for a while after giving birth, your body does its own thing.

Being 12 days late would seem like if you were pregnant the blood test would show it.

Your body tells all…especially since youve been pregnant before!!

Have u had intercourse in last 12 days

Could be tubal ? Mine didn’t show up for awhile it was tubal ectopic pregnancy had to have tube removed at 11 weeks later;”(

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This kept happening to me during my 17 month journey to getting pregnant. I was miscarrying. I hope that’s not what is happening to you.

I had a blood test that came back negative and a week later i had a positive urine test

Either it’s to early, or your cycle could be lining up with another woman you been hanging out with. I skipped a whole month because my daughter started hers in the middle of the month.

Pretty hard for a blood test to come back negative. Just because stress didn’t cause a missed period before doesn’t mean it would never happen. Maybe go to a clinic and ask if they can do an ultrasound to make sure it’s not a uterine cyst or something.

Im 49.fixxin to be 5p in march 31.when i turned 47 i stoped having my cycle.this went on for 3 yrs…i mean no anything and about 4 moths ago boom. I start my cycles all over again.i that i was thru with them.but i guess not. And no i was pregnant cause when my last daughter was born 25 yrs agao i have i had myself fixed.