I keep having dreams my spouse is cheating on me...advice?

Any one have gut feeling/ signs that their SO is cheating on them and it NOT be true? At least twice a week for the past almost 2 months, I have a dream that my SO is cheating on me. He says that’ll he’ll never cheat on me, and when he says it I get the feeling he’s telling the truth. But idk is weird with the dreams in having.


My ex husband was, both times I dreamed it.


I used to have tons of dreams like that when i was pregnant - and really only when i was pregnant LOL

But i have often had a crisis of confidence, and whenever I’m feeling especially insecure I have them lol but that’s where mine stemmed from.

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It doesn’t mean anything it’s just a dream

I’ve had one dream like that , however (in my real world relationship) we were trying to figure out our rhythm in our relationship. It was just a confusing time with him having 2 kids (who I love dearly) and household responsibilities etc. I told him about the dream and tease him about it now and then even to this day.

Believe it. That’s how I found out. Js

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Look into it. I had dreams like that of my ex, never thought he would do anything like that to me and he turned out to be married!

I have them all the time. I even wake up mad😅 It’s my own insecurities my fella has never given me a reason to think that. He gives me full access to phone an is always home after work. So I just think im deathly scared of being cheated on so my mind manifests it during my dreams.

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Omg this has been me lately! But its these pregnancy dreams :upside_down_face:


Dreams of the spouse cheating means you feel youre lacking in some department of the relationship. Whether physically financially or Emotionally as well.
our subconscious mind doesn’t see others. It only sees the self. So everything in your dreams has to do with a psychological aspect of YOU. Not anyone else


Yep if you feel that way your gonna dream about that. Been there dealt with that, however my SO never cheated on me I just had it all up in my head I had a lot of trust issues at first.

I have very little advice for you. I have experienced those dreams over the past 40 years about my husband, but no point was there any reality to it

Your dreams are about you, not him. Those are anxiety/insecurity dreams.

I had 2 dreams my spouse was cheating. It turns out he was. Sometimes you already know deep down but you don’t believe the signs, so you dream it from your subconscious mind.

I do as well, i hole heartedly trust him and know he wouldn’t

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I’d trust your gut. I had those dreams and I was right.

The brain is a powerful thing… if you continue to think about it, talk about it, over analyze every thing he does not only will you begin to believe it’s true but it’ll damage your relationship possibly to the point of being unrepairable.

There’s a big difference between dreams and a gut instinct, don’t confuse the two. We’ve all had some messed up dreams I’m sure, but usually nothing we would follow through on.
If you’re noticing changes in his usual behaviour etc and you get a gut instinct then that’s something I’d be investing further.
If it’s just dreams (as awful as they are) don’t read too much into it

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Where there is smoke there’s a fire, even dreams sometime comes true. Just saying.

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Ignore it completely. Most dreams are what we are thinking or worried about. They mean nothing.

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Are you pregnant? Every time this happened to me I found out I was pregnant :rofl:

If you feel insecure about your relationship(even the slighest) when you are awake your brain will subconsciously create dreams. Best thing you can do is spend a little extra time with your spouse or go on a date with each other (no kids) and spend time reconnecting.


Cheat dreams can mean a number of things. Insecurities in the relationship, yourself or even abandonment issues. Etc… 


Are you preggers? I always get these when I’m pregnant

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Hmmm… have you been cheated on before? Or has anything happened in the last two months that makes you feel insecure? And I don’t just mean with him, it could be anything, loss of a loved one, losing a job, something that usually gives security, that you’ve lost?
It could be something like this has you expecting/worried about other things like losing your partner to another person, even if it’s not true?
Anything like that? Xx

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My ex had dreams of me cheating all the time. Literally every night. And i never did anything like that to him🤷‍♀️


My partner has a lot of nightmares of me cheating or running off with or without the kids etc. It’s been almost 10 yrs and I would never but when I tried looking into it (dreams can be our subconscious talking to us after all) and I came across something saying it stems from fear of abandonment. High anxiety, stress, and even what you eat before bed can effect your dreams so maybe try to see if there’s a connection between the nights you have nightmares? Usually his are only if we’ve been fighting or something

If he hasn’t give you a reason to not trust him then I would say it is your insecurities coming out while you sleep. Try not to stress it.:heart:

I’ve had dreams my wife has cheated on me but I know she won’t. I don’t put faith in dreams but that’s just me :man_shrugging:t3:


Bryona Bowie Chile lol I trust my dreams

Please keep this in mind:
Your subconscious will/can conjure up your fears, worries, and insecurities when you dream - sometimes in the most horrible ways. But it is not impossible to dream of something before it happens (it’s happened to me).


