I know I don't want to have kids so a what age can you get your tubes tied?

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At 30yo, I was pregnant with my son. Severe complications almost killed us. We were saved by an early emergency csection.

My doctor warned me very clearly that those complications would reoccur in other pregnancies. I’ve had two children and two miscarriages. Next time I could die.

And my doctor STILL couldn’t do my tubal ligation. He’s with the Franciscan Network, the only network my job granted insurance covers.

Out of pocket cost for the procedure near me: cheapest I could find was $1200.

My local Planned Parenthoods only do referrals.

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I had my tubes removed after 1 child at 23
I have 2 terminal illnesses and had a very very difficult pregnancy.
I had to fight for it and they only did it because my health would not allow another child.
I was also high risk for blood clots so birth control was not great for me

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It’ll be damn near impossible to find someone to do it with you not having kids bull shit I know


I was told at 23 when I had genetic testing done for cancers that I wouldn’t be able to have my tubes tied until I had at least one child, had extreme medical justification, or was at least 35 WITH the signature of my spouse or my father. At that point might as well just wait for my hereditary early onset menopause to kick in :woman_shrugging: Most doctors have told me they won’t because “you’re still young, you’ll change your mind”. But… Its not that I don’t want to be mom, ever, I like toddlers and older but I don’t feel any desire to go thru pregnancy or the infant stage. I prefer the idea of adopting or being stepmom someday, and I’ve ALWAYS felt that way. Ridiculous that it’s 2021 and women still aren’t allowed to choose for themselves.


I didn’t realize there was an age. I had mine tied at age 32 after I had my second child.

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Contact planned parenthood. That’s your best bet on getting anyone to listen to you. My sister has been trying for years.


I asked for mine done at 30. I was pregnant with number 4 so they said it could be done right after my csection, and even after I signed everything , laid on the operating bed they tried to change my mind.

I was told 25 with 1 boy and 1 girl, if you have 2 kids of the same gender then I was told 25 with 3…

List of doctors known to be willing to tie tubes and do other repro surgeries, separated by state.

I think its less about age and more about if you already have kids. Which makes no sense, you have to have kids to “be sure” you don’t want any? Fucking stupid.