I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Okay so, I was on my boyfriends instagram helping him with something in the settings because he wanted to figure out how to deactivate his account. We went through all the settings and I just happened to click “apps and websites” so I went into it and right there on the first page was tinder. So I looked at the date and apparently he authorized Instagram through Tinder on August 31st 2021. So less than a month ago. So my question is, does Instagram do that every once in a while if the person still has an active tinder account but they don’t use it or is did he just use tinder and log in through Instagram on August 31st 2021. Thanks ladies. Just trying to figure out what to do on this one.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Download tinder on his phone and see


Make up all the excuses you want, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if this is acceptable to you. Then be a grown up and act accordingly, “with reality, and consequences, for all.”.


It wouldn’t be saying that unless it was active. So he’s used it on that date to log into tinder.


He definitely logged in with his Instagram info in august.


Nope, that falls on him 110%
The only reason he should’ve been logging in is to delete his account.


Firstly does he know whst tinder is ? He may of logged innot fully knowing what it is now he cant get rid of it and wants to deactivate his account cause he dont know how to get rid of it . Or make a fake tinder and stawk or ask him


And tinder isn’t that well known for a hookup site?


Never happened to me. Sounds to me like he’s trying to hide it.:confused:

Make a fake tinder profile and search for him by age, locale, etc. if there’s nothing, it was nothing. If it’s something I’d catfish his ass.

Some people don’t delete the accounts they just quit using them. Maybe he is just flirting? Maybe he’s hooking up? How long have you been with this dude? Maybe ask him why it says he’s active and figure this out for yourself. We aren’t in your relationship. We can’t say anything without all the facts, but if he’s an ass when you ask him, boy bye


Make a fake Tinder account and search for him. Maybe it shows his last activity?


He used it on that date . Instagram doesn’t do that . He did that . He’s using Tinder . He’s logging in thru Instagram. My guess is he wanted to delete Instagram but stay on Tinder .

You can link your accounts to dating sites and it is faster to login because you are already verified. Unfortunately, he may be massaging other women…

He added Instagram to his tinder profile. Lots of people do that. I would say make a fake account and try to find him but, you will make yourself crazy doing so. Instead, ask to see his phone again, and pull up what you did before, and ask him directly to his face. It’s dated. He can’t deny what is right there.
How long have you been together?

The asshole is using the app.

Good luck :heart:


He used IG to log into tinder is my guess. Ask him about it. Sounds sketch.

Do you own this person?


You have to press the button for it to do that and sync And the date will be when they were active on it


Oh no, he authorized it. Dating apps try to link up through your social media. You have to approve that manually. I’m so sorry.

But he’s your “boyfriend” not “husband”. Respect his privacy and life choices. Probably he’s still looking. Maybe this will teach us all women/men to stop acting like are married while we are dating. It is hard but it’s the truth. :woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6:


I’d ask questions. And see how he reacts . And make a fake profile and friend him . And talk to him see what happens. But that’s me I investigate.

You have to allow tinder to join on your Instagram manually. He would’ve done that after his profile was already made.

Here’s what I did I asked first and if your gut says otherwise because being in a relationship with that gut feeling is the worst because usually we r right. At times we are paranoid but if he sees this relationship as “being more than a boyfriend “ one day then ask him to go through his phone with you if he denies you then he will probably be hiding something so then you go make a fake account until you are satisfied with ur answer or snatch that fucking phone and see how he responds :woman_shrugging:


I thought tinder only partnered with Facebook??

Check messages & see how recent they are.
He logged on to tinder with Instagram. If I use my Facebook to log on to something else it tells me the date & whatever I logged in with :disappointed:

I’m weird… ask him. Face to face so you see his response as well as hear it.


He’s logged into it. I would just ask him why.


You need to just ask him about it, plain and simple. If the relationship between you two is healthy, you should both be able to talk about things like this honestly. If it turns into an argument and he gets defensive, then I think you have your answer. Whether he’s using the app. or not, he should be able to respond to your questioning honestly, respectfully, and with understanding. If you feel too uncomfortable to even bring it up, this is probably an unhealthy relationship and you may want to cut your losses and move on. Most importantly, ALWAYS trust your instincts, if you have a nagging gut feeling something isn’t right, it usually means something isn’t right.
I wish you all the best!


He’s still looking.

Just Ghost him


No it doesn’t update it, he would have to have logged into tinder and linked it to his Instagram! He’s then probably realised that every photo he puts on Instagram will now go on his Tinder account, hence why he wants to deactivate Instagram!! I’d sit down and just say, you know he’s been on tinder, ask him why! If he’s on a dating site then he’s clearly looking elsewhere so I would get rid ASAP!

