I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

Okay so, I was on my boyfriends instagram helping him with something in the settings because he wanted to figure out how to deactivate his account. We went through all the settings and I just happened to click “apps and websites” so I went into it and right there on the first page was tinder. So I looked at the date and apparently he authorized Instagram through Tinder on August 31st 2021. So less than a month ago. So my question is, does Instagram do that every once in a while if the person still has an active tinder account but they don’t use it or is did he just use tinder and log in through Instagram on August 31st 2021. Thanks ladies. Just trying to figure out what to do on this one.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I just want some advice about my boyfriend possibly using a dating app

I don’t know cuz I’m 70 and can’t even do Instagram, but good job being on the look out. There’s a lot of hanky panky going on out there, and technology is making it easy for the guys to get away with it.


At least it wasn’t grinder


We’ve had 2 updates just recently that changed our settings. I did 14 3 or 4 weeks ago and 15 last night. I’m not saying he’s being sneaky or taking up for him, but :smirk::woozy_face: he guilty.


You ask him girl, you’ll know if he’s honest.


He logged in, it wasn’t instagram… and if he opened/made a tinder acct, then that’s an issue and a problem, no matter what his excuses are, there is no reason he should have tinder access on his phone. As soon as he started dating you, acct should have been shut and app deleted, so fact is, he has signed in. Is there a way you can try to sign onto tinder, as him, on his phone, to see his activity before you approach him with it? That way you can see if he has been messaging people or things like that. Maybe he signed into tinder to shut down the acct bc it was an old one from before you met?? Look into that first before talking to him, is my suggestion…


Alot of us have been through it. To some people sex is just a recreational activity


Maybe he created the account to see if you had one

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My boyfriend and dating app in the same sentence? I think you know


1000000000% he signed in. I swear. Im so sorry. I dont understand nor will I ever understand the cheating lying manipulative type.


Have an honest conversation with him, but gather as many facts as you can before discussing it.


He actively signed in. Tinder accounts are only active for so long after you stop using them.


just ask him and stop playing games…


The fact that she’s on here asking, she already knows her answer. I was in the exact same boat wayyyyyyyyy too many times to count. 1) you already know your answer
2) it’s probably more dating apps
3) all red flags just look like flag when you’re wearing rose coloured glasses. Take the glasses all the way off.

Sure, he might delete the app in front of you, behind your back he’s just reinstalling. Trust me, f-boys like this don’t change. They just get sneakier.


I have never used either Tinder nor Instagram, but…when I’ve logged into other certain accounts using either Twitter or Facebook…you have to authorize it and agree to it in order for it do that. So yes, he logged into Tinder using Instagram. Don’t let him try to fool you into thinking it just magically did this on it’s own. And you didn’t say how long you’ve been together but…why does he have Tinder if he has a girlfriend. Red flags girl, red flags everywhere. Don’t let him pull the wool over your eyes.


How long have you been dating ? Are you exclusive ? Has he said I am only dating you ? Because that could be the case ! I’m with some of the other ladies. Just tell him what you saw and ask him whats up ! I wouldn’t accuse him just ask. Expect the best and prepare for the worst.


Did you ask him :rofl: And how long have you been with him ? Important information that you might want to include. Or just go on Tinder yourself and catfish him.


This is where you go to Google and put Google activity then history ,you will see all sites and app activity that are used, even if he cleared his browser history it’ll be there


I have instagram I don’t automatically get tinder or grinder u have to sign up or search the apps u want sorry hun he isguilty


Give him a chance and confront him about it… if he promises that he hasn’t opened it or that he will delete it in the future, then stop things then (more likely it’s a lie). If he really loves you and notices how much it bothers you, he would make an effort* to take out his phone and deactivate account and uninstall the app (only true way of deleting tinder) then it was just an honest mistake… but then again you do get a lot of notifications on a daily basis it be hard to forget he has tinder… so it really be a point of does he care about you?


Red flag, I would ask him about it. If you feel he is being dishonest then ask him to delete the app off his phone in front of you. If there is no trust there will be no relationship

I have instagram and have never once made a tinder account and ive had it for several years. Hes been on tinder and possibly talking to other girls behind your back. so i would have a serious talk with him

Ask him straight up about it. I found out that someone opened an account in my name on a dating site. I don’t know how long it was there before someone I knew saw it and told me.

