I have terrible post partum depression: Advice?

I’m a SAHM and an FTM. My baby is six months old, and I can’t get anything done. I go to the bathroom my child cries, my baby is so stubborn fussing with the bottle she’ll move her head around and gag on the bottle cry whine before taking it I give my baby teethers, and it’s basically pointless because all she does is puts it in her mouth for a minute then throws them on the ground. I truly feel like giving up. I have terrible thoughts and don’t want to take care of my child at times. I want to make it clear I would never hurt my child. I’m just struggling with what I believe postpartum depression. I’m already on antidepressants. I feel like I’ll always feel this way forever. I’m in college, and it’s so difficult to get any work done. I’m going to be seeing my doctor soon. Mommies, what helped you? I feel like I’m going crazy.


I am so sorry you’re going through that! I can’t say I have advice from personal experience, but maybe go back to your Dr and tell them what’s going on and they might adjust your meds or change them.

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Take a deep breath and know that you are doing great mama! I’m glad you have an appointment Set up with the doctor because PPD is real and it can make a day and night difference if you get help. For the baby not wanting to be put down I’d look into a baby carrier (I’ve got a Lillebaby) it let’s baby sleep and hang out while you can move around. Some mamas have hacked it to even breastfeed in it! Just know you can make it through this tough time!

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Being a mommy isnt always fabulous. Having kids is a struggle girl. Stick it out things will get better :heart:


Please find a friend or family member who can come and watch the baby for a couple hours while you get some time for yourself or just to offer you company. So sorry you are going through this. Sending you hugs and hoping it gets better :purple_heart:

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First pllllleeeeaaaaaseeeee message me ever if you need to talk to anyone! I had an instance with my first born where she would stop crying and wouldn’t feed her Pos father wouldn’t help and I thought I was going to lose it so I put her down in her crib closed the door and walked away took a moment to myself in the bathroom and put some cold water on my face just to relax a minute and then came back to snuggle her right to sleep. I know it’s hard but YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!


I was literally in the same situation! My son is 6 now and it’s still tough, but trust me, it gets easier! I found when I was in your situation, what helped the most was when people told me it will get easier❤and trust me, it does

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I’ve been EXACTLY where you are. First, it does get easier, MUCH easier but with time does come new challenges. I suggest getting out of the house whenever possible, with or without the baby. It gives you a sense of normalcy. Plus it’s good to talk to people, even if its just a quick hello and someone ogling over your baby.

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I know what you’re going through I’ve been there I’ve had times where my baby cried and I cried with him. Just go to the doctor tell them what you’re experiencing and hopefully they’ll be able to help you. It’s a struggle but you can do it mama stay strong.

Get you and baby on a schedule.in the mornings put baby in a bouncer or high chair in front of some cartoons so u can get some stuff done,get baby on a nap schedule and use that time to work on your schooling.and in between give baby attention so she still feels your love

You’re acknowledging it, that’s a great first step. Certainly reach out to your Dr! My inbox is open to you :purple_heart::purple_heart:

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I have been there w my first born. There were times when I contemplated giving him up for adoption. It was the depression taking over. Definitely seek help through your doctors, primary, psychologist and do y’all therapy. Simply taking medication isn’t sufficient to get through this. Talk therapy is essential. I promise you will get through this. Put in the work and don’t give up. It will pass. If you have any other means of support through family and friends I would definitely lean on them and don’t be afraid to ask for help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Best advice I can give you is get in to be seen by your OB asap. They will work you in. I had postpartum with my last child and I kept putting off asking for help. Take the meds, talk to your partner about help and always talk to someone you trust about your feelings. It will get better but you need to do the treatment and take care of yourself as best as you can. I know that is really freaking hard with a newborn!

First, your not alone especially when you are a FTM and you should be proud of yourself that you recognize there is a problem. Now, clinically… If your already taking medication and your still
feeling this way you should tell
whomever prescribed it. Normally, it can take up to two weeks for it to reach a therapeutic level
in your blood. If it has been longer than that contract them. The things about medication is it can make you MORE depressed until it reaches the right level in your blood stream which may explain why you are still feeling so down.

