I haven't stopped bleeding since I gave birth: Advice?

Before I get to my question, I have made an appointment with my dr. I just had my youngest almost a month ago, I had a section and I never really stopped bleeding. It slowed down to the spot. Yesterday I think I started my period, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember it being like this with my other kids. Anyways I’m bleeding pretty heavy and having clots. Is it normal for your postpartum period to be super heavy? I’ve been cramping to that’s why I think it’s my period.


If you’re breastfeeding its normal

You said you just had the baby not even a month ago so not even four weeks you can believe for up to 6 weeks definitely normal


I was bleeding for 6 weeks…it was horrible. But I had a vaginal birth

That can be normal. I had all 3 of mine by c-section and didn’t stop bleeding & passing clots until anywhere from 4-7 weeks PP with them.

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Are you breast feeding?
Have you and your partner had unprotected intercourse?
Your doctor will probably ask these questions.
I had a miscarriage just a few months after giving birth to my youngest.
I thought it was a heavy period (starting up again)
But…it was not.
Good to get checked. :purple_heart:

I bled for about 7 weeks after my last . Should be normal but I’m not a doctor , you should be able to just call the nurse at your ob and ask . Never hurts to ask and let the dr tell you

I bled for 8 weeks with my last baby, every birth is different. You shouldn’t get your period for a few weeks after bleeding stops. If you’re breastfeeding you may not get it at all, and breastfeeding contracts your uterus so more will come out faster.

I had a c sectionand bled for 9 weeks straight. Completely normal to be bleeding at 4 weeks post partum

I bled for months after having all 3 of my kids. Thought all women did

Normal, and as long as you’re not having large (golf ball size clots) and not filling more than one pad an hour they won’t be concerned. Also make sure you’re not running a fever. If you’re running a fever that’s when you worry about infection.

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It’s normal to bleed for a while. I bled almost 6 weeks with my first. After my second though, I literally bled from July 2017 (when he was born) to Aug 2018(when I got pregnant again and miscarried) though that is not unusual for me

That’s normal. You’re gonn a bleed for 4 to 6 weeks, if not longer sometimes

I had a c section and didn’t stop for nearly 2 months. Each person is different

I had a c-section and bled until right before my 6 week PP check up and the first period was AWFUL, so very possible you went from PP bleeding to your period.

I’d say it’s normal. I’ve had 2 c sections and bled for 8 weeks with the last one. About 6 weeks the first time.

First baby I bled for 6weeks then it stopped for a week then started again for a week with clots too and cramping. Got checked to be sure I was ok. That was my period! I knew that because it stopped again for 3 weeks then started on the 4th (regular cycle) I was breastfeeding then only for few months. Second baby fully breastfed and no period for a year! Shes 18 months now n partially breastfed. It’s completely normal to bleed on n off. HAve clots ect… Or to not bleed for ages too! If your concerned ask a midwife or doctor about the clots ect x

I always bled extra heavy and had clots after babies and it lasted I think 6-8 weeks.

I never had a c section but after both of my kids i bleed for 2 months straight once i thought i was gonna stop then i ended up getting my period so it was longer i had major complications with child birth so the dr treated me like i had a c section i was in the hospital for 3-4 days for each of my kids

I ended bleeding for a month and a half and got my period at 3 month

Normal to bleed for a few weeks but if you’re bleeding really heavy, passing huge clots, and filling a pad within an hour definitely go to ER. That was what was told to me when I asked after I had my daughter

I bled for 9 wks after my 2nd baby. Went in to get an ultrasound and found out they left some afterbirth inside. I had to have a d&c and hysterscopy.

If you are having clots please go to the doctor as soon as possible. I had my baby August 28th, normal delivery. September 10th I almost bled to death in my home. If you care about your children having their mother, please seek medical attention immediately.


