I just had a baby and cannot stop crying: Advice?

I need advice here. I just had my 3rd baby, and lately, all I’ve been doing is crying and not being myself. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m crying. I feel like I’m not bonding with my baby. I think it’s postpartum depression. I saw online the symptoms, and I have all of them. So my question is if you’ve ever had PPD, what did you do? I’ve never felt like this after having a baby, and I need help on what to do because I can’t take another day like this…I need advice here… I just had my 3rd baby, and lately, all I’ve been doing is crying and not being myself. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m crying. I feel like I’m not bonding with my baby… I think it’s postpartum depression. I saw online the symptoms, and I have all of them. So my question is if you’ve ever had ppd what did you do? I’ve never felt like this after having a baby, and I need help on what to do because I can’t take another day like this…


I had PPD after my third child as well. DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY… Go see your OBGYN! I was put on antidepressants and they helped immensely! Please feel free to message me if you need to talk or have more questions. PPD is real and makes you feel like your going crazy! Make sure you are open to getting help from family members and friends with the baby until things get better. Praying for whoever and wherever you are!:heart:

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Dont wait another day…seek help & call your Dr today!!! You wont be sorry…we all need help sometimes!!!:heart::heart::heart:

Talk with your OBG. It sounds like PPD. They can help and they do care if you are having those issues. It’s ok to feel that way and sometimes we just need a good cry. But it sounds like yours may need a little help from your doc. I have had PPD Twice and both times my OBG helped me get back situated and on the right path! Praying that you get to feeling more like you!

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Sweetie pie, you are NOT alone. If you’re feeling this way, get to your OBGYN QUICK or even the ER. Ask someone to care for the baby temporarily and let them know you are having a medical emergency. You don’t have to go into detail, just get help. Whatever you do, DO NOT pick the baby up if you’re feeling strong negative emotions.


You need to go to your doctor and tell them how you’re feeling, and ask for help. There’s no shame in that. Take deep breaths, write yourself little post it notes and stick them where you will see them often. You’ve got this mama. But you don’t have to go through this alone.


Have someone come and help with baby and you go out and just do something you like to do alone. Ppd can be very serious and detrimental if you don’t talk to someone and feel as much as yourself ASAP. Good luck and best wishes

Please go get help. If they won’t help you, go elsewhere for help. I had PPD that turned into PPP. I attempted suicide because I kept having visions of killing my baby and I didn’t want to hurt her. That was 14 years ago. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Please get help. It can get better!

Im sure its difficult to parent your children & handle things when you are feeling so sad & just not yourself. People care so dont be shy or passive about asking for help. You need help in a few ways. Can you get a friend or relative to visit each day & stay for a few hours to help you & the kids & such till you feel better? Your hormones are probably causing it but have your doctor check everything. You probably need some type of hormone therapy or medicine to help you get through it. Definitely tell your doctor you need IMMEDIATE care. If you dont have relatives or friends nearby, maybe a ladies church group or new mothers group could send a volunteer to hep you while you are working through this. I pray you are well soon!

I had PPD after having both my kids. Had to take meds in order to get back to myself. It won’t last forever, and you’re not alone in this, but you definitely should talk to your doctor.

I had ppd with my second child really bad. Make an appointment with your Dr they may be able to write you for something temporarily that will help relieve the depression systems. Also try taking walks with your spouse or planning just a day out to help you catch up with some old girlfriends for a couple hours may help as well. I wish you the best, but I can definitely tell you it doesn’t last a long time. With medical advice the sooner the better to get you to the road of feeling better

Make an appointment and definitely get as much sleep and help that’s available. You are not alone. I’m still getting over it and it’s been almost 9 months but every day does get better. My grandma who had 5 kids always said that it takes 1 year to fully recover from having a baby.

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You need to call your obgyn as soon as they open and make an appointment. PPD is very real and very scary. Get help as soon as possible. I wish you all the best mama

After my 2nd child I had postpartum depression & it was no fun. I went to my ob/gyn and he sent me to a psychologist. I was put on an antidepressant. It really helped me! Get the help you need! Prayers!!

This happened to me too! I never had ppd with my 1st 2 kids. Then with my 3rd I cried ALL the time. didnt wanna do anything. But I talked with my doctor and she put me 9n some antidepressants and it has helped and I dont need to stay on it that long. It does get better!

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First take a deep breath. Can someone come and watch the children for a couple of hours? If so get out and do something nice for yourself. You are very hormonal atm. I promise you this will pass. Try to set up some you time a couple or three days a week.

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Talk to your ob/gyn. They deal with ppd every day. You are not alone. I had it with my first. Took meds for about 4 months and was then able to get off of them with no issues. It’s not your fault so please don’t think you’ve done something wrong. It also helps having a support system around you if you can. Someone who can help out with the kids and give you a break. I will keep you in my prayers. This too shall pass. You got this! :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

I know it sounds dumb, but after my last daughter, I danced around all goofy, took funny pictures. It made me laugh and feel better. You got this.

Call and leave message with nurse… Tell them you need help now.


