I have gestational diabetes...advice?

Any advice? My last two pregnancies were fine. I tested early this time due to my BMI being overweight (a new thing now I guess) & failed the 1 hour. I know that sometimes it’s a fluke and you pass the 3 hour one but I’m opting out of that and just decided to watch my sugars until 3rd trimester and then be tested again to see. How often should I check them? And what should I expect? It was suppose to be between 120-135 mg/dl & it is 145mg/dl… & I fasted beforehand

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I had it with my last pregnancy. I took the medication and tried to watch my sugar intake. My baby was 10.15oz spent 5 days in the special care nursey. He’s 5 now and he’s fine.

Out of control blood sugar levels can be very dangerous for your baby in utero. It’s very important for you to find out how to keep them within normal limits.

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I opted out of my 3 hour test with two different pregnancies. Funny thing is, I never once had a high blood sugar reading. Just always failed the one hour test. I was to check sugar first thing in the morning when I woke up (so fasting), 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch, 2 hours after dinner. Then repeat for the unforeseeable future. But please refer to your own OB to see how they would like you to do it. Until you can do that, just test and keep record of it for your doctor to look at.

Talk to your PCP or OB about what to do. As someone who had gestational diabetes it’s not something to mess with by guessing what to do.

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You need to talk to your obgyn. I was tested early due to me developing it my last pregnancy ( I miscarried early). I failed the one hour. They didn’t even do the 3 hour because I failed so badly. It has been a real eye opener . You not only have to watch sugars you have to watch carbs. You can’t cut the carbs out entirely either because the baby needs carbs to be healthy. I have the Libra 3 sensor and I am on insulin twice a day. I see a dietitian and I am high risk. It has definitely helped being diagnosed early. I never realized how many carbs the food I ate had. I am supposed to do 120 grams of carbs per day. I control my spikes by adding to my insulin amounts when needed. I have a specific list of good foods and bad foods. Again talk to your doctor. I have a ton of appointments too.

you’re asking a bunch of strangers on the internet that have zero medical training… do better. Ask to see a registered dietician , your OBGYN should be able to send a referral .

Speak with your OBGYN. They can help you make a plan for you. Everybody is different. What works for one may not for you. Some women can adjust their diet and start light exercise, everything is fine. It actually goes away. Sometimes some women need a more specific diet and plan. They can set you up with a nutritionist & further testing to ensure you’re ok and your baby is ok.

Get a referral from obgyn for a endocrinologist! If not treated properly it can have life long effects on you or baby.