I just wanted to ask if it’s true or false

I had my first dose of phizer vaccine and I breast feed my new born baby and my friend said in a 5 month old passed away. I just wanted to know if that’s true or false and if anyone is breast feeding after they got vaccinated and if it effected the baby.

I have seen articles about this. The mother breast fed after receiving the vaccine & the baby ended up unfortunately passing. The last article I saw about it said it caused the baby to have inflamed arteries and blood clots.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I just wanted to ask if it’s true or false

Don’t know if it’s true or false but I received my Moderna shot back in March while breastfeeding my 9 month old. Neither of us had any side effects.
She’s 17 months now and only been sick twice in her life, is incredibly healthy and intelligent, and is still breastfeeding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I got my shots while pregnant with my rainbow and breastfeeding my two year old. No side effects at all for any of us and all doing well.

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I got both doses of Pfizer when my baby was 5 months he’s now 7 month and we have had no problems with breast feeding

Look, it’s really up to you… what you believe in. I 100% believe a baby could die from that, because I know a baby who is literally sick every 2 weeks and her mom is breastfeeding. Ever since she got the vaccine, she (her baby) is literally sick… every 2 weeks… literally. Also, the vaccine kills adults, so it could definitely kill a baby.


I don’t Know. As everybody reacts differently to medications. It is completely up to you.


Depending if ur allergic to vaccine or baby is allergic
Could cause anaphylactic
Nerve damage rash and trouble breathing

Studies have shown that oregano oil pills, turmeric, grapefruit combats covid

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It will all depend if there is an allergic reaction. Polyethylene glycol causes my son to have seizures because he is allergic to it. It is something you should discuss with your doctor and your child’s pediatrician

I exclusively breastfeed my 5 month and had Pfizer when baby was 2 months and then 4 months - no side effects just that achy arm for the first few days

There is absolutely no evidence that says breastfeeding after getting the covid-19 vaccine is dangerous or has caused the death of babies. If I am thinking of the same article that your friend is, that baby had a very rare health condition which was why the baby ended up sadly passing away. The covid-19 vaccine itself does not cross over through your breastmilk. Your antibodies cross through breastmilk, which if you got the whooping cough vaccine for instance - that antibodies from that would transfer to your baby via breastmilk.

I think that if you are concerned, you should speak to your pediatrician. There is much false information out there that is not fact based and it really just causes more fear than anything. I got Pfizer while breastfeeding my daughter and had a conversation with her pediatrician about it before I got it. I was nervous about it because of all the information that some people around me were saying (which I spoke to my pediatrician, validated my concerns, and then there was no credible research that provided true information) to me. She had absolutely 0 issues. My immune response kicked in after the second one and I felt like crap for a few days but my daughter was golden. She didn’t get sick whatsoever until I weaned her off of breastmilk and her own immune system kicked in. I would ask your friend to send you the credible link to the article of the five month old that she said passed away. Take that article in with you when you go see your pediatrician. Have a discussion with your pediatrician about it. Your pediatrician may be able to elaborate more on that.

I think at the end of the day, you should do what you think it best for yourself and your baby. Speak to your pediatrician about it and make that decision off of that :heart:


Absolutely true. Why is it so hard to research stuff for 10 mins


Do your own extensive research and then make your own decision. If you ask a doctor, they are going to say to get it, it won’t hurt the baby. If you ask someone that feels like it has, they will tell you not to get it. Like I said, do your own extensive research first, then decide.


I got the Pfizer shot while pumping for my son who was 2 months at the time I got it and we are both fine.

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If you have to wonder don’t do it


First your friend is an asshole. I am sure she is not a doctor. You and baby will be fine. If anything your baby will be extra protected. Keep up the good work mama.

I was vaccinated during pregnancy. Baby is 2 months old and breastfed. So far we are both healthy.

I had both doses of Pfizer in August. Me and my little one were fine. Side effects after the first shot, only affected me (because I have already had covid once.) I talked to the pharmacist about extensively too. The only thing that passes through your breastmilk is the antibodies. Everything else from the vaccine breaks down way too fast in your body to even be a cause of concern. I hope this helps, as I was also hesitant on getting it at first.