Sleep and support. Another thing I had to do when it didnt get better was get on a non-narcotic anxiety\depression medication.

I had ppd with my third, too. After making 3 appointments, I was too depressed and paranoid to get to the first two, the doctor subscribed something. I was nursing and that child now struggles with anxiety.

I had this after baby #1 and #4. It took me awhile lime 2 months to just come to grips with being a new mom. It was a mess.

It’s a real thing . do not ignore it. Call your doctor or go to urgent care. It Will get better.

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Please make an appointment with your dr and be honest and open! They can help you if you reach out! Prayers and hugs I know it’s hard being a young mom I was once:)


Had this after my second child. I was diagnosed with anxiety. See your Doctor they can help.

Go to the doctor ! It’s ok to have post baby blues but you do need to get something to regularly those hormones!!


PPD consult your physician immediately. Your worth it and this is common and normal. Nothing to be ashamed of. Too blessed to stress mama.

Mine was worse with my 3rd child

The belly binder they gave me at the hospital I used that for 3 months and i noticed that without that I wouldn’t be myself and would cry but once it was back on while my hormones readjusted I was ok. But if that doesn’t help I’d speak with the medical doctor maybe counseling or a good pamper day?

Red meats lots of protein is a good way to help

U need to discuss this with your ob/gyn

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See your doctor as soon as possible!

Sounds like postpartum depression

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I’ve been feeling the same :pensive: I can’t shake it off!

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Seek professional help immediately

Talk with your Dr, They will help you with meds

Call Dr and make an appt ASAP.

Talk to your doctor. She will give you some pills for that.

Yes i had it that soumds exactly like ppd

Take vitamin B complex & vitamin B 6… Really helped me after I had my 2nd baby

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Hold your baby as much as possible, this is no joke an amazing cure for ppd. Let everything else go, ask for help with other things and hold that baby, skin to skin if you can. All day and all night if you can, it WILL help. :heart:

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Hormones ladies hormones.

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Talk with your Doctor

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Seek medical attention immediately


Talk to ur doctor!!!

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See your dr hon sending big hug

Post parden depression go to ee

No shame! Take time and get well.

Post partom depression

Call your doctor. They can help you get through this. You’re probably trying to do too much too quickly. You have to be an advocate for yourself. If you get better that’s better for your children and everyone. Do you have a friend or relatives that can help with your other children, house work, cleaning, errands, etc.? Give them a call and tell them you need some help. Take a nap, take a shower, try to relax, soft music, candles, whatever helps you be calm and peaceful. This can help so much. Just take a few days to be comfortable and rest. Praying for you

Call your doctor asap

Get to the doctor!!! I had horrific PPD after I had my son 21 years ago. I thought I was going crazy! My doctor put me on a mild antidepressant, and I got some counseling as well. Don’t ignore your symptoms or yourself!!! You DESERVE to feel better!!! Prayers for you!!!:kissing_heart::pray:t3:


Yes plz make an appt with your Dr. Talk to your husband or someone you trust. Don’t keep dealing with this alone. You will feel so much better getting some help. There is no shame in feeling this way. You can’t help this. You will get through this! Praying for you!:heart:


I had PPD. I went on Zoloft for about a year. It was my second…I felt so torn and struggled not being able to always snuggle with my first because of the needs of his new brother who had days and night mixed up and so opposite his brother. I was sleep deprived and struggled splitting my time between two children. They were 20 months apart. I cried all the time was short and snippy at times. I had difficulty bonding with my new son. Felt like I couldn’t soothe him like I was able to with his brother. He would cry all the time. At my 8 week check up told the dr what was going on and they gave me Zoloft. A year later weaned off and all was good. It was VERY different then the experience with my first and I felt like such a failure as a mom. You aren’t alone and you will get through. I recommend talking with your Obgyn and follow up with therapy. You will be ok and everything will adjust. 3 is tough. My third came 10 years later. I didn’t want anymore after having the PPD experience with my second. Luckily the third time with the lapse in time was ok for me and I didn’t have PPD for the last. A lot of hormones and changes within your body going on. Do not stress and have comfort you aren’t alone and it happens to so many. Definitely talk with your dr because within a few weeks I felt so much better. PS…normally I’m anti meds…but in the PPD scenario I needed it, but it was temporary.

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PLEASE don’t hesitate and call your doctor! Asking for help isn’t easy but its the best decision i ever made!! Prayers for you

Go to your doctor ASAP, an emergency appointment even. This is PPD. You need medical help. It’s hormonal and chemical miss fires in the brain. Please don’t try to tough it out

You need to seek help from your Dr. Immediately! Please.

Go to your doctor or ER, please. Call a friend, mother family member. PLEASE! Prayers for you and your baby.

I had ppd please call your doctor. It’s very real!! You can’t control it. You need help from your doctor. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Go to your Dr. Plain and simple. Don’t google your symptoms. You can end up driving yourself crazier trying to ‘self diagnose’ yourself

Call your doctor asap. And let your family know as well. Do not go through this by yourself!!!


