I just need to vent

I think maybe I just need to vent. I’ve been feeling so lost lately. I have two kids 18 months and 6 months. My fiancé has a two and half year old from his previous relationship (long story for another day) who is with us for at least 50% of the time. I am a server. I work the night shift. Generally I work from 4-12. The money is good but it’s a dead end job. I used to have so much ambition for a professional life and then I had kids. All i want is to be with them without being exhausted from working til late and then up in the night with the baby and up early with the older boys. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” doesn’t work when you have three babies. I do have them where there is an overlap in naps so I can get an hour to myself but there’s always so much to do and then it’s off to work. I’ve thought about working from home but I can’t do something that requires me being on the phone half the day. I’m just so lost. I don’t know what I want to be outside of mom. But I know I can’t keep doing what I’m doing. Has anyone else been thru this? What did you do?


That’s when I decided to become a school bus driver. Was the best decision of my life. I have a break between my morning and afternoon route and my kids come along with me. I have every weekend off as well as holidays and unemployment during the summer. You got this momma!


Cant you apply to a JR College in your area, & do online classes, & head yourself into a career that way?
Im sure you would qualify for Financial Aid. Both my daughters have gone that route, they usually end up with at least $1500 in cash every semester to help pay on bills with. One is now a CNA with an Associates in Healthcare, & one is getting a Criminal Justice Associates Degree. They each work also, & only one has a child. But most all of their classes & exams are done completely online, with maybe one class that they actually have to attend for 2 hours each week. But thats rare.

Change jobs & work when they’re at day care.

You have 2 kids. He has 1. He should be helping with all 3.

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Find you something part time in the afternoon or evenings working 4 or 5 hrs a night. You will not be so stressed and that gives you time to figure out if you want to go back to school or take a long term job! Either way you are their mommy and until they are school age they need most of your time! I raised 3 boys from the time they was 6, 7 and 9 I didnt get child support and I was divorced so it wasnt a piece a cake. But I went to school and got my LPN took me 2 yrs to get them. But when my boys started school I begun my career! Im now 52 and my boys are grown now but my home is paid for. I didnt have any help and I still made it work! You have your fiance so you both need to work together and boom you will be so happy😁 good luck with whichever direction you go💜

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Just here to say you’re doing a great job! As mothers, we work so hard without a break. I’d give you a hug if I could. My kids are 11, 7, 5, and with my 5 yr old starting kindergarten, I’ve been faced with “who am I and what are my dreams?” It’s hard to plan and dream in the thick of parenting! Praying for you :heart:

Ask Jesus to help you

Tend kids in your home so that you are home with them,and when they get older then work.

Try moving up at the restaurant maybe assistant manager to manager