I had a c section and bled for 8 months. It was absolutely horrible…

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I didnt have a c section but I bled then spotted stopped for 2 days then bled my first 3 periods where so heavy and painful with huge blood clots dr said all was normal but if you are concerned go to the dr

You bleed after a c section just like a vaginal. It freaked me out when I had my oldest. I bled for two months after I had her before I even got a period.

Go to your doctor. If it starts again there’s usually a reason, and it’s not likely your period.

I bled for 8 weeks after my first. The second and third were C-sections and I bled half as long.

I didn’t stop bleeding for 3 months after my second was born. I knew something wasn’t right, and kept calling the doctor. I finally pushed for an ultrasound and I had a piece of placenta still attached to my uterus. If you feel like something isn’t right, maybe it isn’t. I knew something was wrong 4 days after she was born.

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Seems normal! I had a section on July 26th, bled for maybe 5 weeks but after like 3 weeks it would come and go and be dark and heavy or light and spotty. Then like 6 weeks after that my regular cycle started

I bled for 6 weeks and then got my period. I did have a csection. It can get heavier depending on what you are doing throughout the day. But if you are concerned I would call your doctor and ask.

I bled for 8 weeks with my first, clots and all. If the clots are bigger than golf balls you have reason to worry, but if smaller than that, it’s normal.

I had retained placenta and bled for 6 weeks, it was bright red blood. They had to scan me to find it, then I had an infection form it so was on two high dose antibiotics for two weeks to clear it, once the piece of placenta came away it stopped

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Normal post bleeding can last up to around 8 weeks and then shortly after should start your normal period depending on birth control

I bled for about 3 weeks and then started my period 2 weeks later.

I was bleeding for 5 months on and off.
Dr said it’s normal and can’t give me pills to let it dissappear.

4 weeks is too early you can bleed up to months.

I bled for 3 months post partum with my son.

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Did u get your tubes tied? Heavier periods with that. But I didn’t stop bleeding until 6 weeks.

Try the depo shot birth control it will stop your periods

I was told, if my clots were the size of a toonie, to go to emergency

Every birth is different ESPECIALLY when you have a C-section. It’s hasn’t even been a month since you gave birth. Are you breast feeding/bottle feeding? When you breast feed the bleeding usually stops sooner. Breast feeding can also cause your uterus to contract which can cause cramping. I think you’re fine but it’s best to talk to your doctor.

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I breastfeed and stopped bleeding a week later so I have no advice.

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I bled for 7 weeos after my son. Every time will be different.

I just now stopped bleeding and my son will be 4 months on the 14th, everyone’s body’s are different.
If you’re 1 month PP, it’s more than likely your period!
I spotted so long because I was on the depo shot. But I bled heavier for atleast a month and a half

Normal for one person or pregnancy wont necessarily be normal for another. My 1st I bled for over a month, heavily. My second was just a few weeks. My 3rd I bled like a normal period for a week then that was it.

I had a section and bled for the full 6 weeks, heavy at first and then lighter and then went straight into my first pp period. It was nothing like I had with my first and no lie I thought something was wrong. I also had clots, a quarter size or smaller. So it all sounds normal but you know your body and if something feels wrong see your Dr.

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I bled for almost 3 and half months

I have clots all the time. It’s normal

You definitely need to see your doctor. I had this after my second c section and had to be put on tablets to stop the bleeding and clots. I had a blood test and was on iron tablets for nearly a year. With monthly blood tests. They said it was a post op bleed.

I bled for about 10 weeks after my emergency csection, it’s normal x

I was bleeding and clotting for two months straight. It finally stopped.

I bled for 6 weeks post c section, like my doctor said i probably would. It’s normal

I was still spotting with my last when my period and then that period lasted two weeks. It’s good to see your doctor but it’s definitely normal to bleed.

