I haven't stopped bleeding since I gave birth: Advice?

My first bled til after he was 7 mos old was a military baby but they did tests and found I was anemia so put me on 5 iron pills 3 times a day and had keep eating chart had to add meat at least 3 times week. Returned after each pregnancy controlled in 6 wks. Now still have to take vitamins with Iron still have to eat same boundaries most elders do not need Iron as bleeding stopped at 58 but Dr found best I keep taking vit with iron. Please test and discuss with your doctor then keep record of 1 month a year for your records to share with your doctors

I bled for 6 months after having my youngest and my doctor (and 2 others I went to for second and third opinions ) all said that while it’s not common, it’s not a cause for concern.

It is normal to bleed for 4-6 weeks after child birth

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I bled for 9 weeks after my first baby (vaginal) come to find out I had retained placenta and had to have a D&C. I bled a while after my second also but it was just normal bleeding. Didn’t really know when the PP stopped and my period started. But when I needed the D&C I was bleeding HUGE clots. I couldn’t keep a pad for longer than an hour and it was all just clots. But I’m not sure if retained placenta is possible after a section. I don’t think it’s so much a “blind sweep” like it is with a vaginal. Just keep a close eye on it and follow up with dr.

That’s how my first period was after having my son via c section. I stopped bleeding like 1/2-2 weeks after I had my son and started my period 6 wks pp.

Better to be seen then to be sorry, every person is different!

I had my son 7months ago but back in August when I had my period finally its was really heavy and then light and drifted off to spotting and gone…but I had huge clots like I’ve never had before that were the size of a goft ball almost… it’s normal from what my dr. Says

Its considering PP bleeding up until 10 weeks I believe? As long as your clots aren’t bigger than a quarter it’s okay.

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I bled for Months after my son was born and had large blood clots which i was told was normal.

I bled for 6 wks after my C-section

Just go to the dr. We are not specialists of obstetric Medicine…everyone’s body is different…GO SEE YOUR DR!


I bled for about a month as well. It’s normal

As long as they are not bigger then a quarter and you dont soak threw a pad in less then and hour.

With my first it was a section and I bleed for 6 weeks with my second I had a forceps delivery and bleed for 11 weeks straight I went to the dr who organised a scan and it turned out I had uterus adhesions I didn’t really know what that meant but it’s a type of scarring once that settled the bleeding stopped deffo get the dr to book you in for a scan xx

I bleed for 6wks after my 1st 2 babies. And only 2wks after my last.

I have the mirena I’m done with periods and I’m in my early 50s I plan to keep it on till I’m over menopause or if it shifts or the OBGYN tells me different

My son is 3 1/2 months and I still haven’t stopped bleeding

Go to your doctor he will tell you