Is money mysteriously missing from accounts if so he might be talking with a Nigerian man pretending to be a girl that’s according to Dr Phil


Maybe he signed in trying to deactivate if he had an account prior

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Why don’t you just ask him??


I would just ask him. He obviously doesn’t feel he has anything to hide because he gave you his phone to help and go through.

i would investigate first then him youll know if y I your getting the truth


Go on the app under another name and make a date with him. Or just dump him.

When there’s doubt, listen to your inner voice & pay attention!

If I were you, confront him. Don’t beat around the bush, expect him to own up. If he doesn’t, question it. You have the right to know.

Why ask people on Facebook when you should put your best foot forward.

Men underestimate our abilities to find stuff out.

You already know the answer.

Just ask him, if need be, leave him…

Run, don’t walk. That’s what to do.

He’s cheating on you.

It’s cheating on your gf by going on dating sites quit doing it now or you will lose your gf

The question is…do you trust your boyfriend?

Ask him. Have you had the conversation about being exclusive?

Talk to your man n hit him up about this …either way you would find the answer …follow your gut instincts as well it’s usually right


Can u have someone who has an acct also talk to him on it and nail him I don’t know how it works so not sure

If it shows a date that he logged in on tinder on Instagram then he used his account to access tinder. It doesn’t do it on it own because you have to put your password in. If he telling you anything else he lier. He trying to be sneaky. It’s possible he on other dating apps too.

You didn’t just happen to click apps and websites…two different things…you deliberately went snooping into his phone…justify it to yourself any way you need to but quit putting on a show online,you know what you did


Your boyfriend has no business on a dating app period.

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You are asking the total strangers. Sit and have a conversation with your boyfriend the elephant in the room isn’t going away.

Listen, that was a God shot!! Thank God for that and run!! It was no accident that you clicked where you did!!!

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You was looking for something and you found it. Move on with your life.

Idk be a grown up and ask this is what is lacking people not talking to anyone

Why don’t you ask him instead of a bunch of people you don’t know?

Unfortunately all men cheat and lie, very hard in this world today to find a decent man do yourself a favor date and stay out of relationships or you’ll be dealing with this for the rest of your life until they’re too old to use it.

I think you know what you discovered. Straight up ask him when and why he would be involved in this. His answer will tell you what you need to decide

Don`t jump to conclusions! Are you engaged? Exclusive? Have been married over 30 years & do not look into my Husband’s wallet,phone or tablet. Don’t look for trouble!

Just start breaking away

I’ve used dating apps for over a decade. I have never had my account activate all of sudden. Once you deactivate your acct. that’s it your no longer on it. Once I go back on and activate its activate. It does not activate on its on. That’s a flat out lie if someone says when you update your phone it activates it. You can go under subscription on iPhone and see what’s active and when it was activated and deactivated/cancelled. Whatever happens listen to your gut don’t ignore it, it’s a gift.


He would of gave authorization then, but talk to him before assuming

"We went through all the settings and I just happened to click on apps and websites "
so was it both of you on his phone… or just you? Because else he’d have seen you click on that and I’d imagine there would have been a conversation straight away. He shouldn’t be on tinder as your boyfriend, but also snooping isn’t acceptable…

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Not everything is as you think it is. Phones have a mind of their own sometimes.
You had permission to be in the phone…so…just ask him. If you two are happy…I am hopeful it’s nothing but if insecure here…its not the app uou need to be addressing…its your relationship. Perhaps its not as strong as you thought…if he lives with you…talk about it…if he doesn’t pay attention to your intuition.

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Called an ex boyfriend do better for yourself


Get rid of him … probably not the first time he’s done something sneaky - he just got caught this time.

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BIG red flag. Ask him about it. You will know of hes lying

You have to sign up for that and log in. My daughter had a cheating boyfriend who did that. One of her friends had Tinder and dating, his pic popped up on her Tinder that’s how my daughter found out. Along with some girl he was cheating on her with sending her a message on FB messenger asking if she was his girlfriend. He was lieing to that girl too. Brought girl to my daughters place while she was working and took my daughters dog for a walk saying it was his. The story goes on. Sorry he is looking if on Tinder. No one just magically gets that app through Instagram. So sorry!