I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Okay so, I was on my boyfriends instagram helping him with something in the settings because he wanted to figure out how to deactivate his account. We went through all the settings and I just happened to click “apps and websites” so I went into it and right there on the first page was tinder. So I looked at the date and apparently he authorized Instagram through Tinder on August 31st 2021. So less than a month ago. So my question is, does Instagram do that every once in a while if the person still has an active tinder account but they don’t use it or is did he just use tinder and log in through Instagram on August 31st 2021. Thanks ladies. Just trying to figure out what to do on this one.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

No you have to approve that. And use it it doesn’t like automatically update. Means he was on tinder


Make yourself an account using a fake name/pictures and keep swiping until you find him. Screenshot your evidence. Show him. Then leave him with his dating app. :upside_down_face:


If an app authorized it’s because they used it. Men have the oddest excuses tho. You could have them on video and they would say “I wasn’t me” :woman_shrugging: Ask him to log into the tinder account and show you the activity. If he won’t then there’s your answer.


Not really sure but when I updated my phone a few days ago ht basically made me sign back into everything since all the data that was leaked/hacked from apple

He has been on and active.


You log in using social media. So no he’s lying if he’s saying it’s some random :poop:

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Mine also has tinder on it and I’ve never even had a tinder.


He is using tinder. My ex husband did the same shit and tried to deny it saying some bullshit

Theres a reason he’s deactivating social media.
I think he’s met it is trying to meet someone. And Instagram probably shows he’s in a relationship with you.
The whole thing sounds bad.
I’m sorry. :pensive:


He’s logged into it himself

Confront that man​:clap::clap::clap:

Throw Him and the phone in the Bin


You have to log in using that accounts sign in info facebook does the same thing…it won’t do it other wise

Talk to him. Decide whether or not you trust him. Make a decision. Math is easy.


It would be the latter unfortunately. Fb / Instagram doesn’t do that on their own. It has to be authorised.

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If he logged in with the same email or the same password linked to his phone or other accounts it will show like that. :disappointed: sorry

Not getting good vibes. I’d dip.


If its authorized hes using it. Instagram doesnt update it the date u see is the date he used it with his instragram log


This reminds me of the time my ex signed up “with his mates for a laugh”, he gave me chlamydia :upside_down_face:


Make a fake profile, set your distance to the lowest when he’s home and find it.

It’ll only come up if he’s active on it. If I don’t go on to Tinder in a few weeks it automatically makes me “invisible”.


I’d also be interested to find out what he’s trying to hide from you since he’s decided to deactivate his Instagram!


Leave him now!! Looking for others, even if he doesn’t met it’s an emotional affair! It hurts worse. They won’t stop either.


Mine says tinder also, but I’ve never used Instagram to log into tinder.

Run away. Let tinder have him

If you trust him, don’t be with him. You never have to question MAN who loves you


Get tested for STDs ASAP.


Bit suspicious he’s trying to delete a Instagram account that is linked to tinder. Which means he’s probably be matched with someone you both know. That’s what it does when you authorize it that’s how I caught my cousins bf. We had a friend in common which was his gf my cousin and it made him come up on my tinder lol. I screen shot his profile and told him he had 24 hrs to tell her or I was going to.


He is 100% currently using tinder. Don’t let him lie to you.


It’s broken throw it out


Don’t leave him. Ppl will be quick to tell you that but wouldn’t take their own advice. We don’t know enough info to make that decision. Girl do your FBI shiiii and figure some thangs out. You know ur man. :wink: Blessings either way because worrying/heartbreak isn’t a good feeling.


Ask him about it. Don’t assume, ask and pay attention to his body language and explanation. Go on from there.


Nothing he could possibly be using… he’s definitely using tinder.

He logged in… I suggest you catfish him :joy::joy:


Instagram does not do that. Hes probably deleting his ig to cover up what he doing on tinder


He logged into tender with his Instagram :grimacing::grimacing:


Make your own and see what he’s got on there :woman_shrugging:t3:


Why did he decide to delete Instagram?


I spent 7 years making excuses for my BD and why he still had dating accounts. Ditch that MF before you’re tied for life baby, and run. Most of us say this because we’ve been there. But I also understand, I mean I spent 7 years there so I definitely understand :joy::cry: confront him and see his reaction get defensive real quick.


All these comments about make a fake profile, and get tested. :roll_eyes: How about you just present the information that you saw? He did in fact ask you to help him with something on his phone so it’s not like you were snooping. If you are not satisfied with his answer then ask him to see the phone and look at it again for yourself and look at the activity. The question is going to be will you truly trust his answer? Only you will know that. Don’t let it others sway your decision.


hmmmm id go balistic lol i would have to ask him about it and tell him what i saw and expect he may not tell me the truth. but knowing me id try to find him on tinder and see what i can find out

Just ask him about it. Don’t assume things. That is how us women look crazy. Be the adult and bring it up

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Hes broken throw him away :joy:


Ask him about it. Read is body language. Your gut will tell you what’s up. Maybe he did log into it once. May he wanted to know what the app was. Don’t assume until then.

You should have asked right when you saw it, but I can see if you didn’t want to jump to conclusions because you weren’t 100% positive. Just ask him.

