I have Emetophobia and am scared of getting pregnant: Advice?

I have extreme Emetophobia. I am scared to have a baby, but people tell me it will go away when you have a kid. Is this true? Also, how do you keep yourself from getting sick while pregnant? I want to have a baby, but I am scared of throw up.


If you legit had a phobia you wouldn’t even be considering it.


Some of these posts just don’t seem real. Like someone has nothing better to do then post dumb things like this.


This sounds just like I was before I got pregnant. I was terrified of every bit of it. Then when I found out I was pregnant I was fine. I was just happy that I’d soon have my own little human. I also freak out any time I feel like I might get sick and I didn’t throw up once during pregnancy. It’s all worth it. :pray:

If you’re scared of throwing up, you need to get used to it as a mom lol. If you’re scared of all the what ifs, you’re not in a position to be having a child yet. If you’re scared of pregnancy itself, consider adoption.

I had severe hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) with 2 of my 3 kids. You can’t predict it, you cannot plan it. It happens.

Maybe you should wait until you are older and less afraid. Meanwhile, talk to your mom friends, and see if they can offer some insight.

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You can’t do anything about being sick when pregnant. It’s called morning sickness. You’ll puke alot. But if your scared if having a baby talk to your doctor. OBs see scared moms become happy and joyful after they see their baby’s face

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Some people are just not meant to have children you may be one of those people…

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Not every woman throws up while pregnant.


If your scared of puke than you definitely should not be a mother 🤷🤷 kids puke, there is no way to stop morning sickness. It’s just the way it is 🤷🤷


Posts like this make me wonder if they are legit posts or the group just trying to get clicks! SERIOUSLY!!!


There is nothing you can do about getting morning sickness some ppl just get lucky enough not to have it an every pregnancy is different you might have it one pregnancy you might not , an if you have a phobia you would not be considering having a child an if your that scared maybe you should not have one :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Its kind of pathetic with all the back lash, this is suppose to be a support group but half of you are raging a-holes with nothing better to do other than put other people down to make yourselves feel better. And as far as you needing advice, talk to a doctor if you really want to be a mother and thats the only thing holding you back talk to someone and see about overcoming your phobia and ways to cope with it.


I had no morning sickness with my second child but from morning til night from when I found out until the birth of my first everyone is different…but babies projectile vomit :face_vomiting: and projectile shit too good luck

I’ve had four kids and I never had morning sickness or throwing up. Not everyone gets sick.


I suggest you ask these questions of TRAINED MEDICAL DOCTORS and not a support group. Health is not something you ask about, since what woks for one person may not work for you. I find it amazing that anyone would put their health in the hands of people online, why not google it or ask webmd, to me it’s the same thing. Good Luck but ask your doctor or a doctor about your concerns, they know you better than we do.


Kids are messy, if you are scared of throw up you might want to rethink it. If it can go in a child it can come out. Usually in a much stinkier and greater volume than it went in.

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Adoption or surrogate can be an option if you dont want to get pregnant yourself but if you still really want to have kids.

I never threw up with either of my pregnancies

Some of you should be ashamed. This is a support group not a bash on people group.


Ive never thrown up in any of my 4 pregnancies

Hahahahahahai like that people think you can control the puking

I know that was harsh but I’m currently half way thru my second trimester with 4th baby and I’ve had morning sickness every day with all of them so the thought of controlling it is hilarious and also irritating

Is this a child asking for advice? Lol


A newlywed was telling her friends that she was bored with sex at the same hole everyday, and asked how to spice it up, her friend suggested turning over and trying #2, , the girl said what? Are you crazy? And take a chance on getting pregnant

First…there is actually nothing on this page that says it’s a support group.

Listen, if you’re scared of getting pregnant, don’t. Raising a child is a huge responsibility. So if you’re not ready, don’t give in to outside pressure to have a baby.

If you really feel ready to have a child (please think about this because kids do puke alot over the years) there are plenty of children to adopt who desperately need homes.

Tbh it seems like you’re not ready. And that’s really okay. Make good decisions and good luck.

