I have a serious question

This boy I like comes into my work a lot I use to work with his mom , We work in a restaurant but she got hurt and quit. His mom is so protected over him it’s unreal she doesn’t like him having a girl friend at all. He’s been sheltered his whole life. He’s mainly scared of a woman , But he’s the sweetest thing ever he just don’t know how to talk to one. We catch each other starring at one another all the time when he comes in to eat and it’s so werid , because both of us are scared to talk to one another or make the first move. I’m just as scared as he is… I need advice on what to do??

Just go talk to him. You said you work in a restaurant? Easy… go ask if he needs something else, ask how the food is, introduce yourself and see where it goes. He’s shy and that’s okay… just take a deep breath and walk over

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I have a serious question

This is easy: talk to his mom instead. He will be sitting with her, right?


You guys post this question…BUT WONT POST MINE REGARDING MY KID.
Wow what a joke lol


Not gonna lie. If I were you I would avoid at all costs. Unless you want his mother inserting herself into every aspect of your relationship.


Lol run away. You’ll forever have a toxic situation if you even go there if the mom is that protective over him


if you are calling him a boy then you need to stay away from him.


He already has a woman in his life…his mother :grimacing::joy:


Run! His mom will ruin any chance of a healthy relationship.


I dated a guy at the end of high school and we were together a couple of years. He was/is a mommas boy, his mom made the calls and he basically did anything and everything to appease her. That and him being abusive is what ended my relationship with him.

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you referring to him as a boy tells me either he’s too young, you’re too young, or you’re both too young. Wait til a man comes into your work….


Just say hello to him when you see him again. Then the next time ask him how he is then build it up from there .


Is he a boy or a Grown Man ?
If he is an adult he can make his own decisions it is his Life,
A man got to be a Man an stand up

Stay away from mommas boys!

Go ask how his days going. Then talk about your day.

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Go :on: bout your business ma’am !!

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Never date a mamas boy. Lol

You both sound too immature for a relationship.


Mommy issues. Stay away!!

He obviously likes you alot if he eats at the restaurant alot…and if he is always looking at you …try smiling and say hi whenever you see him and asking him how’s it going , how is your day, small conversation leads to them opening up


How old are you? How old is he? Sounds like you are young teenagers - - Maybe you need to grow up a little bit.

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Sounds like y’all are in high school…

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Mamas boy alert :rotating_light: run…