Well I just checked mine :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I have tinder & onlyfans and I NEVER downloaded or have an account with either :rofl::rofl:

Everyone is so quick to judge these days, that probly why half of you are single. Sit down talk to him or hell since you have his phone check his DMs :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: not that hard, be an adult and ask him :woman_shrugging:

Guess that’s why I’m where I’m at today, I don’t take no BS.


How about be an adult and ask him? I mean, what’s the problem?
This is why females are so petty and toxic… Being a grown up in relationships is too hard. :roll_eyes:

Ugh… Explain what you saw while helping him and ask him all the questions you have. Ask for complete honesty. Never used tinder, but ask to see his login info on a computer, which according to Google, used to be stored in accounts, viewable on the website but not app. Read his response, attitude and body language. And forever use your intuition from here on out. If he is cheating on you, make sure you see a doctor and get checked for STDs.

If he’s your boyfriend , he shouldn’t have a tinder account at all …

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What is tinder and Instagram?

Be an adult and have an adult conversation with him. I’m honestly not sure if the permissions you give through like FB and IG update periodically or if it only updates when actually in use, but regardless, talk to him about it. My husband used to have Plenty of Fish, before we ever met, and deleted the app but never deactivated the account. He still gets random emails from them and I tease him about it all the time. Maybe he had Tinder, doesn’t anymore, but the app connection is still there.

Or, maybe he has Tinder and is a lying, cheating, sack of crap.

The only way to know is to ASK HIM and have a conversation about it.

Mine doesn’t show anything and I’ve had a tinder so idkk ask him

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He logged in threw Instagram :ok_hand:t2:


My now husband and I met on tinder, so we both had it on our phones when we started dating. I think it was about 6 months into the relationship he still had it on his phone, so I just talked to him about it and he was like, yeah I don’t need that anymore and deleted it. Just talk to him. If he’s not okay with deleting it, then he’s not fully committed and you’ll have to decide how committed you are to continuing a relationship with him if he’s not.


I work in IT and that is the date he authorized it to sync. He would have to download and accept the terms to get it to show there. The right thing would be to ask him but my illogical brain says to get on there and see if there is really tinder on his phone. :tipping_hand_woman: I found this from Instagram. More Control Over the Data You Share with Third-Party Apps on Instagram – Instagram


Um no Instagram doesn’t do it, are you serious? He has to do it you literally have to click buttons to sync accounts with other apps, I think you need a new man if he’s been on hook up sites because that’s what tinder is most people use it as a booty call site

It means he logged into tinder through ig


Maybe just ask him? Maybe he went on it to see if it was still activated from before you to delete since he’s also deleting Instagram?

This is what it says for me.

Uh…. He did that on his own. It doesn’t do that automatically. He’s on Tinder, sis. Time to make him your ex now…


It doesn’t do it automatically. Talk to him about it and see what’s up. But I’d be pissed :joy:


It only gives permission when you log in.

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I’d catfish his ass first… Can’t deny jack shit then.

Download tinder on his phone & log in through his IG

Boom you have all info you need.
That’s how my girlfriend found out her bf was cheating on her she logged in w his phone number typically doesn’t ask for a password & then boom she saw all convos w dates

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For all the people saying just ask him, be an adult and communicate with him. Clearly y’all have never been in a relationship with a man that won’t communicate with you, or gives you the worst anxiety bc you know how the conversation is going to go. Clearly if she was in a relationship with someone who she knew she could communicate with she wouldn’t be asking here. Or she needs and wants def proof about how this works so she can present that to him and he can’t manipulate her out of the situation.

It shows history on websites he’s been on. Talk to him and if he denies it, bring up screenshots of it.

He would have to click it :joy: Instagram wouldn’t just do it

He logged In threw his Instagram

Investigate his IG and see if he’s hiding more to it. Tinder could be re downloaded and have him show you proof or otherwise you can tell him your decision right there if he doesn’t show you what he’s hiding

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Hun, your boyfriend is cheating. I’m thinking he’s trying to deactivate his account because he pissed one of those females off and he doesn’t want to be put on blast. Instead of wondering if Instagram authorized Tinder, you should be wondering why he even has Tinder. I never used it but I’m sure just like any other App, he could’ve deactivated his account and deleted the App. :woman_shrugging:t4:


He had to of linked it that way because it does not just automatically happen like that

Thats crazy…checking mine now bc Im curious🤔 I’ve never used those apps either

Well not hard to figure out your feelings never accounted for his actions. Discuss maybe what has created the behavior. Try to understand people aren’t perfect and I hope you can Have enough honesty and trust in your relationship to move past support and validate each other’s love. I hope you have been together for a while and you don’t self distruct. I just wish more for you then my experience of that to someone who Held my heart before.

Idk…I just checked mine and I have never been on any of the websites or apps that were listed on mine. Was his name next to the tinder?

I’m not on tinder anymore and this is mine

So if it’s under active … he’s cheating


Be. An. Adult. And. Ask. Him.


It meams he added his instagram to his tinder account on that day so people could see more pics of him.

Just ask him and see how he reacts then you will know the answer


If that’s the date when it was last authorized, that’s the date. It doesn’t change it unless lets say he used it in 2018 then got on the app again a month ago. Then it would change to most recent. If your super curious just make a fake tinder and look him up.


Should of asked him about it. He should of shown you his account and it should of shown it hasn’t been used while y’all were together. If he can’t well you have your answer.