I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Okay so, I was on my boyfriends instagram helping him with something in the settings because he wanted to figure out how to deactivate his account. We went through all the settings and I just happened to click "apps and websites" so I went into it and right there on the first page was tinder. So I looked at the date and apparently he authorized Instagram through Tinder on August 31st 2021. So less than a month ago. So my question is, does Instagram do that every once in a while if the person still has an active tinder account but they don't use it or is did he just use tinder and log in through Instagram on August 31st 2021. Thanks ladies. Just trying to figure out what to do on this one.

Ask him politely but, straight to the point. Are you logging into Tinder or dating sites? If he says no. Say well when someone types from a computer a person’s first and last name or email accounts, it will show the month,day and year from last login.

(This is how I found my sons father for DHS about 6 years, lol got a current photo off a dating site, he’s married)