Listen I’m not trying be negative but if you seriously hate throw up it are afraid of it or whatever, like really phobic… Motherhood might not be in the cards. Kids throw up, especially when they’re babies. Kids get sick. They don’t clean it up after themselves. That is something you want to conquer BEFORE having a kid not during. Throwing up isn’t pleasant for anybody. Before I got pregnant I threw up just from hearing somebody else do it or thinking about it to hard. Then I had morning noon and night sickness for nine months with my first pregnancy. Cured me of any problems with it but I wasn’t actually phobic either. Talk to a doctor or psychiatrist. Not friends or Internet cuz we can only tell you if our own experiences which are unique to US.

You can get Coca-Cola syrup that has no carbonation and it’s like $2 at Walgreens and that helps calm your stomach you could do ginger ale and stir out all the bubbles, the carbonation ends up making you sick but the ginger calms your stomach… saltine crackers work really well and they also sell these really cool suckers that are called Tummy ease suckers (I think) for pregnant women at a lot of maternity stores or you can order them in bulk online they work really well cuz you might get nauseous and sick a couple times but if you are taking the right things you can probably avoid it and you only really get sick in the first few months… I never actually got sick when I was pregnant unless I was eating deep-fried food but I ended up just getting very nauseous and dry heaving which I almost feel is worse lol

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I’m so disgusted with the comments on here!!! Good grief, other women can be so shitty to one another!!:woman_facepalming:t3: Whomever posted this, I get it girl and have lived with it nearly all my life. I am a 34 yr old single mother of 3!!! I think you can agree that those who have “emetophobia” have a strong stomach and rarely get sick in that way. I dealt with AWFUL morning sickness and NEVER puked. I went through 3 labors without puking! I still can’t stand when my kids puke (whole different story) but I’m a darn good mother!!

Use birth control.
Every woman doesnt have to be a mother.
You will puke & clean lots of puke…


LOL I don’t think motherhood is for you, dear. Maybe get a pillow pet or a Baby Alive doll.


My only words of advice considering your fears and all…be safe,masturbate.

You cannot stop morning sickness some woman have none just nausea some vommit all pregnancy medication does and is needed at times


Have you considered adoption? They have open adoptions that are just wonderful.:slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t throw up as long as you only eat things that are dry, crunchy, and salty or not too sweet. One of my favorite morning sickness foods was caramel rice cakes. Ginger cookies are good too and obviously crackers are a normal go to (didn’t do as great for me because they turn mushy when you chew them). Pretzel sticks and for some reason sour gummies were my lifesavers. It’s different for everyone and there are always lots of tips and good nutritious recipes online.
But you should really only be worried about it if you have a partner who wants to stay trying or are currently pregnant.

Kids are a whole new world of sick. Aside from possible morning sickness, you’re definitely getting gastro a couple times. Luckily, it seems that you get sick less then they do but when they do, they’re going to vomit and shit all over you. They don’t even need to be sick to do that tbh. 2 months ago, my son vomited all over my hair and clothes and I didn’t get to shower for 30 minutes because I had to take care of him first. I’m not a doctor, but there’s no way to stop kids from getting sick. It will happen. You’re going to have to seek counseling to lessen your phobia or get a goldfish.

This group is fucked your a bunch of immature mean rude fuckwitts that still haven’t gotten over the drama bully bitch phase in fucking high school .fucking grow up or get off facebook . I’m out👌


Don’t no why everyone is being so horrible… Someone has. A phobia and has opened up and alot of you are taking the piss…


I was terrified of pregnancy both times. I was violently sick both times. I’m still scared of pregnancy and am awful with vomit but I have two amazing kids, I wouldn’t change for the world. I just kept my eyes on the end goal and knew any unpleasant side effects I suffered wouldn’t last forever. It can be a real emotional roller-coaster as well. Speak to your Dr/obgyn etc. They may be able to prescribe safe anti sickness meds if the nausea/ sickness gets too much (I had to have them a couple times) maybe even pysch or counselling therapy to help talk through your fears as well. Hope this helps x

My advice is. If you do not to become pregnant, prevent it. If you do not children thats fine and only you can make that decision. Do not give in to those who pressure you, because they do not live your life. Only you can live your life.

