I have anxiety about giving birth with pre-clampsia: Advice?

Ladies that got pre-clampsia please tell me your stories to ease my Anxiety. I got diagnosed with PC at 28weeks. I have the swelling “but doesn’t leave indents and high BP- which is controlled by a fair amount of medication- and protein in urine. No headsaches/blurry vision or abdominal pain etc. And to say I’m terrified I’m not/Bub isn’t going to make it through this pregnancy is an understatement. I’ve done a lot of research and the only things that sick out to me are all the negatives, which I’m trying so hard to avoid. I’ve never been in hospital longer than 12hours ”which I have always been very grateful for” in my life, and now I’ve been here 6 days split throughout the last 2weeks being monitored - for reasons unrelated to PC but end up being admitted for it anyway. I’m feeling perfectly fine, and Bub hasn’t changed at all, and my heartbeat is still strong as anything and kicking up a storm. So it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that something is wrong. Specifically, Mummas who were diagnosed early like me, how long till you gave birth? How many weeks? How did you give birth? Were there any complications? Did Bub turn out okay? Did you make it out of pregnancy/labor, okay? Because basically right now, my biggest fear is they are gonna say in the next few weeks, “which would make me around 31weeks” - that Bub needs to come out, they put me under, and I don’t wake up after. Realistically I know it’s dramatic, but I have a massive fear of being put out—any stories, whether good or bad, I would greatly appreciate.