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Girl I have been in your shoes!! It’s ok for her to cry sometimes. Go take the potty break you need and if shes mad then let her fuss it out while you do your business. As far as the bubba goes try and give her little soft foods like super steamed carrots maybe that will fill her up and keep her happy. Dont ever be afraid to tell your doctor the meds arnt working, the first try is usually never right. And dont be afraid to ask for help in friends and family too! Take a night for yourself, being a mother is seriously so hard and going to school on top of it must be exhausting. Just keep in mind when you think you cant/dont want to do it that your her hero and everything you do (weather it seems like it or not) is like the most incredible thing to her. She loves you endlessly and she is so so happy your her mama. Another good thing is a jumper/set me up chair! Best of luck mama!

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It doesnt sound like ppd to be honest. Being a mom is overwhelming. I have 4 including 2 teens, a 4 yr old and newborn and virtually doing it alone. Their dad works a lot and is home late. Trust me. I feel like running away every single day. I havent showered in almost a week.

Maybe slower flow nipples my oldest was colic which was a struggle and my youngest had horrible gerd both was a struggle but it won’t take long for things to get easier don’t stress so much about house work and if available ask for help help with the baby and maybe good friends help around the house

Could it be possible that you told her to much and she’s so used to it? As a ftm it is difficult and I think I could honestly say that a majority of us understand that. If dads in the picture is it possible that he takes care of her for a little bit while you go out or take a nap and unwind? Or idk is there anyone that can help you?

I struggled with postpartum as well. I had 2 miscarriages before I gave birth and having a c-section didnt help with bonding. He was up all night and slept all day no matter what I did. I talked to my doctor, changed my meds and we went on A LOT of walks. Two more classes and this single mom of 2 will have her masters degree! Just know, you are strong and smart and powerful! If you ever need to talk you are more than welcome to PM me just to vent! :heart::heart::heart:

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Oh, my dear girl! I’m long past the stage of a new Mom, but I can relate, just the same. Please try to see your Dr. asap. Perhaps s/he can direct you to at-home supports and adjust medication. You’re embarking upon the most difficult, yet rewarding job in the world. I think your baby isn’t stubborn, but having his/her own difficulties. (It’s not easy being a newborn, either) :slight_smile: I don’t know your name, but God does, and I will be praying for you daily. God bless you! Looking forward to happy updates.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Don’t worry about a spotless house , that baby is only a baby for alittle while , that housework is forever. It can wait. If the baby is crying for a reason tend to her but if it’s due to being spoiled it won’t hurt her to cry for a few while you go in another room. If she doesn’t like her pacifier or tether n spits it out, let it lay. Not all babies like them. Also get a family member to come over for a couple hours so you can take a nap 2 or 3 times a week. Slow down and enjoy that baby. It’s time for you two to bond not get things done

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Been there with my first too. It’s such a huge adjustment. Things like the toilet…that’s never gonna change, you’ll never get peace and quiet on there again lol never feel bad for letting them cry for a few minutes while you do something, it really isn’t going to hurt them. Always gotta look out for you, mumma. So make sure you keep that next gp appt and in the meantime try and do something for you. Get out of the house, take a long bath, have a glass of wine…something. Also try different things with bub…tummy time, music, tv, lots of rattle like toys (bubs tend to like noisey stuff lol), scrunchy toys, popping bub in a bouncer, jolly jumper or some sort of walker/activity center. Just gotta find what works for you.

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This sounds like my oldest she had reflux and milk protein allergy she was an extremely fussy baby hang in there mama :sparkling_heart:make an appointment with ur doctor hopefully be able to help u and baby and if u can take advantage of friends and family willing to help it’s exhausting being a new mum ur not alone x

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I had to stop all my medications and get an iud after my first child. The medications where causing issues with brain chemistry and all other birth controls were causing hormonal issues.