Call your doctor, tell them what’s happening because it doesn’t just go away sometimes. Ask family for help. Dont be afraid to ask for help. I had it with my 3rd child as well and thought I was nuts til a friend cared enough to listen, I didn’t have family to lean on then.

Been there, go see your Dr., there is relief for it.

It happens …this too shall pass…you can pray …call on Jesus…your body chemistry is out of balance…its all temporary…count your blessings for a healthy family get some Help with chores and take time to rest…#3; is tiring… call another young mother…share your feelings…she will care and understand…that’s what friends are for…praying for you…it will not last!!!

I got postpartum depression really bad after my 3 pregnancy. Your dr can get you some help

Let your doctor know ASAP. it happens sometimes. But let your dr know asap.

Call the doctor ASAP. You just need some help to get through this, most of us has been there, you got this, but please talk to your husband and your doctor.

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U need to make an appt with family doctor or ob/gyn and get some help before it gets worse!!


We are warned about PPD during pregnancy but we often don’t see it ourselves…
I had it very bad with my daughter 23 yrs ago but it “didn’t click.” My ex husband and others noticed but did nothing…
Go seek help immediately…


Please go see your doctor!

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I had it too. I talked to my doctor at my follow ups and he really helped me.

Get help love it’s very dangerous!! Sending you love and light I’ve been there before

I had a sweet friend that did the same thing , she got so depressed and almost killed her child, it’s not you get help fast.

Please talk to your Ob/ Gyn. It is real.

God, counts every tear. problem hormones. maybe… ((hugs)) & prayers.

Call the Dr… postpartum depression…

Call your doctor yes or go to the ER

Postpartum, go see your doc.

Go see your doctor!!

You are not alone…it can happen after giving birth. Seek professional help, you’ll be glad you did…hang in there mama!:pray::heart:

Postpartum! Go see your doctor ASAP!

Its horrible not being able to have your baby after your deliver him because of a fever in my case I did everything in the nine months I ate right took every thing about that pregnancy like if my life depended on it . Very few no but they do when I delivered my baby all natural it was a feeling of life !hes 34 years old now but I remember everything about his delivery and the lil time away from him so I can just imagine how post partum must feel ugly I’ve never had post partum

PPD call your obgyn ASAP! Please if you need anything or have any questions please feel free to message me. I went through this with my previous 2 pregnancies!

A lot of hospitals have counseling for free. You can call them. I called my PCP and they got me in same day to talk to someone. If there is a women’s resource center near you, you could call them too. But, please make the call. The sooner you get help, the sooner you will feel better! Sending you love!!

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Definitely PND! I had it 4 years ago and you need to see a professional about it. Don’t wait, do it for you and your babies!! Mine got so bad I was suicidal so please get some help ASAP!

PPD. I didnt have a decent support system when it came to how I felt about my kid.
I was the same as you. I loved my son but I couldnt bond with him.
My mother did help, but also chastised me because she couldnt understand how I could feel the way I did about my son.

I got on meds, like 11m PP which shouldn’t have taken me that long. Glad I did. I’m a whole new person and bonding with my son. Just gotta find the right meds momma.
Good luck and know you’re never alone <3

After my youngest, I had debilitating PPD. Sweetheart call your Dr and tell them. :hugs: Best of luck!


See your doctor. Sometimes they have to give you something to help balance out your hormones, its not uncommon to need a little help, when we deliver, our bodies go thru a little shock, everything gets shifted and imbalanced, the good thing is you have noticed it, and are seeking the help. Ask family for help as well, turn the shower on, run warm water, play soothing music, use essential oils​:heartpulse::slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely sounds like PPD. Try to talk to your dr about Zoloft. It’s safe to breastfeed on, and will help drastically :heart: good luck!

For the first month post delivery checkup all the doctor had to do was ask me, “How are you doing?”…The dam broke and I bawled in front of her. She said it happens all the time. :heart: After a talk, she diagnosed me with PPD, set me up with an appointment with the counselor and prescribed me Sertraline (generic Zoloft). Be open about your feelings and ask for help. You’ll feel better in the long run.

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Get medication. You won’t have to stay on it indefinitely and you will feel so much better .

Call your doctor !! But also you might need a good good sleep too… hugs!!:heart::heart:

Yes you are, i did that too. You need to call u doctor they can help u.

I told my Dr at postpartum check up and they referred me to a mental health provider for meds and talk therapy.

Call your Dr immediately or call the PPD hotline 1-800-994-9662. Do not wait!!

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Definitely PPD. Go right away to Emerg. or your doctor and get help. You and your baby need it NOW!:gift_heart:


Please speak with your doctor if they don’t listen go to someone else don’t leave it unaddressed please

I was the same way, fluoxetine worked wonders for me. One 10 mg capsule in the morning turned me right side up and had minimal leakage into breast milk. My doctor monitored me and baby and said PPD is nothing to feel ashamed of or think that you are a bad mother. It happens and doctors can help. Talk to them it will literally make you feel better.

Get with your doctor about this.they can give something to help you.talk to your Dr.this could get worse.and Don.t be hard on yourself.