I have cheating dreams often
But I also have dreams where I cheat on my husband and I know I wouldn’t actually do it :woman_shrugging:

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When I am pregnant I get the cheating dreams only lol

Cheating dreams can mean a number of things — they can be a sign of insecurities in yourself, insecurities in your relationship, a hidden fear of abandonment rising to the surface, a current rift between you, or a sign that you don’t trust yourself or your partner, whether or not either of you has actually had an affair

You lack trust and it dwells in your subconscious mind? If he hasn’t given you a reason to distrust him I wouldn’t stress it.

Is it possibly your insecurity. Only you know your partner. If gut instinct then yes. Dreams can be too many things like anxiety.

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Leave him .

Lol jk I do that too and yell at him for it :rofl: such a pos. How dare he cheat in my dreams … SMH.

Be careful because you’ll chase him away quick with your own insecurities.

Dreams arent always true. Dont start accusing him.

I hardly ever dream, but when I do, it usually happens, whether a death, some sort of accident or family problems.

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Sounds like an insecurity. Are you not feeling physically attractive (not judging but we’re in a mom’s group. I struggled with this after my son was born and still attempting to lose weight), are you two still sexually active, have you had a date night, etc.?

Just based off of a dream I wouldn’t think he’s cheating. You may need some time together though.


Dreams are just your subconscious. They have no reflection on your spouse other than your feelings about them.


Sounds like a big fear manifesting into a dream. I have those types of dreams and vice versa. I hate those dreams with a passion.

Your very insecure in your relationship. Digg into you conscious and find out why

Is there a chance you could be pregnant??? Had some wild cheating dreams when I was pregnant l o l

You may have anxiety about it thats making you dream this?? If he’s cheating it will come to light. Why stress yourself out. Have a little faith.

It’s your subconscious telling you something……no I doubt it’s telling your hubs is cheating but it is telling u your insecure and are having anxiety about something has something changed with u? A big birthday a job change extended family things kid things having a baby u know big life changing type things something like that would cause a dream of cheating

If you don’t trust him leave him … let him be happy

even when they say they’d never cheat, they’d do it…


Is there a reason why are you can’t trust him?

Has he given u any reason to not trust him?

Dreaming of a spouse cheating is a sign of you not contributing to the relationship equally whether that be personally or financially…
Before you make some smartass comment, educate yourself


Sometimes it has nothing to do with your spouse or cheating, it’s telling you something else. Maybe you want to get out more, meet new people, or you’re feeling less sure of yourself, or you want to do something new in the bedroom and this is how your brain interprets that.

If you have history of dreams happening in real life. Aka you’re clairvoyant and don’t realize it, very well could be.

I was very young (17 & pregnant with my oldest)… had a dream my ex was cheating; the house the same street, looking in a window . I was out of town visiting my grandparents 4 hours out, woke from the super vivid dream of course questioned… well nope, I got back & went to see our friend group… but they were being weird & before anyone told me anything, I told them my dream & one of the friends started freaking out said “DUDE WTF THAT WAS ME, you was seeing what I SAW” & panicked… looking back I astral projected and was able to see it all… back then I didn’t know anything… but now here I am 28 and have opened up to using that instead of being small minded thinking it was “just a dream”, ever since then… & I have many stories like it. Go with your gut and sometimes your gut sends you dreams. Idk how to tell you to look into it but I would …

I dream about car accidents a lot…doesn’t mean my car is trying to kill me :no_good_woman:


Oh hell no… is the dream about him cheating on you with the same women or couple of women? I don’t care what anyone else says… every time this happened to me… THEY WERE CHEATING!!! I even knew exactly what the women looked like in my dreams. The latest situation: my ex-husband… was having an affair with my brother’s wife in my dreams. He SWORE he wasn’t cheating… would never cheat… blah, blah, blah. Guess what? Both couples got divorced and now… Ex-husband and ex-wife are married. Your brain has intuitions and you should listen to them!!


Hope he cheated on real life


I had one dream of my husband cheating. It was 2 years later it happen.

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Look into dream interpretations…a lot of dreams aren’t literal, they just represent feelings or fears that we have and it can come out in different ways. It’s more likely that it is just your subconscious fears than a premonition.

Are you pregnant? I always have that dream when I’m pregnant and it’s so vivid it scares me

So because you’re having dreams you think it’s real? If you don’t have any real life reason to believe they are cheating then you need to stop worrying

That’s a nightmare. Not a dream. Nightmare s and dreams aren’t real life.