Try to get out of the house if only for a stroller ride or a car ride. It sounds like a lot of work mentally, especially when depressed, but that’s what worked to calm my little one at that age. I think a change in atmosphere is huge

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My child can be like that sometimes, and he’s 10 months old. I’m usually able to put him in his walker and he’ll entertain himself walking the halls for about 30 minutes or so. When he was younger he was in his activity center and LOVING it! And if she’s moving her head around and gagging when you give her the bottle, she’s more than likely not hungry at all. It’s honestly either she feels some sort of discomfort and wants you for comfort, or she’s bored.

It gets better though, I promise. Don’t feel bad for feeling super stressed or like you want to give up, I feel that at times when my son gives me such a hard time with everything but once his father or my mother have him he goes completely sweet…it used to hurt a bit, but just like I sometimes don’t want to hang around someone and prefer someone else at the time, he does too :woman_shrugging:t2:

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First off, it’s great that you recognize how you are feeling and are seeking help
Can anyone take the baby for a few hours and give you a break?
Also, if you think teething is the issue and haven’t had success with the teethers, have you tried these?
You can put little pieces of food or even ice cubes in, my kids loved them when they were babies. My youngest was very fussy, but these and the little teethers that look like a strawberry were his favorites

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this but don’t feel broken. This is normal and most all of us have been here too. Definitely reach out to your support person or ppl and ask for help the same way you did here. You just need a moment to reset sleep shower and eat. See your doctor asap n see about some medication. Its something that you won’t regret. You are so very strong and you will make it through this. I have 5 and my last had separation anxiety and refused any personal space n gave me 0😪 i definitely know the exhaustion from kids. My daughters doctor told me she would be ok self soothing.

You could be one the wrong antidepressant

Breathe sweet momma. Can your little one sit in a walker yet - if she can place her in so that her feet can feel the floor. If she doesn’t like the bottle try letting her hold a sippy cup. When you go to the bathroom place her in the walker and talk to her and let her know you are near or let her sit outside the bathroom door. I fostered a little one from the time he was 3mths. old and by the time he hit 6mths. he was not having anything to do with a bottle at all and I tried the walker and it worked wonders I was able to so much done by just having him in the same room with me and talking to him while I got things done. Maybe it will work for you as well. Things will get better sweetie but remember when you get stressed your little one feels it will get upset bc they feel you are. Always remember to just take a few minutes and breathe in deeply and exhale a few times that works wonders as well. In my prayers and things are gonna be alright. God Bless.

Thanks for sharing how you feel with us!! I know it’s so hard to even build up the courage to ask for help! You are so not alone ! My baby eats a toy for a minute and throws it and whines constantly it gets me frustrated too that I can’t do anything to make her stop ! How long have you been on the medication? Some really take a while to show some effect or few change! I’m glad your seeing the doctor soon, you can try asking if there’s another option of medication if that’s what your thinking of doing ? Also know that you are allowed to be upset and you are allowed self care too! Maybe go for morning walks or even strolls with or without baby whatever your able to do , when she naps , maybe you nap? Screw the dishes in the table or her toys everywhere, it can be done later ! Read a book , watch funny videos ! Call a friend ! We’re here for you :heart::100:


I have been there and TRUST ME I remember the overwhelmness (i have Irish twins) & when ppl wld tell me they understand I wld be like sure you do etc dealing with a crying baby is NOT easy…it seems like baby may have colic, teething, or even sleep regression…have you tried a warm bath, lavender lotion, oilogic lavender oil, Baby Hylands Oral Pain Relief disolvers, & 2oz of chamomile tea before bed…that may help to sooth the discomfort…plz feel free to msg me if you want to vent I’m here…GOOD LUCK momma your not alone

I feel for you sweetie, i dont know how you feel so i wont comment on that. However as a mom of 2 and one on the way id suggest you seek some help, someone to take the little one for a few hours a day perhaps, in that way you get some you time.
NB. Whenever your baby becomes inconsolable put him/her down and walk away for a few minutes because they can sense the energy you push off. Calm down n then attend to him/her again.
You’re doing a great job :heart::heart::heart:

First of all, GO YOU!!! You are reaching out in your darkest most vulnerable moments and that takes massive amounts of courage! When my lil dude was six months old I could have written this. I have struggled with depression most of my life but that in no way prepared me for the HELL PPD is. I want you to know you are enough!! Those thoughts are just thoughts, acknowledge them and then just let them go, your actions are what define you! If you have the opportunity and resources take a break! Take your kiddo to their grandparents or leave them with your partner and give yourself some ‘you’ time! Most importantly you are loved and valued. Keep up the good work Mama!! Stay safe out there and feel free to reach out to me if you need a non judgmental listening ear!:heart:

U need to talk to ur Dr. U may need a medication change. Also, it’s ok for babies to cry for a bit.


You’re not going crazy at all mama. I went through/still going through this with my second. However, my first son did the same things as you described. I had to find things to distract him from me. We love baby Einstein, they watch it all the time. I gave my son Tupperware and a wooden spoon one day and he played with that forever. Also, i know it’s hard but take time for yourself. I started a hobby, just to do something non mom related and that helped. If your medicine doesn’t seem to be working, change it. I went through several before i found one that suited me. You got this mama. You’re doing great.

Go to a doctor and get some labs done. Taking supplemental progesterone post birth literally changed my life when I was struggling. Talk to a therapist if you can. We all need so much support during this time- take any and all you can get! :heart::heart:

You need the rest of your tribe!!! I highly highly highly encourage you to reach out and ask for help. Someone to make a meal, come clean your kitchen, watch your baby so you can shower and take a nap. You need some you time to yourself. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. Nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a helping hand. Motherhood is tough.

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I would talk to her doc ! It could be that you are so tired that she is being overfed or she could have colic , it could be gas aswell!
And please please do not be scared to ask for mental help :slight_smile:
Hell !! I did with both of my kids and I honestly would have regret it if I didn’t get help
A happy momma bear makes for a happy baby bear :heart:

You sound overwhelmed. It’s ok to ask for help! Also cognitive behavioral therapy helps. Mindfulness exercises. Your antidepressant might not be the right one for you so def go see your doctor. After I had my last baby mine stopped working for me. Pregnancy changes our body chemistry. Hang in there!

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I had it too really bad. You need to make it a priority to get time for yourself away from the baby. Maybe join with some other moms and trade babysitting. Ask and make yourself heard that you NEED this NOW. I don’t know the cure as I suffered with it a long time, and even now that she’s an adult we never really bonded. It’s sad for all.

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Talk to your Dr… it could acid reflux, my son had it horribly bad from birth-5 years old

Definitely talk to your dr. But also, ask a friend, or even a neighbor to help you, let them know you’re struggling and need help! Whether it be to hold baby while you shower or soak in the tub, get cleaning and laundry done… There is help out there, you just have to reach out for it!

I dealt with similar with my first. Maybe not as severe, but definitely an altered me. :disappointed_relieved: I didnt even recognize it (or realize it faded away) until I DIDNT experience it with my second. That’s when I realized what a problem I’d had with my first.
All that to say, idk what to recommend to help you, but do keep seeking help. It’s not normal to feel this way, but it IS okay. You’re not a bad mom, keep pushing to get things regulated! ::hugs::

Deffinetly the you time is important. My sitter went on vacation for 2 weeks so me having my time to myself even if that was some cleaning time at home was hard after and I was starting to feel myself getting overwhelmed. I work 5 days a week one of those being on the weekend so i have that day off during the week for me time and ever since it has helped tremendously.

The fact that you are reaching out here is a good thing. It means you understand that you are overwhelmed and need help. See if you can talk to a counselor and as some else said, go to friends and family and ask for help from them as well! And if you need five minutes because the baby is crying, DON’T be ashamed to put them in a safe place (ie: their crib), ensuring they will be okay, and step out of the room for 5-10 minutes. Three weeks after I had my third baby, hubs had to go away for a bit, and I was on my own for months with three kiddos from 3 weeks to 6 years old. When I needed 5-10 minutes to just collect myself or have a good cry, I’d make sure they were all in a safe place and then went to the porch for 5-10 minutes. It ensured I was in a better mental state to be there for my little ones. Also, take the other ladies’ advice and talk to your doctor about your meds. You might need something a bit more effective. Hugs! You can do this!