I had my son naturally but he’s coming up for 10 months just now and have had the same problem( not as bad now for last 2 months) but still bleeding the gyno thinks it’s to do with hormones and won’t operate unless the bleeding continues for another 3 month. I know how frustrating it is hang in there chick hope you get sorted soon :heartpulse: x

You can bleed anywhere from 1-6 weeks normally postpartum. I bled 3-4 weeks with my first 2 but only 10 days with my last and had my period around 6 weeks postpartum each time. My periods weren’t super heavy but I have seen some women have bad periods after having a baby. As long as your clots aren’t huge and you aren’t passing multiple in an hour I think you’re fine. Even with regular periods not postpartum some clots are normal, it’s more than likely pieces of the uterine lining

ususlly you bleed for 6-8 weeks after birth… if it doesn’t let up any by 6 weeks is when you should see a doctor or if it lets up and starts again…

If u have birth control it gives spotting or irregular bleeding for a while

U said heavy bleeding

1st c section it was 85 days of bleeding
2nd was 75 days

It was super annoying but also pretty lite
But I had extreme anger rage with nexplanon
I had removed
Symptoms worse with bleeding

Hmmmm…maybe its ur birth control

I bled nearly 6 weeks after my c-section, they should have pre-warned you that it could last up to 6 weeks x

That’s how it was for me after my daughter. Once I stopped bleeding I got my period.

I bleed of almost 6 weeks with my last two c sections

After a C-section it’s very normal

I bled for almost 6 weeks straight when I had my oldest vaginally. When I had my second (youngest) I had a c-section, I bled for about the same amount of time and when I got my period it was quite a bit heavier than what I was use to for the previous 10+ years. Almost every period since has been heavier. And that was 6.5 years ago.

I would go see your obgyn . You should be stopping especially since it was c section. I stopped by 4 weeks and it was my first c section after 2 vaginal births.

I bleed for 4 weeks after my csection then started my period literally a day later. It was very heavy and lots of clots. It’s your uterus shedding. If you’re concerned call your doctor first thing tomorrow.

6-8 weeks normally, although it can be shorter or longer depending on how heavy or light the flow, as well as when your normal period would come. 1st pp 8.5 weeks bleed, 2nd 10-11 weeks. Both c sections. Every body is different.

I nursed my baby and that stopped my bleeding instantly!!! I would hear the nurse say she wont stop bleeding. N when I attached the baby it stopped😳 n I went from 11 to 7…I had lost blood but I would’ve lost more if I didnt plan on nursing or mayb never stopped bleeding

I bled heavy after all 5 of my kids. The heavy bleeding only lasted about a week but then it just kept going for 6-8 weeks. My period didn’t return right at as I breast feed exclusively for 6 months. But that first period was always horrid! But after my 4th baby I had spotting for 12 weeks. With my 5th I hemorrhaged twice. Once in the hospital and one after I got home about 10 days after he was born. It was due to retained placenta. Any time you have prolonged bleeding after having a baby that is more than light bleeding or spotting it’s likely due to retained placenta. Get an ultrasound.

Yea I think it is your period … since you slowed to spotting now heavy again … but it might be best to see a doc so they can check out the blood clots!

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For me it was I bled the whole 6 weeks plus more then got my period ,same had clots and everything .I called dr they said it was normal but made me an apt and it was fine. But everyone is different so these kids of questions could help but usually just scare ya more .goodluck qnd prayers girl

My first period after having my c section was extremely heavy. Heavy is normal. Bleeding thru a pad in an hour or less is not. Call your doc and be completely clear to them how much you are bleeding.

I would check with your dr but I bled for about 6 weeks with my last baby. It could be your period if you slowed down x


A period after only a month? Idk… that’s not normal… but it’s possible? I don’t remember bleeding like that with my hbc… or much, past an extended period… but that was almost 6 years ago and I have mom brain… my hbac I only bled for like a week? No way to really reassure you but it’s good you are going to get checked. So many risks come with cesarean, it’s good to stay on top of it. I’ll just say, for next baby, look into homebirth and dont shy away about the fear tactics. Vbac is totally a safer option for the vast majority of women.
Praying for your healing and support in this motherhood journey!

Congratulations on your new baby! Every pregnancy is different. Definitely see your doctor, sweetie.

