I have bad luck with relationships: Help?

I’m 31 years old single mother who has had an awful time with guys awful traumatic experiences and relationships. I have been celibate for two years, and it’s definitely biting me in the ass now … Every time a guy is nice or smiles at me, I’m such an unacceptable bitch. Do I be more approachable and let the D come to me?? I don’t know how to approach guys. Thank you for your time x


Gotta let the D down to get some D :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Just a joke yall!


I feel ya, I was celibate for 5 years, I made an online dating profile on okcupid and was super picky, was on there for over a year until i started talking to my now husband, then i talked to him on the phone for 6 months before meeting in person… then we did it on the second date cause i was thirsty as heck. Maybe look into an online dating site so you can kinda let them know what you are looking for?


I feel you! I was the same way for 8 years don’t know what made me let my guard down but I am now with someone who treats me right and is great with my son. Just do you know what you want and don’t take less. It might take a lot longer than planned but when you’re ready you will know

If your ready to try again you will make yourself more approachable by being friendly/polite. Any guy who is still ok with a women acting bitchy is just looking for ass. Treat people how YOU want to be treated.

If you’re just looking for “D” any bar will do, but other than that just be yourself, smile, be friendly,


Women that are stuck on ‘‘bad guys’’, and are asses to ‘‘good guys’’, and aren’t in highschool anymore, need therapy.

I say… go on one date. Nothing sexual, just a date.
Ask God that if it doesn’t work out, at least let it teach you something from the experience.
Dating can be scary, but once you start and if the date goes well, you’ll feel like “ok, I can do this. I can start dating again”.
Not all dates will work out, but you’ll start being more social and friendly to your fellow singles. At our age (30s) everyone pretty much has a relationship past. Don’t feel like you’re alone on it.

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Get to church, start a hobby…
:golf::bowling::art::swimming_woman:t2: keep a kid friendly environment. Might meet someone to eventually be Romantic with. :wink:

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Get a self-pleasuring toy. Men are overrated.


Tinder. Then make a list of what you will or won’t accept in your next relationship. Every little thing you can think of. I met my husband on tinder. After our first date I emailed him my list and said if there was anything he didnt agree with, i had fun but we didnt need to go out again. He agreed to it all and 3 years later he still hits every mark :heart:

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Invest in some good toys and don’t settle!! Most guys out there at our age are asshole. I’d much rather buy the AA batteries than deal with a migraine from an asshole. Just my opinion

Su :joy::joy: Bitch you just gotta let the D come to you. I’m so done girl :skull_and_crossbones:

Do you want a relationship or are you just looking to get laid…because getting laid is easy…getting a relationship is not

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If you’re just looking for sex and nothing more try Fetlife

There are ‘tools’ of the trade for release, body pillows for hugging at night, and you have kids, and/or pets for the need to nurture. I know none of that fills the emptiness within, but no one wants to hear about spiritual fulfillment through faith in God.
Anyway, you have to get by until you reach a place where you want something other than the D. Perhaps that was merely your casual reference to meeting a man, but they do say our lingo is suggestive.
Hold out until you figure out. Good luck.

Maybe talk to a counselor. When the time is right it will happen & you’ll feel that instant connection. & like Chris Pickler said Don’t settle! Best of luck to you.

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Get therapy. Find out why. Don’t settle!

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Don’t worry about a man he will come when the time is right…

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That story goes both ways…just saying…