I felt like this sometimes too. I started medication too late. But other things that help for me were playgroup (I know circumstances might not make this possible) just being around other parents was so nice. If you can’t right now try online. Making sure I asked for help, which is hard for me. You need to take a break when you are feeling like this. I had a hard time finding a babysitter but it helps to let go a bit. My kid is clingy and doesn’t sleep well and it’s sooo hard some days. You’re not alone.

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Start with your child’s separation anxiety so you can get some free time, it’ll help everything. Being able to set your child down for a bit is something you should be able to do at that age. Keep your cool and set your baby in their crib, make sure it’s safe and then walk away for a bit eventually your baby will learn to self soothe and be less clingy.

Breathe ask for help if u have family available

It was a huge help for me to take like 10 minutes a day and do something that makes you truly happy. I would bring my daughter to my dad or grandparents and go out and see the horses or something but those few minutes away definitely helped me be a better mom

Ask for help with the baby. If you have family, or a person that you trust, see if they can watch the baby for an hour or two a couple of times a week. Use this time to sleep, study, or whatever your body needs. Also, check with your doctor. I tried 3 different antidepressants before finding the one that worked for me


If you don’t feel yourself getting better, you need to tell your Dr. I had bad PPD with my first son and it got to the point where I didn’t even want to hold him or feed him and my family did not understand and made me feel horrible. It wasn’t like I didn’t KNOW that what I felt wasn’t right, but it’s not something you can just snap yourself out of. My Dr said that if the symptoms weren’t better two weeks after my appt, I would most likely need medication. Oddly enough, it just went away over the next week or so and I never felt it again. But I will never forget how hopeless and awful those feelings that I had were for months :frowning:


If you are close to Elizabethtown KY, pm me. I’ll take her for an hour or so for you, or I could come and watch her at your home. If you are not close, make sure you do talk with your doctor about changing your meds. Being a new mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!!

I’m sorry mama. See your doctor ASAP and tell them how you’re feeling and be 100% honest. If your baby is teething try infant Tylenol - I know some people don’t like it but sometimes thats all that helps their pain. You could try a Pedialyte popsicle too. Those helped my babies a lot.
Try getting on a schedule (naps, feedings, etc.) take a shower, and go for walks with your baby. Even if it’s just down the street and back. If you have a trusted friend or family member ask them to help you one day. It will get better. Just hang in there! :purple_heart:

Emergency room! My postpartum depression was bad enough to where I ended up getting admitted and actually ended up having postpartum psychosis as well. It is not something I would have been able to try fighting on my own and therapy. If you feel like it’s really that bad, you need to go to the hospital. As a last resort, I ended up having ECT treatments because I wasn’t responding to anything else and when I tell you they tried a lot of medications, they tried a lot of medications.

Get off the drugs. Look up help with no meds


I absolutely had to take paxil my second pregnancy. The first I tried Zoloft and it wasn’t helpful. Talk to your doctor, she/he can help.

Get out the stroller and walk 30 minutes 3 times a day. Dance as you walk or as you move around the house. Sing, recite poetry or bible verses. Love yourself, it will help things fall into place.


What’s your dosage? Zoloft, for example, has a theraputic range of 100-150mg. My OB would not go above 50mg for whatever reason.

Talk with your husband…letting the child cry for 5 mins while you take a mini mental break is a-ok from time to time :heart:

My son was the same way with feeding. I found out later that he was lactose intolerant! I have 3 kids and he was the only one like that so if it runs in your family or there’s potential I would definitely speak to Pediatrician on options.

You should try the Kinde system.