I’ve had two C-sections… Bled for about six weeks with both

I bled for 4 months after having my 3rd child. I had a c section and tubal. It was never bad blow outs or clots but enough to constantly wear a pad. Plus I did breast feed. My doctor checked me and found nothing major wrong (other than previous diagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome) we decided to do the mirena to stop the bleeding. I was too young for ablasion and I’m not trying for babies anymore. But I’ve had it for 2 and half years and no problems or periods

I bled for 6 weeks after my c section. Every one is different and every pregnancy is too. They’ll go over that at your 6 week post partum visit

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Clots are not normal one month out. ED time. Good luck!

I had a c section I only bleed for like a week in half then I had my 1st period like 3 weeks afterwards and omg the cramps and the bleeding was horrible clots after clots it lasted 7 days and usually I have them for 3 or 4 days so it may be your period and for me the first 2 periods afterwards are the worse

I bled a ton and had some clots for 7 weeks with my youngest, then got my period when he was ten weeks old even though I was exclusively breastfeeding. With my older two I bled heavily for about 5 or 6 weeks postpartum.

I bled for 5 wks with 1st, 4 wks with 2nd, & 4 wks with 3rd. A few days after I stopped with 1st, I started my period. So its completely normal.

This happened to me… Placenta was left behind and I almost bled out completely. By time I got to the er I passed out in the floor… This was after the Dr telling me it was normal. If you are filling a pad in less than an hour or huge clots go to the er! If I hadnt got to the hospital when I did I wouldn’t be here now.


Your ob/gyn may be able to answer your question more accurately.

I bled for 8 weeks after giving birth .

Go to dr or er. No its not always normal. I almost died bc of this same thing after a c section. My hemoglobin dropped very low due to bleeding out. Had to have a blood transfusion etc…I’d go immediately and get checked. Better safe than sorry.

Why do people feel the need to get this personal on fb? It is not the place.

Sounds like some placenta may have been left behind.

Doctor like yesterday.

I did the same for 12 weeks

Go to your upcoming Dr. appointment and find out EXACTLY what’s going on.

I think its not normal can you plz tell that whats your age

You can also lose the scab to yout uterus. I had to go to hospital and get contraction pills to stop the bleeding. I was bleeding through 3 folded towels in no time

I bled for 8 weeks after my csection.

I got an IUD after my youngest was born as soon as it was safe to do so, because my doctors think another baby will kill me. I then proceeded to keep bleeding for another few months after it was inserted. All together from the day my child was born until I stopped bleeding over 6 months went by!!! Bleeding or spotting every day… it was awful.

with my second I bled for 2 months. I was also doing too much. Slow down and rest more and the bleeding should slow down. But don’t expect it to completely go away as your body needs to expel the blood. Also if you’re having clots they should be no bigger than a golf ball.


It sounds like you might be doing too much, when I had my daughter I stopped bleeding at 3 weeks pp but started again with terrible cramps and clotting at 5 1/2ish weeks pp because I was moving around too strenuously (even though it didn’t feel that way to me. However it’s perfectly normal to bleed for 6ish weeks pp


My baby is almost 4 months and just stopped bleeding. Plus I got the depo shot for birth control at my 6 week check up. I think it’s just everyone’s body is different.

It took me nearly two months to stop bleeding completely after both my babies. You should be okay. As others have said as long as the clots aren’t huge that’s normal too. If you are nursing your period won’t be the same as it was before pregnancy as well, and it won’t be very regular.

Omg I bled for so long almost 2 months with my son… Also a c section.i was doing to much .just get checked to make sure you are ok. I had a lot of scar tissue. Good luck :heart::heart:

Before I had kids I was heavy on day 1. And light for 3 days after…
It took me 4-5 cycles after birth for my period to get back to “normal”…

I had vaginal births but I bled for a month after baby #1, and about a month and a half after baby #2

As long as the clots aren’t larger than an egg, it’s fine. If they are larger you need to be seen!

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