-Baby born august 2020, till this day he’s breastfed
-Caught Covid January 2021 (baby did not catch the virus :thinking:)
-In April vaccinated with Johnson
-Moderna booster Nov 3

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I would suggest you consult with a doctor rather then a fb group as doctors are usually far more educated on these things.


I understand your concerns, but I would definitely advise getting that information from medical professionals or actual research as apposed to strangers opinions on Facebook


False!!! Can you imagine the actual uproar if that was true :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


False it is recommended by the cdc if pregnant or breast feeding to get vaccinated


Chris Marie do you know where I can find a insert stating it’s okay while pregnant/breastfeeding. I know doctors recommend TDAP but the insert literally says not to get it while pregnant. I have also been trying to find the complete list of ingredients not only some of them.

If you have links to a insert with this information please help me out.

CDC.gov in search bar look up COVID vaccines and u will find ingredients, and everything clinical study information any question you would have the answer is on this site

Also since it was just approved there is so VIS ( vaccine immunization statement) as of yet but it does have the packet we give out on information you will need to know. But All providers have recommended getting the mnra vaccine while pregnant or breast feeding because of passive immunity

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I’m a nurse. I breast feed. A provider here also breast feeds. We both got the vaccine. Both babies are fine.
I think one baby did die. But one baby out of hundreds of thousands isn’t a lot. Of course it’s sad. But I wouldn’t let that one allow me not to get it.


I did and the first dose hit him hard. He had a low grade fever and extreme fatigue. He slept most of the day and it was as if he had the flu. 2nd dose I pumped twice prior to breastfeeding him and he handled it better. My supply did go down but was back up again a week later.

There is a research group looking into a significant amount of reports that babies that are breastfed by moms with the covid vaccine are developing thrombocytopenia and it’s a potentially fatal blood disorder. My OB has advised me not to get the vaccine until the data is in for this reason


I’m double vaccinated and breastfeed my daughter she’s absolutely fine

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Should have done your research before you got the jab…


yes it’s true. the vaccine is fucking horrible

As an angel mom, babies can pass away for a number of reasons. Sids, etc… I just can’t simply think a 5 month old passed bc the mother was breastfeeding and took the vaccine. Especially when even alcohol that does pass through the the bloodstream and end up in the milk still very little goes into the milk and we are able to still feed our babies and have a few drinks.


It’s false.

Vaccines don’t pass through breastmilk. Only the good antibodies from the vaccine do. They also pass to your baby if you were vaccinated during pregnancy.

There’s a false rumor going around that babies are dying from the vaccine months after, but that’s false.

Do NOT trust VAERS. Anyone can go on there and list whatever they want and none of it is confirmed.


I was vaccinated while 8 months pregnant and I breastfeed. No issues at all with my big, healthy, handsome baby :purple_heart:

No, the vaccine has not been found to have any adverse effects on the breastfeeding infants of vaccinated mothers.

I had mine done 0when I was pregnant and then my second when my babe was 3 weeks old. He was totally fine, if anything your babe will get some anitbodies via your breast milk also in reality you are protecting your child in a way. Tell you friend that she is scare mothering and needs to read the relevant information around the vax.

I would recommend talking to your Dr, as well as doing your own research. Nothing is cut and dry and unfortunately with these topics the research is still going and it constantly changes. So do what you think it best. Death is unfortunately the price we pay for any virus or disease that comes about as well as sometimes the price we pay to get a better medications or a cure (if possible)

That “one baby” is all it would take for me not to get it. If it’s a RISK, I won’t do it. Period.


I got both while breastfeeding we had no side effects. I don’t know about that particular case

I breastfed after both my vaccines, my daughter was fine

There are a lot of people that are having problems if they’ve got the shot well breastfeeding there are also women who have lost their babies after getting the shot while pregnant and there are some that have been fine.