I have one faint positive test and one negative: Thoughts?

I already have two beautiful kids; I took a pregnancy test and am 50/50. I get the first response tests. Well, the first line was very light and thin. The second was a solid line. Now, this had happened before, and it turned out I was, in fact, pregnant. Here is the kicker. I took another one, and it came back negative?? I’m scheduling an appointment bc I’ve been having some cravings and cramping when I’m not even close to my period date? What do you mommas think?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I have one faint positive test and one negative: Thoughts?

Sounds like a chemical pregnancy unfortunately :pleading_face:
I experienced one the month before I conceived my 15month old. I got a few good solid pink lines that sadly never progressed any further then 2 days and then got lighter each day there after. A chemical pregnancy usually occurs around 4 to 5 weeks pregnant.
Good luck :green_heart:

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This happened to my daughter. She was trying to get pregnant. She was on fertility medication however…and she was Watching ovulation. And testing when dr told her to. She got a very faint line on one. Negative on others. Even had bloodwork and was negative. 10 days later retested because she still never started her period and got a very definite positive. She has now had her first ultrasound and is definitely pregnant with a healthy pregnancy. 13 weeks and 2 days. Good luck. I hope you get the results you are wanting.

When I got pregnant with my second I got a faint positive on both the Clearblue and the Walmart cheapies, but when I tried 2 first responses, they were both negative. I finally got a digatal with a big fat positive lol. And when I went to the doctor to confirm it I was only 4 weeks, so I found out super early and that’s why my tests were so faint/negative. So it could just be because you’re really early, but I’d wait for the doctor to confirm. :heart:

Go get blood work done. Its the most effective. Thats what I did with both my pregnancies. With my daughter, I took a home test and it came back positive and went and got blood work, which was also positive. When I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, I took three home tests, which were all positive. And then went and got blood work done, which again was also positive

Was the second test maybe later in the day and it didn’t pick up enough of the hormone to show on the test? I would suggest waiting a few more days and testing again with your first morning pee!

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Blood work for sure, only way to really know unless you are willing to ride it out for another 3-4 weeks and try then.

If you got one that says you are I’d say you are


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I have one faint positive test and one negative: Thoughts?

I’ve had blue dye tests look positive and actually be negative. I use pink dye tests now and they’re pretty accurate for the most part. If you’re on birth control and using it correctly the chances are probably negative. However, my daughter is now 10 months and I took the mini pill religiously every day and still got pregnant.

Happened to me last month and was even five days late. Two blood tests came back negative and after being five days late my period came. Same thing this month…all the symptoms and both negative and positive tests again. Period is once again late but blood test a week or so ago came back negative. Might just be hormones are off as I’m beginning to believe mine are

Go to the Dr. and get the test. #oldschoolmama


My daughter took 3 months to show up on a pregnancy test I had all signs I was pregnant

The mind is a funny thing as well. You can in fact (whether you want to be pregnant or desperately don’t) have some affect on your testing results and with when you have your period (such as missed periods or stretched out days). Stress can also affect things. There are plenty of examples of false pregnancies where women’s bodies can imitate being pregnant, but they aren’t. And also where the tests won’t show that someone is pregnant for some time or they don’t notice their body changes (or they are very limited) until they are very far along. The mind/body connection is pretty amazing sometimes and even puzzling in some cases.


So you haven’t missed a period yet? If not, I’d wait and retest. It’s hard to say when it’s super early.

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Dollar Tree test are the best. Gives best results other than digital


Age would also be helpful. Sometimes pre menopause hormones are crazy.

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Take a third and follow up with your doctor

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I have one faint positive test and one negative: Thoughts?

Take a black and white photograph, shows the lines easier. Use first wee of the morning too. If there’s a line, you’re most probably pregnant.

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Pregnant. First pee of the morning and the line prob won’t be faint.

I had a very faint and I was pregnant- just very early - some are more sensitive than others and detect earlier

I had a faint line and now shes almost 29.

You can have false negatives. But its a rareity to have a false positive

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I have one faint positive test and one negative: Thoughts?

Retake it. I had a very faint positive then turned around with three more test and they were negative.

Try again tomorrow am first pee always best


Wait until you miss your period then rest.

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If you got a faint line, then it’s positive my friend.
Test you took later didn’t have enough HCG present.
Positive is positive no matter how faint.


Go get a few dollars store cheapies and take them with first pee the next couple days. You can do one in the afternoon too if you’re anxious to find out. I got a very very faint positive with both my pregnancies, 1st 6 days before my missed period and 2nd baby 5 days before my missed period.

Based on the first two tests I would assume you’re pregnant but it could possibly be a chemical pregnancy I would treat yourself as though you’re pregnant until you see a doctor just in case you are pregnant

I took one early. The day before my period was supposed to start it was faint. I went the next day and took a digital it came out positive also. The following Monday (2 days into missed period) I went to the heath dept to get my proof there test was negative. I took a cheap test every day for 3 days after the negative one and they were all faint line positives. They got alittle darker every day. So don’t loose hope because I am very much pregnant lol. Due to have him today actually.

I’m currently pregnant, and I always use the digital tests. My first came back negative. To be safe, I tested again the following morning and got a positive result. Turns out that I ovulated super late in my cycle so when I tested, I was only 3 weeks pregnant and my HCG levels just weren’t quite high enough to register on the first test I took (I took it in the evening).

Wait a week and do the test again. Clearblue is better. If you don’t want to wait then get your blood work done since it is the most effective.

Nothing like doing a blood test to be sure, everyone can have different experiences but it won’t make it your case, blood doesn’t lie

you’re probably pregnant lol

Take a digital in the AM or just go for bloodwork

False negatives are easy to get, false positives are extremely rare, so I’d say you are. Did you take them the same day? It could just be you didn’t have as much hcg built up in your urine yet for the test.

You don’t get false positives.

My morning urine wasn’t giving me positive results I ended up getting a positive in the afternoon/evening :woman_shrugging:t2:

Means your eggo is very preggo if the test line is darker

Pink dye test from dollar tree

Hcg is strongest in morning
If you took 2nd test later in day can be false negative
Last year My daughter took like 6 tests all positive then she did one one night n messaged me saying she’s not pregnant because results were negative lol I told her it’s because it’s late at night n stop waisting money on tests
Yes she was pregnant :slightly_smiling_face:

I took multiple clear blue digital test all came back negative but the test from the dollar store was positive! I was 18 weeks pregnant… Take another test tomorrow and make a doctor’s appointment! :heart: Wishing you all the best!

Get a dr to confirm it until ya know for sure act as if ya are. Best of luck mama

If any of them at all say positive then u are most likely pregnant. A false negative is common but not a false positive

I think the appointment will give you all the answers

Could have been a chemical pregnancy

My hormones were never strong enough for any of those test. When you go to the doctor have them do blood test to confirm your pregnant.

Go with your gut feeling if you think you are having a pregnancy symptoms then I would say your pregnant

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I took 5. The first one was a faint line. The rest were negative. Went to the er from feeling sick, their tests came up negative (blood and urine) 2 weeks later all positive and just had my second child early June. Go with your gut

Is it possible the line on the first test is an evap line and not a faint positive?

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When I was pregnant with my son I kept getting negative results but I kept buying more tests (my fiancé probably thought I was nuts) because I just knew and sure enough I was pregnant

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Get the tests that say Pregnant or Not Pregnant. Don’t mess with lines! :relaxed::baby:

Take a digital one, no question about it! ‘pregnant/not pregnant’

Wait around period time. Once it’s past, take a rest.