I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Okay so, I was on my boyfriends instagram helping him with something in the settings because he wanted to figure out how to deactivate his account. We went through all the settings and I just happened to click “apps and websites” so I went into it and right there on the first page was tinder. So I looked at the date and apparently he authorized Instagram through Tinder on August 31st 2021. So less than a month ago. So my question is, does Instagram do that every once in a while if the person still has an active tinder account but they don’t use it or is did he just use tinder and log in through Instagram on August 31st 2021. Thanks ladies. Just trying to figure out what to do on this one.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Question? Are you happy without him?


Sorry to say it doesnt automatically put in on there it only shows up like that when you log in through Instagram

… signing into tinder… *Through Instagram! :roll_eyes:


No lol…you can link your tinder account to your Instagram so people can see other pics but he has to set up the account and agree to link up his Instagram. Sounds like he wanted to delete his Instagram so he wouldn’t get caught up. I know this because i have used tinder and it asks you if you want to link any other accounts. Not to mention unless he was on it recently it shouldnt be the first thing to pop up.

Instagram isn’t gonna check his tinder randomly,that date is when he used it to log in. Call him out on it

No it doesn’t do that. Tinder goes off who is active the most. He was obviously active on tinder 2 months ago (when you have stated) for it to pop up. Don’t believe the silly stories. Go with your gut.

he was definitely using tinder


Uh…based off my experience the date wouldn’t change if it was just an active account he didn’t use anymore. If the last time he accessed it was January 11 2015…then it would say January 11 2015. It wouldn’t automatically update on its own.


Create a Tinder account… Possibly under a fake name and see what you find out.

Don’t make it noticeable that you know… Do your own investigation… Been there so many times.


Oh he definitely used it on that date. Leave girl. Just leave his ass.

Asked him… I’d definitely question it…

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As far as I know The dates are not renewed, the date that appears is the day you link your accounts between them, Facebook + insta, insta + tinder, Facebook + candy crush … Etc

Hes on the web page I’m sorry


Nope she’s full of s*** and on a dating website. No if ands or buts about it you can’t link s*** to your stuff unless you authorize it…


Don’t let him know let him walk right into the trap then confront with solid evidence


Make a fake account and then trap him that’s what I would do


I found POF app on my mans phone. I read messages to women when he working out of town. Tells them to hotel hes staying in. Has sent then dick pics. Also he has multiple pussy pics on his phone. I can only assume from these women. Hes gave then his phone number. I seen a strange number had text him one day so I opened it. I couldn’t resist and told her he had a girlfriend and to kick rocks…how do I bring this up to him without him flipping it around on me for going thru his phone?

U connect ur insta to ur tinder so he has to have a tinder account to of done it sorry


Get rid my boyfriend did the same to me

In order for his tinder to show this means he’s been on tinder recently . He just used his Instagram to authorize and put his info on the account so it fills most of the info out like name , gender and email . They are two separate accounts using the same info he used to create his Instagram. Go into tinder and find out more info and then ask him .

All these people saying “ask him” are too trusting.


I’d really set him off by telling him I made a tinder and he was a match of mine :rofl:


If you ask him about it it’s not like he’s gonna say “Yea babe, I linked a dating app to my IG which I clearly plan on using to be unfaithful” … if it’s linked it’s because he linked it setting it up. He linked it so they could see his ig pics and also because more ppl tend to use IG more times in a day. He won’t miss a message.

You could play with him just to see how far he will lie. Ask him about what he thinks about those apps or ask if he’s heard about them? Watch his body language :joy: Idk if you watch Murder mystery makeup, but you could bring it up during a conversation about an episode from there blah blah blah …

Nope he definitely is using tinder. I use IG and it’s never “accidentally” or “automatically” signed me up because I was using IG. You have to make an account and follow the steps. The IG account is linked after you make the tinder profile.

I have recently found out that you can use Instagram to get on certain websites like onlyfans.com and if you try to see those websites on his Google search history, it won’t show up because he was on the site through Instagram. So I’m sorry, but he was definitely on Tinder if it showed up within his Instagram account. He’s being sneaky and you need to confront him about it, or it will just get worse.

this happened to me i found him on pof dating site didnt know what that was at the time then i clicked on it…found his profile confronted him he said some guy at work set it up for him…bull shit…get rid of him…dogs…

Life is way too short!!!.. Too short to be asking questions U already know the answers to… Too short to be making fake profiles to try to “catch him”… Good luck w whatever U decide to do😏

No it does it when you send the approval and tinder connects to Instagram

I’d get a friend that has it to look him up with you. Get the skinny on his profile.

That’s how I interacted with people when I was on tinder. People can go look at your Instagram and add you that way. He’s obviously cheating on you. I’m sorry . knowing that he’s trying to deactivate his Instagram because he doesn’t want to get caught using a dating site. It’s better finding out now than later

Leave him. Don’t even ask. You saw it and he is on it. He will lie about it. You don’t want someone who is seeking others attention. You will forever be in the relationship not trusting him on his phone and it’ll drive you crazy. Leave while you’re ahead.

If you asked is because you already know the answer

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He’s on tinder, period!

Go and ask the man if he has a tinder active account! Problem solved!

wOW dude is caught red handed and lying right though his teeth