I have no idea what to do anymore

Back story me and my fiance have been together for 4 years we have 2 kids together (3months and 2 year old) then we have 3 kids from previous relationships.

Now the issue is back when I was pregnant my life changed big time I was working full time and doing a side business then our daycare quit on us so I had to become a stay at home mom. Which was a huge life style change I went from being independent and having my own money to essentially feeling useless for our family. This has taken a huge toll on my mental health I’ve become super depressed and Me and becoming super pregnant and uncomfortable sex was painful… so him and i stopped having sex… after awhile he became vocal that it was important part of a relationship and began calling me his friend and roommate as I’m growing his child this pushed me down further as I felt like he no longer loved me. Even in the hospital having his child he made a point to call me his friend and roommate… any time I try to explain my side he pushes it to the side and says my mouth works too…just makes me feel like everything else I do doesn’t matter or isn’t enough. I feel like im suppose to be some sort of sex slave. now 3 months later… after 6 weeks to heal then getting baby to sleep longer then an hr at night (we also share a room with baby) getting over covid and 2 periods back to back…I’ve been back in the mood but any time I try to touch him he pushes me away or jokes that roommate’s don’t do that. Even has said our relationship is to far gone but he hasn’t called it. I’m just so confused and lost cause he always talks about our future buying a bigger house getting a different vehicle and he tells me he loves me and you can tell he does… but how do we get past this roommate friend stage and back into partners? I’ve never wanted to see my future more then I have this last year I just want to know if we Make it past this I dont have any friends or family so I really don’t have anywhere to go if he leaves me and I don’t have any money due to the choice we made for our family.