I just don't know what to do anymore

I wanna just give my baby my last name and then claim all the kids next year since I'm the one that has provided 90% of care and stability to all my kids. Is that wrong? I just wanna do the right thing. I'm emotional because I'm 22 weeks pregnant and it has been so hard to be taking care of everything with little to no help from the dad. He is 7 hears younger than me and has a hard time grasping reality that he is about to have 2 kids within a year; 2 under 2. I feel if i give him the satisfaction of claiming a child or both children, he would be getting free money and not being able to support with a job. My friends and sister tell me that i have worked like a dog for the past few years and that it just wouldn't be right to let him claim kids he barely helps out with. Like i said, I wanna do the tight thing but I'll be out of a way to get caught up on everything so the kids and i aren't homeless. I do plan on working again after the baby so I'm not money hungry in any way. I just wanted to take a break during my last pregnancy and enjoy it while i can. Also, my ex has stolen my laptop for money this year on top of cheating on me for a whole year and i kicked him out so we can just focus on being good parents.