Some apps do require login from other apps for example my Pinterest is linked to Facebook and Twitter is linked to Instagram.

Logged into tinder using Instagram u can also log in using Facebook

If I were u ide do some investigating make up a fake profile and seek him out see what his intentions were and I bet they were searching (yeah I know that’s not rightalso is not right that his doing that don’t bother asking him he will deny get ur answer then ask him the question) I would t want to be in his shoes cause where there’s smoke there’s fire !!

Either ask and express how it makes you feel is he as serious about this relationship as you etc so your on the same page … or get a tinder account put some models pictures as your pics … match him on there … Talk flirt and arrange to meet up no strings attached and boom it’s you ! Hey 💁 then world war 3 began hahahaha xx

What’s his user name…. I’ll see if he’s on Grindr…… for you .


She should have called him ouf then, it was the perfect opportunity.


I’m sorry but love doesn’t belong to one person. How about you sit down and talk to him. And it doesn’t matter what you were doing on there you should not have gone through the details in that depth. I’m sorry but you have a crossed a line by diving into information that you weren’t supposed to be looking into. Trust=broken


Ever heard the saying don’t ask questions you don’t necessarily want the answer to? This is one of those times. You go snooping you’re going to find something you don’t want to. And if it’s a big deal you should have outed him about it on the spot.


It sounds to me he was actively using it.


Not a clue about dating apps but just ask him straight!
You will be the best judge on his actions and responses.

This would depend on how long he has been your boyfriend. Have you specifically discussed a committed relationship? If not, you’re both free to see others until you’ve determined mutually to be exclusive and go further.

It just pops up when u sign up on anything like Facebook also.dont mean he did it .

Id just confront him. You know what you saw and you even know the date. Let him know what you saw and how you feel about it.
Ghosting is childish.
Dont listen to these people, you were trying to help and stumbled upon this info. It’s just best at this point to let him know you saw it and that he was using it a month ago for sure. If you’re in a relationship, he owes you and explanation for that behavior. Just don’t be taken for a fool id he tries


Girl be like wtf is this shit? Quit beating around the bush I would have straight up punched my man!!! Well he’s a little boy if he has to hide shit!!

Tinder is not just an app for dating, download it yourself and check it out. If you honestly feel like he is or could be talking to other people, just ask him.

You need to talk to him about it. Maybe he has a reasonable answer.

If he just denies it completely, then you need to have the lying & cheating conversation. Maybe he isn’t the one for you.

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He is cheating. Run. He will try and sugar coat things. It’s up to u if u want to live with a cheater. I wish u luck

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He did that on August 31. Im sorry

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You’re trying to rationalize his behavior. He should not have an active account on tinder.


I dont even know what tinder is lol


But can u find out his pw

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Listen I’ve had dating apps and even though I’m not using them anymore I still get sent stuff all the time. But I would talk to him feel out the situation. Don’t let him fool you if you see the red flags then maybe you should leave the relationship.

Why didn’t you ask him? Apparently, he knows more about Instagram than you think. Snooping? You have your answer

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You actually have to authorize it urself. Your phone will litterally ask you. It’s not some monthly self checking thing. Also consider WHY does he suddenly want to deactivate his Instagram? Very sus.


Make a fake account with a drop dead model and see if you can find him.:woman_shrugging:t4:


You already know the answer.


You already know what’s up sus!! But now you have to decide if he’s the one worth suffering for!?! Cause let’s face it…most men cheat and a good man is hard to find, they’re either married or got a baby mama that’s always available cause his pockets deep lol


It sounds like he has been on his dating sites and figured he would get caught through Instagram so he wanted it deactivated. Or maybe he wanted to be caught and is wanting out and figured letting you catch him was the best thing. Either way, he is searching and looking so its best to leave now. He will cheat if he hasn’t yet.


Create a fake account and bust him


A tinder account only stays active if you’re actively using it, it’s only something like 7 days for it be become inactive and deactivate x

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You need to speak to him, your gut will tell you if he’s lying. People change elements of their usual behaviour when they lie and you will get a sense of that. I don’t use tinder and rarely Instagram so I can’t give answers on how they work but pre-arm yourself with some questions of exactly what you want to know and catch him unawares with them so he can’t wriggle out of it. Hope you get your answers :hugs:

It means he’s using tinder. Ask him about it.

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You know what to to lady

Authorized through Tinder means he was on Tinder when he authorized Instagram. Whether he is cheating or not, he is looking. You would not be unreasonable to ask him to reassure you by logging into his Tinder account. Check it out… If he has done nothing wrong, you will have gained his respect by asking instead of snooping. Then you can decide how trustworthy or not he has been.

He was on tinder girl. U leaving or staying …