I have MS and have been having flare ups" Advice?

I was diagnosed with MS two years ago. I am now 29 and the mother of 2 young children. Recently my flare-ups have been getting worse, and I am waiting for MRI results to show any new lesion developments. I’m terrified of what the doctors might find and was previously told I could develop severe physical disabilities, including not be able to walk. I’m divorced, and my ex is unsympathetic and in no way helpful. I’m scared I won’t be able to be here for my kids if this continues to get worse. Can anyone else relate, and if so, how do you deal?


join support groups… and stay away from people even your ex if they are not supportive… Sorry your going thru this.

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Try to focus on new developments in treatment. Much better than a decade ago. Food is medicine. Eat clean food, and do look into support groups. Your ex may need a trip to court to increase child support if hiring help at home becomes necessary.


There is hope. I was told in 2006 that I should be blind, in a wheelchair , and incontinent. My vision has changed but not extremely. I’m still mobile but it can take longer than it used to to get things done. I wouldn’t stress over MRI images. Just because the plaques are there doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have the corresponding symptoms anytime soon. Good luck. I will pray for you.

Think possible always.

I have 2 friends with MS and they have figured out their flare ups and what causes them (both have had it for 20 yrs plus). They live life to it’s fullest and they don’t think on the worst scenario’s. They have raised kids on their own also. Sometimes it’s mind over matter and be in the moment. When you control the flare ups, life will be a lot easier. What changed recently since the flare ups started? As good as doctors are, we have to take charge of our health also and figure out when/why flare ups happen and how to avoid them. Good Luck!

My Sister has MS and has periods (especially when she’s under a lot of stress) when her symptoms flare up. She’s largely got it managed with medications and clean living. Hopefully you’ll get some good news and in the meantime try not to think worst case scenario. Hugs Mama.

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I’m sorry you are having to deal with this. Did it get worse after you gave birth? I heard that makes symptoms worse. Take care of yourself. Hopefully you will get some positive news and help though your MRI and doctor. :pray::blush:

I am currently trying to get an mri for the second time to check for MS. I’ve had symptoms for 5 years. They did find a severe B12 deficiency but the symptoms still come and go so they do suspect MS. I’m 41 with a 2yr old. I struggle some days. I try my best not to think of how bad it could get and just enjoy every good day I have with my son. It’s hard but that’s how I’m coping. Good luck to you :hugs: don’t give up

I don’t have MS but I would recommend weed for everything.


You just got to push though it. An trying to get disability is a pain in the ass. It can take up to 2-3 years if not longer to get it.

I’m so sorry that you are going through this! I also have MS I was diagnosed with it in 2012 I also have 2 children and I have been able to deal with my symptoms by working closely with my neurologist and also changing my diet! And I truly feel that my diet is what makes the biggest impact! Please feel free to message me if you want to talk or have any questions! :heart:

I’ve had MS for 36 years. Had most DMDs. I love Ocrevus! Game changer for me! No new lesions. Check it out! :muscle:t3:

Be delivered in Jesus name Amene


I don’t have MS but I am wheelchair bound due to several other issues.
Being in a wheelchair definitely doesn’t prevent you from being there for the kids. I’m still 100% with my children.
I don’t have any advice on the MS front, I just wanted to say that wheels don’t get in the way as much as you think they will.

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I have MS, diagnosed 3 years ago, 24 yrs old and single mom to a 5 yr old. Honestly, 3 years ago I was borderline worse case scenario. I was basically dying(MS is not my only disease/disorder) my daughter’s father left just in the beginning of my testing because he couldn’t handle it anymore and wanted sex(don’t even get me started) I THANKFULLY have a huge support team and wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for them and MEDICAL MARIJUANA!! One of my closest friends watched my daughter ALL day(7am-5pm) for VERY LITTLE pay while my mom worked and would go home when she got home and then my mom would take over. This friend also did a lot of “overtime” especially when me and/or my daughter were having worse days. Do you have anyone like this, even not to this extreme but a trusted support person? Look up the book " Why does Mommy hurt?" and “how many marbles do you have?” On Amazon, those are more Fibromyalgia based but it helped my daughter understand what was going on with me on her level. Find activities that the kids can do while you need to rest, usually something quieter. You will always have bad days, but hopefully they become less frequent for you. I fake it until I make it. I tend to scream and cry on my bad days because I’m so angry at what this has done to me, but taking breaths and making sure you get your rest when needed and doing small/light things for yourself helps mentally A LOT. Look into a therapist who specializes with people who have autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, etc…I hope you start feeling some relief soon!


I have ms and i have to have some M R I to find out whats going on. Good Luck to you God Bless You

A very good friend of mine has it and her advice is Keep active as much as possible keep your stress level low and sleep as much as you can listen to your body it does create some things that you’re going to miss out on that listen to your body when your body is telling you to rest rest so that you can go to the things it when you feel good don’t be bombarded with all the medications take your time and do your research. Keep stress levels low and listen to your body that’s the best advice I can give you may miss out on a few little things here and there but I promise from experience if you don’t listen to your body you’re gonna miss out on a whole lot more than just a few outings

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By the time I was diagnosed with MS, I had already had it for 12 years.
Check every MRI, my primary doctor never caught it. I consider myself very lucky. Just decide you are going to make the most of every day & live with it. Keep your stress as low as possible, eat a healthy diet and thank God for every day. It’s not easy but it is worth the effort. Especially to see my five Grandkids grow up to be adults.

Go and see dr Pearl neurologist sunninghill hospital she is wonderful