So a serious answer to you question…
I’ve been pregnant twice I never got sick at all. I always wondered what all other pregnant people were talking about but never had morning sickness.
My question would be how do you feel seeing others do it? My kids got sick a lot. One of my kids seriously everyday for the longest time found out he couldn’t handle milk.
Anyways the best thing would be to talk to your doctor. There you might be able to get the guided steps to help you along if you choose pregnancy.
Good luck :slight_smile:

I was very lucky and wasn’t sick once when pregnant

I think if you truly want to get pregnant to have a baby of your own then you should see a therapist and work through your phobia. You’re not going to find advice like that here dear. Otherwise, like others have said, adopting an older child, getting a puppy, those are great options. Either way I highly suggest you see a good therapist, motherhood comes with the territory of getting puked, pooped and peed on, even older children get stomach bugs, and they will want a cuddle with puke on their chin and running down their shirt as you desperately try to get them cleaned up.

I’m unfollowing this group - what a bunch of foul mouthed trolls!

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I have no clue what that is. Are you spelling it right?

You can’t keep yourself from throwing up… its impossible…

Well, you don’t always have throwing up morning sickness when you’re pregnant.

I have 4 boys and puked a total of ONE time. I didn’t even realize I was pregnant with #4 I felt great.


Adoption. Or surrogate

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I never puked while pregnant :woman_shrugging:t2:

That the least of your worries that’s the easy part …bringing the kid up to be a decent honest loyal kind human is what’s the hardest


I was only pregnant for 8 weeks with my twins but i never threw up. I did feel nauseated in the mornings but thats it.

Everyone is different i only got sick for the 3m mark and i used lemons as my go to not to get sick being afraid is normal but if you dont face that fear u wony be able to go through the creation of a human life there of course alternative but costly but its okay not to want kids either its a fear everyone might have what could happen what would go wrong after babys born its changes to whats wrong with the baby its not on right mile stones its sick whats wrong u leave the baby with a sitter whats happeneing what if someone hurts it or takes it ect these will be fears u face for ever

You never knoe how your body will react to pregnancy. Everyone is different my first trimester i had terrible morning sickness and in the third trimester. Maybe seek therapy for your phobia or a hypnotist.

I never threw up and I had 3 kids

Why are you scared?
Of throwing up and of having a baby?

I was scarred of the labor part, and in general I’m scared of throwing up.

Let’s talk some more… so we can work through this.

I have two kids, ages 13 years and 9 months.

There are so many kids in the foster care system in this country. Why not adopt or foster? You miss all the messy parts of being pregnant.

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Two things. One, i maybe threw up 10 times, probably less, when i was pregnant. And two, if you’re afraid of other people puking, probably shouldn’t have kids. :joy:


I got lucky and didn’t have any morning sickness with my 3. Im not a throw up kinda person so maybe you wont have any morning sickness. But kids throw up…

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Kids throw up while sick sometimes… so if you’re afraid of throw up how are you going to take of your kids when they’re sick?


I threw up with both my sons. The first one was the worst. Second one only lasted a total of a month so it wasn’t too bad. But you can try mints. It helps sooth the stomach and the urge for me usually goes away or gets very dull to the point you feel like it’s just a minor stomach upset

Not everyone throws up…

I was terrified to have kids. I said I was never gonna do it! Then I had my son. Sever Hyperemesis, cholestasis and multiple hospitalizations. I Hemorrhaged during delivery and had to have emergency surgery afterwards and multiple blood transfusions. Then I had my other son, Subchorionic Hemorrhages, sever hyperemesis again and multiple hospitalizations. Now I’m 35 weeks w my daughter. Again, severe hyperemesis, Subchorionic Hemorrhages, blood problems, anemia, cholestasis and high risk for preterm labor. So. Freaking. Worth. It. All.

With my first I was sick up til 8 months. Throwing up everything. With my second I never got sick. Not once. So you never know how your body will react. You gotta make the right decision for you. Good luck

I have emetophobia as well, i also have 3 children, 6 pregnancies. Pregnancy was not how I expected, i threw up one time with my oldest, not at all with my others. my oldest is 14 end of this month, my youngest turned 9 last month.

Well I’ve had 5 kids and only felt sickly a few times and I’m a big puker. Your doctor can prescribe meds you aren’t nauseous but maybe talk to a therapist to help you through the phobia.

If you’re going to get morning sickness you’re going to get it, unfortunately. I had morning sickness with both pregnancies, but I also have ulcers and a hiatal hernia so I tend to throw up frequently as is.

I puke up until I left to go to the hospital to give birth, maybe try adoption or being a foster parent!

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Crackers, ginger, and if need be doctor can prescribe an anti-nausea meds

I have 2 kids, and didn’t have morning sickness with either one. There’s really no telling if you’ll have it or not.