Offer a sippy cup instead of a bottle. My kids preferred the cup. Also please take time for yourself. Even if 30 mins to shower, drink a cup of tea or sun bathe. Reach out to your local churches, I am sure someone can help you with therapy and child care. Hang in there momma

As clichè as this sounds, this too shall pass. You got this girl :two_hearts: You have tons of mommas on here supporting you. We recogzing this is a cry of help. When I had PPD with my first born i felt tons of guilt. It took every bit of courage to even type up the words of what I was feeling to tell my sister. I know you felt a little relief typing telling us how you feel. Take it one step at a time. We are listening, and we are here for you!! Much love from Tennessee :heart:

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First, talk to your doctor. Meds sometimes need adjusted or switched around, it’s a process.
Second, ask for help.
Some tips that might help in the meantime, look into babywearing. You can make a Moby style wrap out of 7 yards of jersey knit fabric cut in half lengthwise (it will make 2). They make mesh teethers that you could stick frozen chunks of fruit in, or perhaps it’s the style of teether. My first hated teethers until I realized it was too big for his mouth. A damp frozen washcloth might be another option. They make baby orajell too. Force yourself into a routine. One that includes a shower.
Remember, babies fuss, still shower while talking to the baby. I’ve actually showered with the baby, after turning the water down.
You are doing an amazing job as a mom. Remember that, believe that. You are loved. :heart:

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Start solids. Give a sippy instead. You don’t have to follow the book so long as your kids getting fed.

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With issues and baby taking bottle? Does the child have reflux? sometimes that can lead to extreme fussiness and crankiness along with gagging and shaking head during feedings. Check into that at her next peds appt and let your OB now your struggling. Hang in there! Motherhood is tough no matter if your a newbie or well season :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Definitely see yr doc asap.
Sounds like the meds aren’t right.
N its ok to feel like shit.
Its quite common.
Its awesome you recognize it n tell yr doc everything.
If you need a break fr a few minutes just put the baby in a safe place n step outside fr a few moments.

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I smoke weed to cope with everything.


Yes. Go to your doctor.

U need to talk to ur doctor because the feelings can get stronger. It is a real thing youre going through and i promise it will get better. Another suggestion would be maybe joining a single moms group or something where u can relate with other moms and get help. Good luck.

A) if you experience this feeling daily and it seems to never go away for sure tlak to your doctor, also depending on what med youre on it could be causing some of it due to just not being the right med for you. I was on zoloft feom my 6 week checkup after my aon till he was 5 months old and I put myself in therapy/counseling weekly and seeing a psychiatrist once a month. They took me off zoloft because i was truly batshit crazy form it my son would ecen touch me and id just freak out it was as if i truly hated my own child (i absolutely did not, i love him to death but the meds messed with my head that bad). Mt psychiatrist put me on prozac once daily and gave me an as needed med as well for when i just felt i needed that extra bit to take the edge off that my prozac didnt touch such as taking my son to stores and getting dirty looks from elders due to him crying or them trying ro touch him and talk to me (i have severe social anciety with strangers) and it made a huge difference for me. My sons now almost 3 years old and i havent felt in a slump near as much since the med change. Ive had maybe 3 real bad depressiosn that lasted maybe a week or 2 each since he was 5 months old. For me thats a huge success because it use to be I only had 2 or 3 happy times that lasted a few days a year. B) it is 100% ok for baby to cry sometimes. If you have to shower put baby in a safe area such as in a crib with a few safe toys such as teethers or rattles something non choking or suffocating hazar for the most part, with a baby monitor of course so you can hear them if their cry truly sounds like theyre hurt or need something tend to them. Or if you just need to go to the bathroom for 5 minutes to take a deep breath maybe let a few tears out without baby seeing again place them in a secure area and be aware of them but take those 5 minutes, 5 minutes sometimes can help for hours. I have to still do it sometimes myself.

Day care or baby sitter a few days a week so you have time to find you again, even if for a few hours

I had postpartum so bad, I told my other half I was considering taking up smoking cigarettes if that’s what I needed to do to get a break. I never took meds for it,maybe I should have… I had a very long, very serious talk with him about my mental help and he started helping a lot more when he got off of work. He also made sure I had more “Me” breaks to mentally compose myself. It will get better!! Be open and talk about how you feel! Postpartum is so very real and hardly ever talked about… There is absolutely nothing wrong with anything you are feeling! Good luck Momma!!

