I just need to vent because I have no one to talk to

I’ve been home all week with a teething baby who is not sleeping and sassy toddler (babysitter was out sick so I used the last of my PTO to stay home.) Hubby told me before he left for work he would be out of work early so I could get groceries and he would stay home with the kids. He called me while at work and said he would be home at 12:30. Perfect, I’ll get them all set with lunch and nurse the baby so baby is set until I get home…12:45 rolls around and I called my husband to see where he was. He said it would be another 30 minutes before he’s home. He walks in at 1:30 and proceeded to chew me out!!! How dare I call him and have an attitude with him on the phone and ask him to call or text me next time he’s running late. And then screamed at me because he’s broke and now I’m asking for grocery money (he makes double, sometimes triple what I make)… and when I started crying, he told me to suck it up and stop crying whenever I’m upset… I’m just shocked and hurt he did that. And now he’s acting like he didn’t just blow up on me