I have started to resent my husband: Advice?

He either loves you or he doesnt, sounds like he doesn’t. What a hurtful thing for him to say to you. Selfish is what he is. Is he the perfect man in every way?? I doubt it. I wouldn’t stay with him because if he can say that, then I see alot more mean comments coming your way.

Honestly it sounds like you guys need to start over. Toss the past under the bridge and go out on a first date again, then a second.

It sounds like you’ve lost each other while trying to pay your bills with dual incomes. Attraction comes and goes - it comes when you share experiences, and goes when you’re complacent and distant.

People whining that you should always be attracted are living in a fantasy world where apparently relationships don’t require work, or can simply be discarded for a new one as if it was an old model phone.


dump him get someone who appreciates the wonderful woman you are !

Betty’ s comment is right on.

Pray for his conversion. Say the rosary. Talk to Jesus in the eucharist.