I have bad anxiety after a car accident: Advice?

Not baby related but Friday night after work around midnight I was in an accident I lost control of my car coming down a hill. It was snowing and slippery out. I wasn’t going fast but hit a slippery part when going downhill. My car went to the other side of the road and went sideways into the ditch. If I had lost control farther down the hill, I would have rolled my car and slammed into a wooded area and telephone pole. But luckily my car stopped before getting to that area. After it happened, I was in total shock. I didn’t know what to do. All I could think about was how lucky I am and my babies. It took a while before the cops found me. I was totally fine after it all happened, but now I have really bad anxiety, and my heart starts racing every time I think about getting into the car or going somewhere . its at a bad point that it makes me sick. Has anyone ever been through this? This is my first “car accident.” and after it happened, I was fine didn’t hurt or anything, but then when I woke up, I have this pain on my spine on my lower back. Is it normal to not feel anything then the next day hurt? And yes I was wearing my seat belt if I wasn’t I’d probably be in the hospital now with a head injury.


Yes. I was in an almost fatal car wreck last September. And I still have bad anxiety. I feel ur pain.

Very normal, get checked out. Adrenaline will stop pain receptors and keep you going. Glad you’re ok! It will get better! hugs


I haven’t driven in almost 5 years because of a car accident. You’re not alone. People act like driving is no big deal, but it’s totally normal to be anxious

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Yes, some injuries can take a bit to rear their ugly heads. Also, it’s only been a weekend, give yourself some time to calm down. And if you realize that you still have some bad anxiety after a few weeks or however long you feel is too long, talk to your doctor about seeing a therapist. A few years ago we had a tree fall on our windshield. We were lucky to walk away with minor scrapes and bruises and a handful of stitches for me. I still get anxious when it’s windy, especially when there are a lot of trees lining the road (and we live in the country where pretty much every flipping road is lined with trees :woman_facepalming:t2:).

Go see a doctor, then see a therapist. Take care of yourself. Good luck.

I had severe anxiety after a fender bender that was not my fault. Took me 6 months to drive more than 5 mins

Very normal to have anxiety after something like that. My husband experienced something very similar. You have too get back in a car even if you’re not the one driving. The longer you wait the worse it may get.

I was in bad car accident in 2008. Went off the road and hit the exit sign, and the wooden post came through my windshield. The officer was way too honest for me and said 2 more inches the other direction and we wouldn’t be talking. Ever since then I HATE driving in the snow/ice. I don’t go out of town in the winter if their is snow/ice unless I absolutely have to. If there is a reason I have to, I take the highway as much as I can instead of the interstate because I drive so slow, I am terrified to ditch my car again. The anxiety is real and has not lessened for me with winter driving!

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Absolutely, the muscles in your back became very tense and you may find in the hours after this accident that you hurt all over. As for the anxiety, yes, it happens and an pop back up when you least expect it. It is called PTSD. Give yourself time to heal and recover. If you need to go see your doctor for any physical injuries and find a therapist for your anxiety.

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Its 100% normal. I was in a car accident with my 4 year old in the car. Totaled my car. I didnt get into a car for almost 2 weeks. It just takes a little bit. Even now i still get a little bit of anxiety driving and i am more aware of my surroundings but it doesnt control me anymore. Thank god you are ok. Just take care of yourself :heart:

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Yes this was me. It was hard to get into a car but I had to do it to go to work and take my son places . I felt sick my dr gave me nausea medicine to see if it help when I needed it . My hands also got really sweaty. My accident was 6 years ago and every now and then I freak out and I hate driving at night or being passenger. It does get better it just takes time.

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It’ll get better I promise. Me and my SO were in a pretty bad accident 2 years ago and our car rolled. Neither of us were hurt but it was hard for me to get in a car for awhile but I had to force myself to

A lot of people don’t feel the pain from an accident to a couple of days to a couple of weeks even but usually within 2 to 7 days. That’s just the physical pain the mental might take a while it’s like you feel a little gun shy when you drive a car

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Get evaluated. The body is still in defense mode. It’s normal to have anxiety after a bad experience. I try not have it in snowy weather but I am afraid of losing control too.

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You were lucky. But it rattled your nerves. Talk about it to whom ever will listen

I was in one back in June and still have bad anxiety getting in a car.

I got into a pile up on the freeway on September 25th 2019 and car was totaled. I can finally drive, but any loud noise and I get so scared and tense up. I seriously hate it and don’t know how to fix that issue!

I get it. I was in a car accident. Now I’m nervous to even drive.

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I would take a trip to the ER to be on the safe side. You could have been in shock or had your adrenaline pumping too much for you to feel any injuries you might have.

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Yes Hon, next day is when the pain starts. Do go in and be seen by a doctor & X-rays. Fear of driving for me is normal. I went through an attempted car jacking. Got to the right side of stop sign and had to out run them!! I never traveled alone after that. One car behind me and one beside and ordered to get out of the car. Don’t drive in these conditions if you can help it. I was okay driving close to home just not out of town. I totally understand how you feel.

Be healed from the spirit of anxiety in Jesus name amen

it just takes time, take baby steps

It’s normal. I was at a red light when someone’s car hit me from behind twice. Their breaks weren’t working. They put on their emergency break and it stopped. I felt fine, just a little shaken up. (no pun intended) The next day my neck hurt.

Yes, you can have injuries you didnt know about the next day, when the adrenaline goes away. Go see a doctor.

I still have nightmares sometimes, from an accident that broke my back when i was 19. Im 35 now. PTSD. Nightmares have eased up, and im not scared behind the wheel anymore.