I have light colored skin and you can see my veins: What can I do about this?

Ok so this is very stupid I know but I’m going to ask anyways. I have extremely light colored skin like you can see my veins and I’m really self conscious about it and getting married soon so was thinking about possibly doing a spray tan. Has anyone with very light skin done this? Did it work? Any advice?

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Get one before hand to see if you’ll like it

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^ second this. Make sure you get one waaayyyyy beforehand to see how the color looks on you and to determine how long it’ll take to stop bleeding onto your cloths. You don’t want to get one too close to the wedding and you end up looking like a burnt Cheeto and it bleeds all inside your wedding dress. Make sure to pick a place that has hundreds of positive reviews so you don’t end up with something streaky.

I’m pretty pale and I got a Fake Bake spray tan and loved it.

I’m pale did a spray tan but you have to go with about the lightest setting for it to look natural on you I know from experience

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Get the spray tan like 4 months before. To test it out.

It’ll bleed on your white dress when you sweat. I’d say go lay in the sun or a tanning bed


I did this once and my skin turned orange and it didn’t turn out the greatest, I would do it way before hand to make sure it turns out


Do a test spray tan 1st. Or try lotion. I use the jergens daily and I love it.

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I wouldn’t. Just because all your other features go off your complexion. As a readhead, a spray time wouldn’t look natural.

My daughter has.
She is fair skinned, not where you see vains… she got the lightest and it still was alot

I don’t use spray tan but I will warn you that fake tans are not equal. I’d recommend probably going to a professional for it because some fake tans will turn you orange and some will make you look like you were trying to pull off a black face skit. Especially if you’re superbly fair. A little will go a looonnnggg way.

Plus, professional spray tans are less likely to transfer to clothing, bedding, etc…

I’d just rock the pale skin though, honestly. That’s you. Its part of your beauty. Its the bride your groom in marrying.

A fake tan might look nice or is could be a wedding day disaster.

Do one way before…that way u can see if u even like it.

You could get the tan but honey I’m sure he knows exactly how you look and still wants to marry you. Js your gonna be beautiful no matter what, I wouldn’t want anything that could ruin a wedding gown I paid hundreds for. Or have the chemical on it should you choose to convert it.

I turned orange. . . Don’t do it.