I’m sorry that you have this phobia, maybe try counseling first to work through your fear, or learn coping mechanisms.

Now, baby’s puke, and kids get stomach bugs so I’m not sure what you’ll do in that situation, but best of luck to you and I hope you’re able to overcome your fears :blue_heart:

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My morning sickness was all day sickness. I was throwing up so much I tore some of the tissue in my throat. Then my baby was born I upgraded from throwing up to getting thrown up on😅

Not all women get morning sickness. I also have emetophobia and I would do it over again any time for my kids. It’s worth it. I did get sick many times but like they say facing your fear is sometimes the best way to get over it.


Talk to a professional about your health issue on here you will just get misguided information from uneducated people on that topic.
Not getting sick, good luck on that one.

When I was pregnant looking back certain things made me nauseous but I think I only actually threw up once… and I’m not even sure that was from the pregnancy. Everyone is different

Not everyone gets morning sickness, and if you do, the doctor can give you anti nausea medication.
Babies however do spit up milk/formula from gas, and kids throw up when they get stomach bugs, so consider what you are signing on for.

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I didn’t throw up to much, but kids do get sick… I got used to gross stuff pretty quick!

If you have that serious of a fear, you might not be able to mentally handle being pregnant, after all…it is for 9 whole months…and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to “prevent” yourself from getting sick. If your body is going to get sick, it will get sick. You can try things to help though. I tried everything in the book for my morning sickness and nothing worked for me unfortunately. Everyone is completely different though.

Not everyone has morning sickness. I never did

Personally, I would not recommend having children if you have a phobia of vomit. My kids have all covered me at some point…my youngest even spit up in my mouth :joy::joy:. Maybe have a therapist help with your phobias before thinking about going forward with having children. Nearly every mom will tell you that once they are here, and in front of you, every single thing you may have experienced during pregnancy or labour will have been worth it. You will almost forget how hard it was, at times, and look into their eyes and just know that you would do it all over again just to have them here. Phobias can be seriously debilitating though, and if it can interfere with your ability to care for your child, it will not be a good result. Moms are front and center when it comes with children being sick, and will bring every sickness known to mankind home from daycare and school. You would need to prepare yourself for that, and ensure you are capable of being there for your children during sickness and injuries.


Imagine almost throwing up on ya newborn :rofl::joy:


You probably should wait to have a baby…


Stay on birth control.

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Honestly maybe you shouldn’t have kids. Throw up is a part of pregnancy and having kids. Hell I’ve got 9 and 5 year olds and they throw up all the time.


Vomiting is not always avoided unfortunately. I would suggest talking to a professional about your emetophobia. Exposure therapy is very successful with phobias, and other CBTs can help with the anxiety.

I have struggled with Emetaphobia my entire life. Not sure if it’s the phobia or that God blessed me but I never threw while pregnant. Have actually not thrown up since I was a small child when the phobia began. I will say when my kids get sick it feels like the phobia comes out of “remission” and it’s very hard for me to be hands on but I do power through for my childrens sake but it is against everything I have in me. There is power to exposure though. Dont let thos fear stop you from the joy of having children i promise you it will be hard but worth it. Coming from someone who lives it everyday


If you are scared to get pregnant but want to be a mom try adoption or fostering.
You can also try therapy if it’s something you actually do want despite your fear.

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I never had morning sickness but I would gag on things, it’s different for everyone so just because you get pregnant doesn’t mean you’re going to have morning sickness

I’m Emet too. I’ve had five babes and that includes a set of twins. I never threw up with any of them. the nausea was bad but mind over matter worked for me.

The best way to not get sick while pregnant is to not get pregnant.


My boyfriend can’t stand puke bit when it’s me or the kids for some reason it just doesn’t get to him as bad. That’s probably why people day it goes away with kids.

If are are terrified to have a baby, do not have one

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Honestly not everyone will have morning sickness :blush:

Having kids is the best thing that helped me with emetophobia ! For once, you can’t fly when you are exposed ! You need to fight! I have been in therapy and exposition is the way To go!

Ya, I wouldn’t go off the birth control if you don’t want to be vomiting, during pregnancy or when they take the flu home to you.
Not saying you will have vomiting but theres really nothing you can do if you are, and theres nothing to prevent it.