I have everything I want in life but I feel trapped: Help?

I am an educated homemaker who has left her academic career and is trying to make an outcome from being a Youtuber. I have everything in life I have prayed for, and is supposed to be the happiest but there are days when I feel emotionally exhausted, stuck in my day, each and every hour doesn’t seem to pass by, I don’t want to go out nor meet or talk to people, I don’t want to literally do anything! I feel stuck and trapped even though I want to do a lot of things. Is there any one who happens to have such days and what do you do to come out of such phases? Mommies please help!!!


I am with you!! Been this way for years. I cant find an " out" just to be a peace. Keep feeling I’m cut out for more. My only happiness is when I’m doing some kind of art thing … like diamond painting… but that is only temporary. My mind never shuts off.

This does not sound like a phase.It sounds like depression.Are you sleeping more or wishing you could?Things that should normally be fun ie socializing ,meals out ect are these no longer fun? I really think you should see a doctor just to be on the safe side xx


‘I left my academic career to be a YouTuber & now I’m depressed ???”
Sounds like a troll to me.

I’m a major hermit cause I have mental problems. Having everything you want in life isn’t gonna make you happy. They’re just material things and nothing more. People suck in general and I have no desire to speak with them. Majority of them judge and bully me anyways. No need to interact with people to be happy either. All I need is my Jesus music and cannabis. I’m happy all day long. You might wanna talk to a doctor as well cause it sounds like depression.

That sounds like depression. I just went thru that. If you are truly happy being a YouTuber, and sahm but just feel funky all the time, I would think depression. However if there are other things in your personal life that your disatified with or not happy with being sahm then it can cause depression like symptoms too. Evaluate your life, are you satisfied? And maybe just talk to someone for now. Therapy can be a relief too.

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I know the feeling ma if u need some one to talk to vent to or some one to listen I’m here feel free to in-box me hug’s

Classic symptoms of depression!!! Try Jesus

You could be burning yourself out. I used to be a sahm as well as an momtrepreneur and would get days like that. I would just lay in bed, and have a lazy day for myself to unwind and relax and situate my thoughts and priorities.

I’m thinking u could have social anxiety.disorder.its very.common but.you should still see.your doctor noone can.really diagnose.anything except.for a doctor

It sounds like depression. Go talk to your doctor. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Depression. See a doc. Get meds… force yourself to go out and.do small.things

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Go to your Doctor and deal with your depression. Meds and therapy help! Not dealing with these issues don’t make them go away.


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Hi imon meds for depression and i feel like that now even on meds. I have a husband and he is always telling me what needs to be done but i just cant seem to get started i just cant get out of the depression to go about having the desire to move i make myself cook dinner and keep dishes washed but thats it if u get any good ideas let me know cause i have done everything i could meds therapy writing down things that i feel good luck

Go see your doctor darling from the sound of things it’s depression