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They put me on Zoloft. Started on 25mg and now I’m on 100mg
When you get a fussy baby it doesn’t help. I used to hide in the corners and cry while she cried as well :frowning: it sucked.
Zoloft has helped some and Zantac or any medicine for reflux for your baby will help her and will
Help you at the same time. If she is teething go ahead and give her some Tylenol. I had post partum depression with my second child. Now I’m having it again with my 4th but now I know how to handle their tummy or baby issues without losing my mind. Best luck you will get out of this I promise you :two_hearts:

Weed is a life saver for me. I’m on two antidepressants and have similar thoughts still. Can be fucking scary. I have three little boys. Literally smoke bud every day to cope.


Maybe baby is lactose intolerant, I have 3 girls and my middle child was the only one that kept.me.up all night and fussed all day and all night it was horrible for 3 months, she would be constipated, but Dr then did a stool test and blood work and she was lactose intolerant so they changed her milk to alimentum I believe that’s how you spell it, it smells horrible but it helped her a lot maybe you can ask your pediatrician to check your baby

I had post partum with my 2nd. They gv me paxil. Helped alot. Baby did hv colic and I was single mom also w a 3yo. I was VERY stressed. THE BABY CAN SENSE THAT! So its extremely important u try to relax even if baby is screaming.
Let.them.cry. Its not going to hurt them.


Talk to babies doctor definitely make sure nothing wrong bc of the feeding baby might have tummy issues and definitely find a med that works or find coping skills or sometimes just let the house go for a little bit and try to just make more time for you and baby and for yourself too. It won’t hurt to not clean up all the time. Try not to do too much all at once. And remember this infancy flies by so fast you’ll wish you were there again to do it all over so cherish the time too

sounds like reflux, try thickened formula, smoke weed, go outside for a few minutes and breathe. You got this and you are lovely

I had 2 babies while in college and a 3rd came on graduation. Worked full time as well. I didnt have postpartum… But know its very real. Some babies are more difficult. Keep to a strict routine so baby knows what to kind of expect. Meds can be adjusted and added. Nothing wrong with it. Is dad around? Can he help pitch in some to help? Anyone else to help to give you a little breather? You have to take care of you so you can take carw of baby. I wish you the very best. Breathe… Find some calming music for both of you. When mommies are stressed… Babjes feel it and dont make it better when we need them to chill. Hugs to you. Id offer to keep so you could take a bubble bath

Oh mama. I feel you. Talk to your babies pediatrician to make sure there’s no underlying issue. Can you join a mommy and me group? That helped me so much. Getting outside everyday helps, meeting moms at a park. I know self care sounds hard right now, but try making time for you. Even if it’s a 10 min meditation. Trying to eat healthy and take vitamins and DHA helped too. But most important, please keep me in mind, you are not alone, you will get through this. It is so hard. But it is NOT forever, this is just a phase. You got this mama!

Being around good friends and even better if they have babies themselves :relaxed: setting a routine for yourself and reading positive affirmations. The baby can feel however your feeling

When my baby gagged on the bottle and fussed over it but was hungry I changed bottles. Sometimes they have a nipple Preference . And you don’t have to use teethers if you don’t want to they will teeth in any toys. But my daughter does the same she throws everything on the floor. You should talk to your dr if u think I have PPD

I can’t stress the importance of self-care. You can’t care for others if you don’t care for yourself first. See your doctor as needed, take your medicine as prescribed, find ways to relax and decompress when the baby does sleep. You matter!

I think its time for a med change. I suffered from ppd and figured I could handle it on my own. Well 2 and a half years later my anxiety is out of control and just started meds. Take some time for you momma. I know it isn’t easy but baby needs a healthy momma.

Definitely talk to doc and hang in there Mama! If you have someone close I recommend asking for them to take the baby a couple days so you can rest and take care of yourself there is nothing wrong with asking for help :revolving_hearts:

Also try giving her a sippy cup with lid. My youngest refused to drink from a bottle from the age of 5 months and would take her sisters sippy cup and drink out of that without problems so I gave her one with handles.

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